Cold love


1. ch1

(Jack's P.O.V)

I looked out the window wishing so bad that Elsa could be here. I knew that she was busy but I couldn't help missing her. "I wish that the world would understand us," I said to myself. I went for a walk thinking about how I could see Elsa sooner. Possibility number one just go see her. That doesn't work she's got to go talk about Anna's future husband which she meet in one day. I really don't understand that. She meets this guy once and he has already purposed. "Crazy," I murmured. Possibility number two meet her in secrecy. That's probably the best idea I have. I'll do it tomorrow just give her little hints I'm there. I went home got some food and went to bed. I woke from my recurring nightmares. This times the worst I've had in weeks. I was siting with Elsa in till two guys came and tried to shoot her the first time I blocked them from hitting her but the second.... I thought about this for a long time crying. One day we will be together with nothing stoping us. I went to see her but I couldn't find her. I herd rummers of her running away. "Oh no," I thought. I knew how delicate her emotions were. "Wind take me to the north mountain" I said. I got about half way there when I could saw a beautiful ice castle. I went and landed right on the balcony seeing her beautiful face. "Jack!!!" Elsa said excitedly. "I missed you so much!" She said. 

"Me too baby," I then pulled her in for a kiss in till we heard a loud bang. 

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