Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


22. Quidditch

The store was packed, I could barely move, there wasn't a chance that I would be able to have a full look around so I turned to Lily and Hugo as they showed me their wands. Albus and Rose were long gone.

"11 inches jungle wood and a unicorn hair," exclaimed Lily as she opened the box, revealing an elegant wand. "And mine's 10 inches, pine and dragon heart string" added Hugo from beside her. They seemed very excited. Just then Rose and Albus came back followed by George Wesley.

"I'm feeling generous today," he said to the group, " free lucky dip bags for you all" He started chucking them around first to Hugo, then Lily, then Albus, then Rose. He stopped at me "Do I Know you?" He asked "This is my friend Grace," explained Rose before a bag was thrown at me too.

The bag had "Weasley & Weasley" on it, with the upper "Weasley" featuring angelic graphics like rays of light, wings, and a halo, and the lower "Weasley" featuring demonic graphics like flames, a pitchfork, and a forked tail. My bag contained a few Exploding Whizz Poppers, Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder and Muggle's Unbreakable Eggs which I swapped with Albus for some Everlasting eyelashes that I didn't particularly want but no one would swap with him.

We left minutes later laughing our heads off because Hugo had already used the fake wand he got in his bag on Rose when she tried to show Lily the few dents she had already made in her real one.

Hermione was outside flourish and blots with five bags full of school books, she gave one to each of us and we set off again. "Got anymore shopping to do?" She asked the group in general, "I'm going to go to the café down the street, feel free to come with me, otherwise I'll meet you at the car at 11:00"

I was about to follow her out when I felt the bag of coins hitting my pocket. "Hey Rose, wanna come get my owl with me?" I asked "Oh, Sorry Grace, I was going to go the the ice cream parlour with Albus..." "I'll come!" piped up Lily, "I've never seen the owls before.

I was in Eyelopes Owl Emporium moments later with Lily at my side. I walked along the aisles with her for a couple of second before running up to the very last cage. The same white Barn owl I saw on my first trip to Diagon alley was there. She hooted softly as if she remembered me before nibbling my finger through the bars encouragingly.

I bought her along with a vintage looking cage and set off for the old Ford Anglia. "What are you going to name her?" Asked Lily "I don't know" I replied. "How about Nyctea?" She asked. "Sure!" At that Lily grinned and had a small spring in her step as we follows the path down to the leaky cauldron.

The rest of the holidays went by fast. James, Albus and Lily were staying until we left for hogwarts because Harry had Auror Duties and Ginny was training for Quidditch. We had lots of fun at the Weasleys. Hugo seemed to have got quite a few fake wands in his lucky dip bag. When things got boring he would just slip one onto the counter or bench where Hermione was working and we would be sure to hear screams of rage for the next five minutes.

It was the last day of the school holidays when James decided that we should play a game of Quidditch. Lily Rose and Albus verses James, Hugo and I. I was the only person who hadn't played Quidditch before, I had never even rode a broomstick but I knew the theory of it pretty well.

James found two old broomsticks in the basement for Lily and Hugo. He, Rose and Albus had their own. I was riding James' old broomstick, a Firebolt, he had just purchased a new Moontrimmer 180.

We walked down to the pitch with our brooms swung over our shoulders. I was to play my team's chaser. Hugo loved the position if beater and James was a trained seeker so it was the only position left.

I mounted my broom and kicked off. This was the first time I hade ridden a broomstick, I finally felt free. All my troubles were left upon the ground as I soured higher and higher into the sky.

We played for hours. It was almost to dark to see the balls when James caught the snitch. We won 230 to 60.

As James, Hugo and I walked back to the house side by side James said to me. "Not a bad chaser Grace, you should sign up for the team, if you're in Griffindor of course, if not, God help Angelica..."

I dropped back and stepped into foot with Rose and Albus, my spirits lightened. "Hey guys, last day of holidays, you excited?" "Yes!" Squealed Rose "I finally get to do magic and find my house..." Something dragged me out of the conversation... "And sign up for quidditch and do transfiguration with Mcgonagal..." I had done magic, but I never got a warning... "And make wizard friends..." What if this has something to do with the prophecy... "And go to the library and the owlery..." And my dad... I think he dissaperated the day I left... "What are you looking foreward to Grace?" Asked Albus "Oh... What?... The same as Rose..."

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