Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


19. Harry Potter

I woke up to screams and giggles coming from the room across the hall. Rose awoke from the bed next to me and scrunched up her nose before hitting her head back into the pillow. "Who's that?" I asked "Probably Lily and Hugo," she replied in a muffled tone "Did I not tell you the Potters were coming to Diagon alley with us?"

We quickly got dressed and went out into the kitchen. Standing there, behind the counter was the Harry Potter. Scar and all! I couldn't breath "Hello, are you Rose's friend?" He asked "Y-Y-Yes" I stuttered, trying to act cool. "Would you like a pancake?"...

We all sat at the dining table that was magically expanded to fit ten people. I was sitting between Rose and Hermione. Next to Rose was Albus who seemed to be having an immense conversation to her about quidditch teams. Opposite them was Lily and Hugo who would be starting their first year this year. James and Harry seemed to be having a well humoured argument about O.W.L's while Ron sat there laughing at them. Next to Hemione was Ginny and they were whispering about something a giggling behind their hands. Some things never change.

I felt left out. Everyone else had known each other for years, I was not a part of this picture. I had loved these people without knowing them properly, this is stuff I had never thought possible. "So Grace," Said Albus "How did your muggle family react when you got your letter?" I was very shy, I knew that but I wanted to be a part of the conversation so I replied. "Well my sister complained a lot, she didn't think it was fair, my dad seemed pretty happy but my mum was furious. She hated witches and wizards and stuff like that..."

We were going to be taking the old Ford Anglia to Diagon allay. After the battle at Hogwarts, Mr. Weasley decided to take the car and refurbish it, he gave it to Ron on his next birthday so he could learn how to drive. All the children, including me, sat in the back seat while the parents squished into the front. I was surprisingly roomy, we could have probably fit 5 more people in here.

I had my purse on my lap. It was bulging at the seams. I had both money for my school supplies and all my pocket money from the last seven years on my lap. That money was going to go to a really cool car when I was old enough to drive. But I'm a wizard now, who needs cars. I want an owl.

"So what house are you in Albus?" I asked as we turned into the street in which the leaky cauldron was located.

"I'm a Griffindor," he replied, "So is James, he's the team seeker, do you know what a seaker is?" "He's read the books Alb," Rose said in a frustrated tone.

We pulled into the leaky cauldron and filed out of the car. Ron fumbled around with the keys for a moment before locking up. I felt that same thrill I always get before entering the wizarding world. We were here.

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