Not Again

Avery Brooks has just moved back to Chicago and she is dreading the moment when she has to see her ex boyfriend, Mason Foster, once again.


1. Off to a bad start

It felt so good to finally walk freely after being on an airplane for only god knows how long. And what makes things worse is that for the whole flight from California to Chicago I had an 8 year old boy kicking the back of my seat and the man to my right using me as his personal pillow.

"Hurry up! I can't be late for my meeting!" My mother said as she rushed to get off the plane.Of course! Leave it to my mom to be the one to book a meeting the day we get back! So we grabbed our luggage, stopped at Starbucks, and headed to her meeting.

Waiting for my mom to get out of her meeting was like waiting for ice to melt. It's only been 20 minutes and it feels like its been 5 hours!! I've checked my Instagram, my twitter and used up all my lives on candy crush and now my phone is at 12%. Great! As an attempt to cure my boredom i get up to find a magazine to read. "Geographic"? yeah no! "Diesel car"? No way! Finding nothing, I turn around running into a mail assistance causing the 4 Starbucks cups in his hands to drench me in coffee.

"OMIGOSH!! Im so sorry! I don't see you there! Are you okay?! I can be so clumsy! Okay you stay here! We have clothes in the back! Just wait like 2 minutes!" And without getting to say a word, he was gone.As I tried to somewhat shake the coffee of my jacket and jeans, my mom comes walking in.

"Oh sweetie! What happened!? Whoever did this will get fired I promise!"

"No mom it was an accident no one needs to get fired!" I tried to explain.

"Ya know what? ill deal with them later. Let's just get you home and cleaned up" she announced, completely ignoring what I had said.


Hey! First I wanna thank everyone for reading my book and second This is my first Movella so If you could please give me your opinion on the book I would really appreciate it! <3


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