Not Again

Avery Brooks has just moved back to Chicago and she is dreading the moment when she has to see her ex boyfriend, Mason Foster, once again.


3. Uhh...Hi

I woke up the next morning hoping to hear from Marci, but when I checked my phone there was only a message from Celeb.

From: Celeb<3

Good morning Sunshine! I wish you here next to me! :*

To: Celeb<3

I wish I was too! I miss you so much!<3

I set my phone down and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. After grabbing a pop tart I decided to start unpacking my things. Around 1 o'clock later that day there was a knock on the door. Like always, my mom was at work so I stopped folding clothes and headed downstairs. I opened the door, I couldn't believe who it was. Why was he here? How did he know I was back?

"Well hello there gorgeous!"

"Uhh hi....Mason"

"What's up with you? I just came by to give a warm welcome to my beautiful new neighbor!" Mason said charmingly.

"Thanks...I guess? So is that it cause I kinda have things to do..."

"Oh c'mon Ava I haven't seen you in 3 years! Can't we talk a bit?!" He begged.

"Not really...and if you could just call me Avery that would be great." I answered.

"Really?? We dated for 2 years, you can't expect me to call you by your full name." He said playfully.

"Actually yeah..I can. And you will! So like I said before I have work that needs to be done..."

"Okay okay fine. I'll let you get back to your "work", but only if you let me take you out on a date. What do ya say??"

"Yeah nice try Mason! It's not gonna happen!" As I tried to close the door he stopped it with his foot.

"Okay well then don't call it a date just call it a...get together...between friends"

"We are not friends." I tried to close the door once again but he opened it enough to allow himself in. Man, why did I have to be so weak.

Getting a little too close to me he said,"A.. you know I'm just gonna keep bugging you until you go out with me. You might as well just say yes now to say you the frustration."

"Ugh okay...fine!"I said pushing him away from me."I'll go on ONE date..wait no.. one OUTING with you, but seriously no nicknames!"

"Perfect! I'll pick you up at 7. See ya later...Avery" Mason said winking as he walked out the door. I shut the door behind him and slowly fell to the floor. What did I just agree to!?!?!?


Hello everyone! Like I say every time, comment what you think Of the book and thank you so much for reading! <3


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