Lets Pretend Its Love

18 year old Halle Calder moved to Australia when she was seven. Now shes moving back home to England where her sister who she hasn't seen for years is. But her sister happens to have connections to the worlds most famous boyband.


1. Reunited

Halle's POV

I stepped off the plans at Heathrow Airport in London. It was the first time I'd been back in England since I was 7, and I was excited. I looked around for a head of brown hair, that's all I knew about how my own sister looks. I hadn't seen Eleanor in over 10 years, and even though she's my sister, I was worried she wouldn't like me.

"Halle?" Someone called out as people emptied out the terminal became less crowded.

"Eleanor!" I said, turning around to meet the eyes or my sister... And can I say, she was GORGEOUS! She quickly embraced me in a huge hug, practically taking the life out of me.

"Cant. Breathe." I choked our between gasps for breathe.

"Sorry, sorry. I'm just so excited to see you, Halle! It's been forever so XD I've seen my own baby sister." She said, I saw tears well in her eyes. I felt my own eyes getting wet. I grabbed her and I hugged her this time.

"How does it feel to be home?" She asked pulling away.

"Fantastic, I've missed this place so much! Gold Coast was gorgeous, but it was never where I belonged." I told her honestly.

"I can see you developed a slight accent," she said with a chuckle at my half British, half Australian accent.

"It's hard not to when you spend over half your life in Australia!" I replied, giggling. She didn't reply, just looked at me.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked, quickly moving my hand to my forehead, she chuckled.

"No, it's just that last time I saw you, you were tiny and cute. Now, you're beautiful! I never got to be the big sister who helped you with your guy problems and kept any secret from our parents for you. I wish I could have, and I'm so sorry I didn't."

"El, it's not your fault! And I wish I could have been the little sister who annoyed you no matter what I did, but in the end I'd tell you everything and trust you with it." I told her, and she linked arms with me.

"Well, let's make up some lost time!" She said, walking towards the exit, I yawned.

"Can we start tomorrow? Time differences-" She cut me off.

"Of course! You need your sleep and I have someone I want you to meet tomorrow!" She said, leading us out the door into her car. It was a nice car, too.

"What so you do? For work, I mean?" I asked, sitting in the front seat.

"I'm a model. Well, a floor model. I'm not up there with the supermodels, but yeah." She said and I wasn't surprised, I just nodded.

"What? Not enough?" She joked.

"It just doesn't surprise me. I mean, look at you. Ms. Gorgeous is a model, I'm not surprised. She looked flattered.

"You're so beautiful! You really should try out modeling, I'm sure you'd do great!" She told me. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I'm sure." I said sarcastically.

"Seriously, you're beautiful!" She said. "Music?"

"Sure." She clicked on the radio. Heart Attack was playing, and I immediately started jamming out and singing along.

"Lovatic?" She asked.

"Of course! Demi is such an inspiration!" I said as the song was ending. Another song came on, it was familiar and over-played. What Makes You Beautiful.

The singers are great, the song is good, but I just can't stand it! I groaned. "Don't like One Direction?"

"They're good, just SO overplayed!" I told her. She quickly changed it to a CD.

She skipped to track 8 and it started playing "Now that you can't have me..." I smiled, I'd never heard it before, but it was really great!

"Do you know this song?" El asked.

"Nope!" I popped the 'p'.

"Then, how is One Direction overplayed if you've never heard this song?" She smirked, knowing she got me.

"I thought they only had What Makes You Beautiful!" I stated honestly.

"You're a teen girl and you DON'T obsess over One Direction?" She asked, shocked.

"You're a teen girl, too! Do YOU obsess over One Direction?" I asked, she smiled.

"Nope, I'm completely in love with Louis from One Direction though."

"You're just like all those girls at my school!" I said with a laugh.

"No, I'm different. I actually have a chance with him, unlike them!"

"Keep telling yourself that." I rolled my eyes and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Eyes on the road, sis!" I said.

"She rolled her eyes and looked back at the road. I could already tell it was going to be amazing living with her.

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