Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


37. In my hands

That night, in the Griffindor common room, Rose, Albus and I sat in the squishy chairs by the fireplace, the ones that had been occupied by Harry, Ron and Hermione so many years ago.

It brought me to wonder about all the other students who have sat in these seats overtime, doing homework, studying for exams, practicing charms...

They may have sat here felling pain, despair, anger, happiness...

We finished off our Bowtruckle sketches for Care of Magical Creatures with full stomaches of steaks and kidney pies. It had been a rough day so I got up and went to bed.

I felt a cold gust of wind as I unlatched the door. I pushed it open and what I saw truly shocked me.

There was no one in the dormitory but that was the problem. Instead of the window usual window, there was a big, gaping hole and through that hole was everything I owned, everything that had been precious to meet since I started at hogwarts. The fairy lights that were hung up around my bed since the day I had arrived were wrapped around something hanging out the window and tied to the top of the broken shards of glass.

I reeled the lights in to reveal a hastily written note, it read

Watch your step, the fate of their world is in your hands...

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