Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


10. Kings Cross Station

I was woken early the next morning by Tom the innkeeper. "Time to get up, the car is waiting for you." I had no idea what he meant but I got up anyway. I pulled on an owl print sweater (just for the occasion) and a pair of black leggings. My trunk was extremely heavy. The hard cover Harry potter books were exceptionally hard to fit in my trunk and now I regret taking them. They made my trunk 10x heavier but I couldn't leave them behind. I was going to hogwarts.

There were two cars parked outside the leaky cauldron. The driver opened the door to the second one an gestured for me to hop in. He took my trunk and put it in the boot. I scrambled into the back seat. Inside Rose was waiting, and, to my distaste, Scorpius. "I'm sorry Grace, I didn't want him to come in, but the driver insisted." Rose whined. I sat there in between Rose and Scorpius in silence. Luckily the ride was only short and I could leap out the minute we stopped.

The drivers unpacked out luggage and drove off. We were left alone. There were only five of us, me, Rose, Scorpius, a small second year girl who said she was muggle born and a half blood fifth year boy. We all walked in silence around kings cross station, pushing our luggage carts in the busy crowd. It was peak hour so everyone seemed to be leaving for work. We found the barrier between Platform nine and ten pretty easily. Standing in a small group, we pretended to be discussing dentistry while Rose ran at the barrier. She went first for she had been here many times before. I followed after her seconds later. I felt like I was going to crash, I knew that it would work, it had to work. My Trolly was speeding out of control. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. I was five seconds away from the wall...four seconds...three...two...

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