Lets Pretend Its Love

18 year old Halle Calder moved to Australia when she was seven. Now shes moving back home to England where her sister who she hasn't seen for years is. But her sister happens to have connections to the worlds most famous boyband.


2. Meetings

Halle's POV

"This is amazing." I gasped at Eleanor's flat. It was truly amazing. There was an open front room with the granite-countered kitchen going off of it. From the main room was a spiral staircase leading to the three large bedrooms upstairs.

"Yours is the first door on the right. We're going to breakfast tomorrow morning at 10, I'll wake you up at 9." She smiled at me as I walked up the stairs and made a right into a bedroom. It had a queen bed with a purple comforter in it. It took me a second to realize that it wasn't just any purple comforter, but Bella's bedding! I let out a slight squeal of delight and clapped my hands together at the sight. I put my suitcase in the corner of the room- I'd unpack tomorrow-and flopped into the comfy bed. I was wearing sleep able clothes from the long flight. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep even thought it was only around 9.

*Next Morning*

"Halle, wake up!" Eleanor whispered-yelled straight into my ear.

"What?" I mumbled into the pillow, still not wanting to wake up.

"It's 9, you should get ready to go, we're leaving 45 minutes!" She said, now at a normal level. I groaned again and looked up. She was already dressed in a sheer black top and high-waisted navy blue shorts.

"Stop being so pretty!" I grumbled before sitting up, she chuckled.

"You shouldn't be talking. I was serious when I said you should be a model." She said and left the room. I just now noticed the door in my room. I opened it to reveal a huge, beautiful bathroom. I turned the shower on and waited for the edges of the mirror to fog up before before stopping down and stepping in. The warm water washed away the tired that I shouldn't have had after 12 hrs of sleep. I washed my hair and got out of the shower, wrapping one towel around my body and another around my head. I went back into my room and opened my suitcase. I picked out a pair of jean shorts and tank top. It looked rainy and cold out so I didn't bother with a different short, I threw on my Demi Lovato sweatshirt.

After grabbing my hair dryer and straightener, I went back to the bathroom and plugged them both in. While the straightener heated up, I blow dried my hair, then straightened it pin-straight. I put on a bit of mascara, some lip gloss, and some foundation, my essential make-up products, and left the room.

"Ready?" El asked when I came down the stairs. I nodded and skipped the last step, landing on the first floor.

"Yup, I'm so excited to go out in London!"

"We're going to the cutest little cafe for brekky! My boyfriend really want to meet you!" She told me, walking to the door. I slipped on my TOMs and followed behind her. We took the lift down to the lobby and walked out onto the London streets. It was a bit chilly, I was glad I'd chosen my sweatshirt.

"So you have a boyfriend?" I questioned as we walked down the sidewalk.

"Yeah, the most amazing guy ever." She smiled dreamily. "I really think he could be the one..." She trailed off, looking at the sky. I waved my hand in front of her face. "Earth to Eleanor," I said and she shook her head.

"Yeah, sorry."

"No, it's cute." I cooed and she blushed.

"Here we are." She stated, happy to find a way out of the conversation, I looked up to see a small cafe with only a few people inside visible through the larger front window. There was a small table at the back with a guy in a black hoodie and sunglasses.

"El, there's a creepy guy back there. You sure it's safe?" I asked, truly a bit creeped out. She just laughed.

"Yes, I'm definitely sure." She told me and pushed the door open. I shook my head.

"Well I'm not." I mumbled and followed.

There was an open three person table right up front, but El continued towards the back.

"Why are you going back there, we could sit here!" I urged in a whisper, she just giggled and kept walking. I followed, but was out a little off guard when she sat down at the table with creepy-hoodie dude. I stayed standing for a few seconds before cautiously sitting down. El went into a laughing frenzy as creep-hoodie dude took his sunglasses off. Now that I could see his eyes, I was less weirded out.

"Halle, this is my boyfriend, Louis. Louis, this is my sister, Halle." He looked extremely familiar, and so did his name. He held his hand out over the table and I shook it. "Nice to meet you," he said.

"Are you sure this is the first time we've met?" Both of them looked confused.

"I mean, you look really familiar!" I said, studying his face.

"No, I don't believe we ever met. I was in Australia for a week or two in May, but that's it." Louis told me.

"No, I don't believe we ever met . I was in Australia for a week or two in May, but that's it." Louis told me.

"Are you su-" I suddenly realized where I knew him from. "I saw you in May! I was watching tv and your face was there, along with One Direction! You're Louis from One Direction!" I stated quietly, knowing why he had the sunglasses and hoodie.

"I prefer Louis from Doncaster. One Direction isn't all that I am." He told me, smiling at Eleanor.

"Well, Louis from Doncaster, I'm Halle from Sydney!" I smiled at him.

"Eleanor from Manchester wants food, take a look at the menu!" She ordered us. We both nodded and looked down at out menus. I ended up just getting toast and chai tea.

We went through breakfast with casual talk. Louis was a really nice, normal guy. He wasn't what you'd expect a superstar to be like. We walked out onto the London street once again. It had warmed up a bit, but not much.

"Well, Halle, it was fantastic to meet you!" Louis said.

"It was great to meet you, too," I smiled and told him.

"The lads and I are having our sit-down dinner tonight at my place. Do you guys want to join?" El looked at me, mentally asking the question, I shrugged and nodded.

"We'd love to!" She told him and have him a quick hug and kiss before we walked off in the opposite direction.

"I approve." I told her and we continued walking.

*Back Home*

I walked into my room to put on sweats. It was really chilly, and I felt like relaxing for a whole. I noticed my phone in my open suitcase. I walked over and picked up the purple-cased iPhone 4. It was still turned off from the flight. I held down the power button and turned it on. The second it came alive, it buzzed with messages. 12 texts and 4 voicemails. All of the messages were from my dad. They were all along the lines of "Why haven't you called me?" Are you okay?" Normal dad stuff. Nine of the texts were the same. The other three were from Veronica, my best friend. Those were all if I'd met any hot British guys yet. I responded with El's BF is pretty hot, but he's taken... Still looking ;)

Then, I called my dad. He picked up on the first ring.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hi Daddy, sorry I haven't called. I got here and was really tired, then this morning I went out for breakfast. It slipped my mind," I told him.

"Okay, thanks for calling! You had me worried sick!" He said, classic dad.

I laughed. "Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Good. Well, I'm at work. I have to go, be safe. Miss you."

"Love you dad, bye."

"Love you too, Call me soon." Then he hung up.

I slowly put the phone down, I hadn't realized how much I really missed him until now. I threw on my sweats and walked downstairs. El was on the couch watching a talk show. The host said "Now welcome One Direction!" And they walked out.

"Blondie is kinda cute." I said and jumped over the back of the couch to sit next to her.

"I don't know, I think the guy in the middle is pretty hot," she said. Louis was in the middle.

"Curls has nice hair," I said.

"Tall-hair guy has nice eyelashes," El continued.

"Plaid shirts smile looks forced..." I said, she frowned.

"Yeah, he's going through a break-up. After two years, they ended it." I noticed the question was about the onces with girlfriends girlfriends.

"Aw, that's too bad. What are these names? I'm meeting them tonight, right?" She nodded.

"Tall-hair guy is Zayn, plaid shirt is Liam, curls is Harry, you know Louis, and blondie is Niall," She told me.

"Don't like two million girls want to be in your place?" I asked.

"Yeah, but he chose me, and most of the fans are really nice about it. A lot of them say I'm their style icon, it's great." She smiled.

"Sounds like it." And we went back to watching.

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