Happily Ever After

In most fairy tales that are shared to children today always starts with an introduction, complication and resolution. Even as we grow up as adults we all in a sense dream of living a "fairy tail" where everything that happens is resovled. This poem is about how the dreams and aspirations may change overtime, but the original dream will always be relevant in our lives. To have lived happily ever after.


1. The End

When I was young my mother read books,
About creatures in the night that stirred up scary brooks.
But soon it would end for there always was help,
No more time for being scared or crying a yelp.
The sky would alight as the sun would entice,
The things that were scary would now become nice.

A promise I made was that I would achieve,
A fairy tail ending where I died happy.
But something went wrong when I grew to an age,
Where things began spiralling and I could not dis-engage.
My seatbelt was fastened, as all the pieces fell,
The pieces of the puzzle would never mend in hell.
The parasite dug as the movie rolled on,
I blinked tears whilst praying that soon I'd be gone.
But what I was waiting for soon left me short,
As I realised that everything I hope for lead to naught.
I hoped for a happiness in which I would die,
A smile perked happily as my pulse left my side.

Hoping for happiness and strolling along life,
Will not entice anything apart from mere strife.
If you hope for a fairytale and happiness deemed,
Then be the main characater and be alert and keen.

For the sake of the child that dreamt up these thoughts,
Upliften your hearts and raise the number above naught.

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