My Army Heart: Love & War

*they were never famous*
The love of my life goes into battle. I cry everyday. Waiting for him. I can't wait for him to come back. If he does.


2. The Love Letters

I wake up all doozy and very dizzy. "Whoa, how long have I been out?" I ask the person next to me. "Seven days." They flatly say. I examine my broken arm and realise I have a sprained ankle. "Wh-where are we?" I ask. "In America. Somewhere." "How did I get here?" I ask. "What do you mean?" They say.

"You came here by plane. They flew all of the injured to America." "Mr. Lieutenant Tomlinson, you have mail." The mail person says. He hands me two big stacks of letters. "T-thank you." I stutter.

I open the first letter: "Hey SugarBear! I miss you like crazy! Can you come back? Little Mousse and Dasher miss you too!! Is it hard there? Did you meet anyone? Did you brush your hair this morning? Do you have any friends? What did you have for breakfast? You know I'm only kidding! I love you. No more than the day I met you. Actually I love you more, if that's possible. I'm sending you loads of love from home!


P.S. Mousse misses you more than dasher! -Mousse.

P.P.S, Mousse is lying. I love you more- Dasher"

I wipe a tear away as I open the next letter.

"Hello, SugarBear! How are you feeling? I hope you're not in an infirmary or hospital!" "Oops!" I say. "I miss you even more! Everyone misses you. Even Jay, she came over and we talked, and cried, and cried, and laughed, and cried even more. I hope to see you again sometime soon. Hugs and kisses. I hope to kiss you and hug you sometime soon, too. I love and miss you, my darling. Xx

-Lexx, Mousse, and Dasher."

*the next morning*

"Hey SugarBear!!!!! Letter #43 already! Phwew! It seems like it's been forever with out you! In reality, it's been 5 months. Come back, 'Bear. My little BooBear. I love you. My heart has been waiting for so long. Try coming back again tomorrow. Even if you can't. I miss your floppy hair and the way you hold me. No one can do the same. Love you.

-Lexx. (P.S., Mousse and Dasher are asleep. They miss their daddy so much too!!!!)" she writes off with a heart.

A paper falls out of the envelope and it's a beautiful drawing.

"My heart stretches for thousands of miles just to reach you. Love u." It's two hearts connecting from home to Afghan.

Harry peers from over my shoulder he picks up a letter and reads it. "She's precious. You're very lucky to have her." "Thank you. She is. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

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