It started on Valentines

Valentines with thee one and only Niall Horan? Is it all every says it's supposed to be? Is Niall really as innocent as they say? How far would you go for this cutie ? ;)


4. Valentines Day wreck

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed. Niall said " Your awake?" He ran to get a nurse. She said that he had to leave the room. The nurse cleaned up my whole body and when I Niall came he saw me as a white girl with brown hair with natural blush and sparkling white teeth. Niall asked " Coco?" I giggle and said " yea turns out I was really dirty and I knocked out caz of such poor hygiene and since the only thing I ate since last week was that iced coffee from Big Cabooz I was starving. But do I look horrible now?" He said " before you looked really cute now you look absolutely beautiful and stunning" I giggled and said " ok Niall imma go change now " he said " I can help it's not like I didn't see that before" he gave me a bag of my clothes. I changed right in front of him in the bathroom since I really didn't care. That's when I noticed how different I was . I looked so different and it looks like they took meat out of my legs so my legs looked normal sized to my body. Niall was right , it was like I just came out of a magazine. Then I started falling again but Niall caught me and said " lemme go get you some food I think you need it ." I giggled and he lifted me to the bed. He kissed my cheek and 5 min later he came back. I put the cover over my body and acted dead. When he did get there he ran to me and uncovered me. He thought I was dead. He stared at my face so slowly I moved my hands out of blankets. I saw his friends come in. I quickly grabbed Nialls face and kissed him. He instantly kissed back. Someone cleared their throat but we just kept kissing. We were running out of air so we stopped. I said" sorry Niall , I just wanted a quick laugh BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT WHERES MAMAS FOOD?" Everyone laughed and Niall gave me my food . I ate it fast because I was starving. Harry tried grabbing my food but I gave him the evil eye. He lifted his hands in the air and said " Don't worry I won't." I looked at Niall after I finished my food and said " Niall Happy Valentines Day!!! WAIT WHERES MY MOM?" I ran out and almost got hit by a car but Niall pulled me back. I started crying . He carried me to my moms room and sat me down next to her. She looked like my color now. I had to get to school and I would barely make it if I ran right now. I kissed my moms cheek. I ran got my bag changed in a minute to PE clothes and booked it to school. I was a student aid for PE first so I made it on time. Niall stopped by and said " Heyy beautiful , you do know I could have drove you here?" I said " yes now go before your late" he squeezed my butt a little then ran to his number. I giggled at how he reacted. I didn't see Niall till lunch after that. He sat down at the same place he did the day before. I covered his eyes and he said " Hmm is it my beautiful May?" I let go and said " WTF WHOS MAY?" He looked confused then remembered I was his Valentine . I ran off and heard him call my name. He caught up to me and grabbed my wrist, I cried and I heard Harry's husky voice ask " what's wrong?" I ran to Harry almost falling but Harry caught me. He noticed my face and I looked scared.

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