Their World in my Hands

My choices can change the lives of the ones I love, the ones I hate and the ones I don't know. I am a witch, an undetectable. It's all new to me, I could lead us to greatness or to devastation and I'm not ready for the power, but I have to be. Everyone's relying on me, I have their world in my hands and I cannot let them down...


26. A/N

Hi guys,

I'm going to stop the character competition now we're at Hogwarts...

Thanks for the fantastic entries but there can only be a few winners, in no particular order, they are:

Thalia Black's character Tahlia Everdeen

thanhEA's character Emily Meadows

Becca Tigra's character Emma Ballen

Judith_Alex's character Sara Stillwater

partronus88's character Angelina Kings

I think that's it, I may add a few later but I taking the competition down... Thank you for everyone who entered.

If you guys are enjoying this book please like it, I would love the praise, thanks...


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