Not Again

Avery Brooks has just moved back to Chicago and she is dreading the moment when she has to see her ex boyfriend, Mason Foster, once again.


2. this day just keeps getting worse

After taking probably the best shower of my life I got into my pajamas and decided to call my best friend Marci from California.

"Avery!! I miss you already! How's Chicago?" She said excitedly.

"Eh, my day could have gone better, but other then that nothing's really changed."

"We'll at least you get a new set of guys to pick through" she hinted. And I knew if she was here she'd be nudging my arm.

"C'mon Mar, you know I have a boyfriend." I pointed out.

"Yeah...but long distance doesn't always work! You guys..."

"But we are! I love him and he loves me! There doesn't need to be more then that!" I interrupted.

"That's what everyone says! Ave...have you even talked to him since you landed?" Marci asked.

"We'll no, but that doesn't mean..."

"Exactly! Avery, you guys haven't even been together that long! Anything can happen."

"So 11 months isn't long? Marci, you wouldn't understand! You can't keep a relationship more then a month!"I yelled.

"...I...uh...gotta to you later I guess...bye" she whispered.

" No! Marc wait! I didn't mean that!" But she already hung up. Wow, that wasn't how I expected that call to go. So I decided to give her some time and call Caleb.


Thank you again for reading my story! And I'm gonna try and keep updating frequently, so keep reading! And again if you could please give me your opinion of the book! <3


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