Not Again

Avery Brooks has just moved back to Chicago and she is dreading the moment when she has to see her ex boyfriend, Mason Foster, once again.


4. secret hangout

'Knock knock' and there he was right on time. I had on a green flowly shirt, making my hazel eyes stand out, With white Abercrombie shorts and my favorite green vans. I wore a little makeup and braided my brown hair to the side leaving my bangs out.

"Hey, You look amazing. Are you trying to impress me?" Mason said as I opened the door.

"Don't flatter Yourself, Mason" I said walking past him towards his car. Before reaching the car, he ran past me and opened the door for me..which he used to never do.

"So...where are you taking me?" I asked breaking the silence.

"It's a surprise." He answered smiling at me.

"C'mon! I hate surprises! Just tell me" I pleaded.

"Nope. You'll find out when we get there"

"Ugh! You suck!"

After about 20 awkward minutes in the car with Mason he parked the car.

"Here!" He said as he opened my door for me. We were parked next to some forest. "C'mon let's go!" Mason said as he grabbed my wrist and started running through the trees. When we finally stopped we were standing in front of little beach kind of thing on the side of a lake. When I look over At Mason he was smiling at me like a little kid.

"I can't believe you remember this place!" I said looking around.

"How could I forget! It was our secret hangout!"

"Yeah..." Not knowing what else to say I took my shoes of and splashed water on Mason.

"Bad move, Brooks!"

"Bring it, Foster!" I said as he started running after me. When he finally caught up to me he tackled me causing both of us to fall in the water.

---- 3 hours later----

"I had so much fun tonight! I forgot what it was like to hang out with you...Thank you" I said as Mason walked me to my door.

"Your welcome. And to think you almost said no to going out with me" He smirked

"Yeah yeah."

"Avery, I've missed you so much." Mason said moving closer.

"Mason....I...i can't." I stuttered backing away.

"Why not?! I know I made a mistake 3 years ago! And I regret it wholeheartedly, but I've changed. I'll do anything. Please." He was really close to me now and was brushing my bangs out of my face. "I never stopped loving you, Ave."

"I just can't! Okay? " I pushed him off of me and ran in the house.

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