2013 was the worse year for my family :(

My family has some worse stuff going through them per month (Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Sept, Nov, Dec)
Each person will have say in each chapter (Mum, Dad and Lucy).


1. January 2013

On January 26th (Australia Day).. at 4AM, my husband woke up in agony and he can't move his leg at all, move like paralysis in his legs. Lucy had her friend over for a sleepover, Lily, she likes Lucy more like sisters, they occasionally have fights but had they are teenagers. I woke Lucy up at 4.14am and told her that an ambulance is coming to pick your father up. Lucy was like shocked. She was OK. I was basically in all ay with my husband. They send my husband home with just painkillers, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!. My husband is agony and in a lot of pain. On 30th January, my husband was sent to hospital again but hardly can walk. This time he is admitted in hospital.

Lucy is starting her senior years, Year 11, she is coping well, I suppose!. She doesn't talk to me anymore since her father was admitted in hospital. She has depression and anxiety what a great mix !?!?!. Her subject are English Studies, General Maths, Modern History, Community and Family Studies and Business Services.


Her family birthdays in January are:

Amelia Staples - 31.01.1996

Amanda Weymouth - 01.02.2011

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