The Invisible Girl

I was not meant to fall in love but, by some twist of fate I did and, I am so glad that you interrupted my sad little life and, saved it with your unconditional love.


2. the beginning

I have that kind I face that you would forget after you saw me once and then completely forget. That's one of the things that makes me really good at my job. My name is Emily jones well not really but when you are in my field of expertise you need to learn how to become generic. I work in the C.I.A. Tracking down enemies of the united stated of America and it's my job to being them down without even the slightest notice to anybody outside of my team. I guess you can call me a work-a-holic so that means no love life or even a social life outside of work. My parents died in 9/11 which is how I got into this job in the first place I was 14 when it happened. That was a log time ago now I'm 26 and the youngest in my field. But lately I can't help but think that there is more to me than just going through the motions of getting up going to work and coming home and ordering takeout. I WANT MORE and my parents would too if they were here.

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