my insanity

insight to my insanity


1. darkness



Darkness and pain. I've felt it, i feel it. It's all i've ever known.

it surrounds me, it consumes me. Its dragging me under and i'm desperately looking for a reason to resist. i'm struggling, why should i resist any longer? why not just let it take me so i can finally be in peace, no more darkness, no more pain, no more me. 

Wouldn't that be nice? to end it all? I wouldnt have to deal with this anymore, i wouldn't have to feel anything.
It's like like i'm a black hole. I have a black hole in the middle of my chest, the darkness creeps out and spreads all over me, once it has grasped me, it tries to suck me in. I try to resist, i do. But theres something weirdly comforting, peaceful even about succumbing to it, letting go and giving up.

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