It started on Valentines

Valentines with thee one and only Niall Horan? Is it all every says it's supposed to be? Is Niall really as innocent as they say? How far would you go for this cutie ? ;)


5. look-alike


Harry said " Niall what happened , I would of really loved if she came to me for help if she didn't look so scared like someone would break her." All Niall said before leaving was " Explain May to her." Harry laughed. I looked confused at him and said "WTF WHOS MAY?" for the second time that day. Harry said " Dude chill May is Nialls sister he told me he was planning on pranking you like this for leaving him at the hospital but I didnt think he was serious" I started crying for no reason. I started to come up with reasons and started crying harder. Harry started playing and I started to calm down. Later on we were laughing our heads off outside . He was so nice but not really my type. I asked finally after gasping for air for the 10th time "So is Niall really my Valentine or not ?" He shrugged and Niall came walking by and put an arm around my shoulder. I said " Niall Heyy Harry here is really a flirty type " I winked at Harry and said to Niall "but not my type" Harry jut shrugged like he got that a lot. Niall said " Am I your type?" I took his hand off put on my best sorry face and said " Niall I'm sorry but... YOU ARE MY TYPE HAHA YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR F-" I was Interrupted by Liam turning my head kissing me. I pushed him off me. Liam said " Guess your not as easy as all the guys say you are" I said " -.- you actually believe them?" Then Zayn kissed me. I pushed him off. Liam explained what I just said then Louis kissed me. This time I yelled " LOUIS GOSH DARN IT IM NOT EASY GOT IT?" Then Harry kissed me and I didn't feel anything. Harry said " Did you feel that?" I said " No what should I have felt?" Then Niall kissed me . My mind said to push him off but my heart said to pull him closer. I guess my heart has more power because I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. Someone cleared their throat and I found out it was Harry.


When I saw coco kiss Niall it just hurt me. In our kiss she felt nothing but I felt happier than ever no sparks like that just happier by the second. I cleared my throat and they stopped kissing.


Harry cleared his throat if he hadn't I would of. I thought she said she wasn't that easy?!?!? I call BS on that!!! She just snogged with Horan. I know I should be happy since I know Horan likes her so much but she reminds me of Danielle by her body .


She just fucking snogged with Niall. She's totally easy for Niall that is. She reminds me so much of Eleanor by the face. I should probably give her a call haven't talked to her in a long time. Now we are all awkwardly silent


The way she kisses LIKE DAMN PLUS her hair lips and style remind me so much of Perrie. I can't believe her parents finally gave me a blessing!!!! I'm so happy !!! We are getting married as soon as our tour finishes.


Darn it everyone has been in deep thought since Harry cleared his throat what should I do? Suddenly Liam Louis and Zayn stood up and said at the same time " You remind me so much of someone" Liam said " You remind me of my Ex Danielle by your body , Do you dance by any chance?" I laughed and said " Uhmmm thanx I think , and yea I love dancing it's nice feeling flexible." Liam sat down and Zayn said " your lips hair and style remind me of my fiancé Perrie " I giggled at the thought. Then he sat down and Louis said " you remind me of my girlfriend Eleanor , besides dancing would you ever be a model?" I giggled and said "yea I was thinking bout it but nahh why show this body :/"

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