It started on Valentines

Valentines with thee one and only Niall Horan? Is it all every says it's supposed to be? Is Niall really as innocent as they say? How far would you go for this cutie ? ;)


6. What next?

Niall then got up and took me by the wrist. He took me to his car. As soon as we were in the car he told me "Coco did you feel anything kissing anyone one of us?" I said "yea one of you, which is you lol my heart felt like it wanted your lips" He turned on the car and started driving. We decided to ditch the last two periods and go to Nandos. We called school and explained everything in our parent voices. We decided we were gonna ditch tomorrow and call so it would be marked excused.

It was 7 now and he was picking me up at 7:30. I took a 5 min shower , dried my hair, changed into a dress that reaches my knee with one side holding it up, straightened my hair and put it in a bun. It was now 7:25.

I decided to check E news meanwhile I waited. It was showing one direction. It said "seems like Niall Horan is seeing a mystery girl. She isn't famous so they must of met at a concert. She isn't very pretty so I don't see what he sees in her. Have you seen Harry's ? Shes a model and look at her latest photoshoot." I turned off the TV and started crying.

I heard the knock like 5 min later. I looked at the time and said "Shit!" I tried my best to make it look like I wasn't crying. You could still notice so I wore a hoodie. I opened the door and looked down. I said " Heyy Niall instead of eating out can we eat in here , I don't want to get spotted by the paps anymore especially the E news one." He said "if you want us to stay then that woul be ok, but I already reserved a restraunt for an hour. So you won't get spotted. " I said " ok Lego then" I got my keys and locked my door. I still hadn't looked up and I could tell he was starting to get suspicious. I went in my car in the drivers seat and Niall knocked on my window. I opened the window looking down. He said " kinda got us a limo too, and there's a surprise in there that you might or might not like."

GAHH he's spoiling me. I raised the window locked the door and Niall was holding the door for me. I pushed him in and popped inside. I wanted to sit by a window. I looked around and found the rest of the guys with their dates. I looked out the window after I helped Niall up. He said " Hey what was that for?" I said " what did I say at the door Niall? I don't want to get spotted " he said " it doesn't matter I'm ok with sharing our thing we have I don't even know what we have." I said " Niall I do care" i was looking at him now" i don't need them telling me I'm ugly and don't see why you decided to talk to me , so please Niall just a friendship ?"

He said " NO your beautiful and real THATS WHAT I SEE IN YOU " I was against the door cowering away snide I have always been afraid of people who yell. He tried to get closer but I jumped to next seat next to Louis. I decided to sit between El and Louis. Louis said " Niall stop yelling your scaring her" I decided to start a convo with El. I said " so how long you guys been together?" She said "bout 4 years now" I said "awwww that's so cute" she giggled and blushed. I said " aww someone has the blushies!!"

*20 min later*

The car stopped and we got out of car. I ran inside restaurant and it was completely empty. I ran to the bathroom because I was holding it in the whole way here.

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