It started on Valentines

Valentines with thee one and only Niall Horan? Is it all every says it's supposed to be? Is Niall really as innocent as they say? How far would you go for this cutie ? ;)


7. chapter 6

Once I got out Harry's date had disappeared. I went and sat between Harry and Niall. Harry said "don't worry about Niall hurting you , if he even yells at you I will make him regret I promise you" I blushed kissed his cheek and said "thanx Harry for being so nice" He hugged me and I hugged back. Zayn said "since when have you two became best buddies?" Harry said "since I broke up with my model girlfriend" I gasped and said "no wonder I was wondering why she left" Harry tried interlocking our fingers but I kept them away and shook my head no. I could see hurt in his eyes so I kissed his cheek. I said "Harry I already told you I'm not dating anymore but we can be friends" Liam cleared his throat but I just kept looking at Harry.

Harry turned away and I said " so how are ya guys liking school so far ? Seen any girls ya think re cute ?" I smirked

Louis said "no we already have beautiful girls we don't people messing that up" Zayn said "I'm engaged so I'm cool with my beautiful soon to be wife" Liam said " I have this lovely thing so I don't need anyone else's attention" Harry and Niall didn't answer.

Liam asked "have you seen anyone you like?" I feel both Nialls and Harry's eyes on me. I say "umm I have a couple people in mind but I don't want to get hurt and then end up hurting the person." Both Harry and Niall say in unison "you won't hurt me "

I look into both their eyes both full of hope. I decide it's better if I'm not I'm friends with them. The last time I was originally just friends with a band it went so bad! My ex broke with the band because he wanted to be with me! We ended breaking up 3 months later. We were together for 4 years.

I stand up and say "sorry but it was nice meeting you guys but... One time I actually broke up a band :/ and I really think tht was a bad idea of the guy :/"

I start walking out the door and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I saw Niall with sad eyes. He looked like he was about to cry. I hugged him and nustled into his neck. I said " I haven't known you very long but I liked meeting and getting to know you"

We let go and his eyes are red and my hair is wet. I say "niall I've only known you for a couple days why would you cry? " he says "don't you remember me? Me singing you to sleep? Me and you in the treehouse hiding from parents yelling? You don't remember do you!"

He's starting to yell but I'm in shock. What the hell is he talking about!

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