My Army Heart: Love & War

*they were never famous*
The love of my life goes into battle. I cry everyday. Waiting for him. I can't wait for him to come back. If he does.


1. Easy Come, Hard To Go. Harder To Forget

I hugged him just as he was about to leave. "I'll miss you so much. You better come back." I chuckled as I let out a tear. "Don't worry babe. I'll be back. I will miss you the whole time." He replies smiling at me. I see him holding his tears back. I handed him a slip of paper. "To remember me. You'll always be in my heart." He walks out the door and I just cry. "I just can't let him go like that. But he's doing his best for our country." I put on our favourite song.

"Wait. I can't listen to this! It makes it sadder. I look at a picture of him. I feel all abandoned without him. He'd be here hugging and snuggling me. I want his warm body wrapped in mine.

I feel something come up my throat as I keep crying. I rush to the bathroom and puke.

"Ugh." I say as I wipe my mouth. I dig through the bathroom cabinets to get a pregnancy test. A little + sign comes up. "Oh no." I say to myself covering my mouth. "I'm pregnant. And he's gone. H-how is this going to happen?! What happened last night was... Was... It." "Oh. Louis." I go back to my room and I wait for that day to come...

That day never came. Never in a million years.

*Five Months Later*

*Louis' POV*

I grab my rifle and see a folded price of paper on the ground. I quickly pick it up and hide behind a rock. I see that it's a picture of Lexi. "Oh, poor baby." I shove it back in my pocket. I get up and shoot some of the Enemies. One of them shoots my arm. Zayn rushes towards me and checks if I'm OK.

I bleed and bleed and I make a bandage with my shirt. Liam helps me heal a bit too. "Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I can't wait to get out of Afghan so I can see my baby." Do you guys have a special someone?" "Yeah," Liam says, "her name's Jessica. What about you Zayn?" "No, not really. She's just like a friend. It's Marie." "Let me see her." Liam says.

I grab the picture of Lex from my pocket and show them. "She's beautiful." Zayn says. "Well back off! She's mine!" I say. "I had it with her the day before. I think she's pregnant." I spill to them. "Wow. That's the bad part. Your girlfriend is going to have a baby while you're in war. You, no offense, might die and not see your baby." "Well thanks Zayn. None taken. That's true."

"I feel like there's something missing in my heart." "Well yeah! It's Lexi. You need her. She needs you." Says Liam. "I need her." I repeat. Just then, a grenade explodes near us.

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