Here but invisble

Ariel and Ariana is adopted by the Payne household but when their brother Liam Payne goes on xfactor their family turns all attiention to him and they ecipasly ariana feels a little ....... Left out?


1. what happened??

I looked at my parents like they were psychopaths . Then I looked at my twin sister Ariel she looked scared. Then I saw her eyes. Looking like she was about to cry. Let me explain what is happening. It all started when my mum said "we're putting you two up for adoption because we don't have enough for both of u brats". That hit me hard in the chest. I accidentally let a tear fall I realized i was crying. I wiped it quickly and did a let sniffle. I had to wipe it quickly cause let me tell u something I don't cry EVER. The reason for that I think I will be weak and sorrowful. I can't let that happen. We'll that was 11 years ago. Me and Ariel just turned 16. The same age as our brother (from adopted family) Liam. Liam is sweet and and we are proud to call him a brother. We have been Payne's for 10 years now. We just found out Liam is going to the xfactor I hope he dosent forget about us.

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