Strike Down

Perrie Edwards. Everyone thinks her life is perfect, but only 3 other beautiful girls know the truth. Jade, Jesy and Leigh Ann. Her life does have ups and downs, you just don't see them.
Thank you to all you readers and a special thank you to @Lucy Style
Please read.


1. Childhood memories

all will be written in Perrie's point of view.*

This is it. It has been months since I saw my family, and we are going home!
By we, I mean me, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Ann! Management organised it after realising I was at a loss without my family.
"Are you packed yet?" Jesy asked, shouting rather loudly.
"Yeah, I packed yesterday. I am so excited!" I announce, obviously so happy to be seeing them. 
I decide to go check on Jade, who is recovering from a nasty break up.
I tip toe into her room, seeing her curled up on her bed with an empty suitcase.
We are in silence as I carefully pack for her, but it wasn't an awkward silence. A beautiful silence. When I was done I sat on her bed and cradled her in my arms.
"It's ok Jadey. Don't let him bring you down. He's not worth it."
I whisper, she just nodded her head whilst mumbling a sorry.
"What for baby?" I ask.
"For ruining the weekend you have been looking toward too for  months." She sobbed.
"It's ok. It's not your fault he was a piece of junk." I nod then load everyone's things into the car. We all settle down then drive to the train station. We jump on our train with only seconds to spare as we had to battle our way through  screaming fans. Although one little girl, about 11, caught my eye. She was shouting but couldn't be heard. No one but me heard her, she was all alone. In the shadows. 
For some reason this reminded me of my childhood, how I spent my days at that age. In the shadows, alone, not heard.
Until I meat a boy, in my hometown, his name was Logan. We met in the local park, on rosewood lane. I just had to go back there, to sit on that swing we sat on, to sit on that bench we kissed on. To walk on the field we held hands on. That park means everything to me. It is where I had my first kiss, my first boyfriend. I just have to.
"Jade, Jess, and Leigh, we are going to rosewood park. As soon as we get there." I state.
"Yeah sure, whatever." Jesy shrugs.
As the train pulls to a sudden halt, we hear more screaming.
Oh no. As Jake, our bodyguard, pushes through the crowd, with us following I see another girl. The same as last time. 
We run through the street and into the car, after a 20 minute drive we arrive outside the park. I solemnly wander over to the swing we sat on, thd bench we kissed on, the field we held hands in. Then I sat on the roundabout we birke up on. 
"Are toy ok, Pez?" Jade whispers.
I run crying to her, I don't know why but it brings back so many memories. From my home, from this park. 
Jade seemed to understand, I am by far closer to her than Jess or Leigh.
We silently walk back in to the car and drive to my mums house. I walk straight upstairs with jade. I then cried my heart out.  
"Jade, I feel like I am falling back in live."
I regretfully sob. 
"Well, lets get through this together." Jade comforts.
"We will, won't we?" I say.

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