Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


41. Someone Knows

The days trailed by in a haze... Before I knew it, it was Saturday... Finally I could venture the castle as I pleased.

I had a breakfast of bacon and eggs before grabbing a book. I intended to go outside but I was confronted by Tahlia in front of the portrait hole.

"Um, Grace, can we talk?" She asked in a awkward-polite kind of tone.

"S-Sure" I replied, not knowing what else to say. We went back up into the dormitory and she sat down on my bed. My bed. She was staring at me. Curiously. Like I was a rat she had finally made turn yellow.

"What?" I asked

"That message... It was meant for you wasn't it?"

"What message?"

"You know what I mean... I know... I went up there... I saw it... It was meant for you..."

"How'd you know?"

"Look, you're in serious trouble..."


"We don't have much time... She's after you... Remember that... She's after you"

"What are you talking about?"

"Keep Rose safe"


"Just do it!"

At that moment Rose entered the room. "Hi guys, what're you doing."

"Oh, we were just talking about the Owl to opera glasses transfiguration... I needed a bit of help because I didn't understand the diagram, Grace was just showing me." She motioned toward the book in my hand which turned out to be Intermediate Transfiguration. "Thanks Grace! You helped a lot!"

"You're welcome, I'm going to go study now" I said before walking towards the large oak door at the end of the dormitory. As I opened the door Emily's cat shot past me in a rush, probably chasing a mouse...

I made it to the end of the castle, and pushed open the castle's front doors, feeling a shot of cool air hit me in the face. Perfect.

"Grace! Grace! Come here!" I heard James' voice call me from the top of the stone steps.

"What now? Can't I just go outside for once!"

"Sorry... This is important, if I don't tell you now I never will"

I followed him into a small broom cupboard coming off the entrance hall. The one where Harry and Ron hid Crabbe and Goyle when they used the polyjuice potion. The one where Hermione and Harry hid from themselves when using the time turner.

"Look at this..." He said

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