You and i were ment to be

By: Abbie918

About a girl named Kenli who meets Louis Tomlinson in a elevator will they date or not first chapter is kinda short I just want to know you guys opinion on it before I continue


2. chapter - 2

As soon I reached my room and was in I slide down the door just shocked I mean did just meet Louis Tomlinson from one direction omg I have tell someone. But no one would believe me.

Hi I forgot to introduce myself I'm Kenli I am 17 I live here I Doncaster my favorite color is blue I come from a dark past that I don't like to talk about .

I got up from my door and thought I looked ratchet so i took a shower put light make up on and let my curly blonde hair dangle down my back. I decided to go to star bucks so I grabbed my keys and phone then left my room as I was walking down the hall way I stopped and saw the boys walking down the hallway too they of course. We're going to their room I looked over and Louis saw me he smiled at me

I began to fan girl again as I got into the elevator ugh what's wrong with me he would never like me.

*at Starbucks *

I sat down with my normal French vanilla latte and looked at tumblr. Swear I was sitting there. 30 mins til I was interrupted by someone u looked up and there was Niall he asked to sit with me he said I looked lonely and I kinda was so he sat down and we chatted for a bit the. He asked me if I wanted to go over to his place

*authors note*

Thnx for feed back I hope this is good I'm not very skilled at writing but I want you guys options on this story should I continue thnk for taking time to read

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