It started on Valentines

Valentines with thee one and only Niall Horan? Is it all every says it's supposed to be? Is Niall really as innocent as they say? How far would you go for this cutie ? ;)


8. YOU!

What is he talking about?

He gets closer and whisper in my ear "you are my everything even though people hate both of us I love you"

I suddenly black out for 2 seconds and then it happens...

I have a flashback

I'm sitting between a curly brown haired green eyed boy and a blonde blue eyed boy

We are all in an exchange program. I turn my head towards the blonde. I can see the happiness in his eyes. I look towards the green eyed and he has sadness in his eyes. They both look my age.

The blonde puts out his had out and says "hi I'm Niall" I giggle like the 10 year old I am. I take out my hand and say "hi I'm coco it's nice to meet you" I notice the brunettes eyes on me. I turn and do the same thing. I giggle when he says his name and when I do that Harry smiles.

I said " so why are you guys in this program? caz I got selected from my test scores" Niall says "My mommy said it was a field trip that lasts bout 4 years if you good" Harry said " my mommy said I was going and so is daddy but he isn't coming back" I notice sadness in his eyes again, I kiss his cheek and giggle again. I can see excitement in his eyes now. I look around and see excitement in mostly everyone's eyes.

I know my eyes are filled with no emotion because I don't know how I feel about this. Usually I'm really readable but at this moment I'm blank . I'm think I'm happy because I made some friends and I'm away from my biological father but sad caz I'm away from my mommy and bro I miss them even though we argue a lot I love them no matter what.

Suddenly I don't only see black and I hear sirens and crying

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