1D Imagines 2

This is the 2nd Book


2. Imagine For Elin (Dirty Harry)

 Harry is driving you home; you’ve just been for a romantic picnic in the park. You pull up at the traffic lights, he puts a finger under your chin and guides your head towards his, and kisses your lips gently but you return with a more passionate kiss. You stay locked in an embrace until you hear the car behind you honk, so he pulls away from the kiss and quickly accelerates. You can tell he was starting to get horny and wonder how much you could push it. You slide your hand along his leg, lightly rubbing it before resting it above his crotch. You pull down the zip to reveal his Calvin Kleins hiding his throbbing dick. He tries to ignore you and concentrate on the road. You giggle and start stroking his bulge, he breathes in deeply but still ignores you as best as he can.

You pull his boxers down just enough for his cock to hang out, you wrap your hand around it before he can react and start touching it, teasing him.

He finally gives in and lets out a weak moan, “Erin, you can be such a bad girl at times…”

“Want me to stop?” You reply innocently as you pull your hands away.                                  

“No…” He can’t help himself as you rub your hand up and down, sliding your thumb over the tip of his cock each time.                                                                                                             

“Thank fuck this car has blacked out windows.” Harry mutters underneath his breath, staring ahead trying to focus on the road. You can see him getting more and hornier, as his dick gets harder so you decide stop as you’re worried it could distract his driving if you go too far. 

He groans, “No, please don’t stop.”                                                                                            

You kiss the tip of his cock gently, “Sorry baby!”

He glares at you as a smirk forms across his face.

“Fine.” He says sternly as indicates and pulls into the next layby. As soon as he stops the car he turns to you and grabs your wrist. You bite your lip but pretend not to care as he unclips your belt before grabbing your waist and dragging you onto the backseat with him.

He lays you down underneath him and pulls off your shorts and underwear. “You’re already wet, you dirty girl.” He winks before lowering his head, burying it between your legs and starting to lick at your clit as you run your hands through his curly hair. You moan, your body starts to get tense as he keeps licking, getting progressively faster. He stops, being the tease he is.

“Can’t have too much pleasure, can we?” He says with a smirk before moving upwards, as he swiftly inserts his dick into you making you gasp. He spends no time adjusting and starts to thrust, placing his hand on the window to allow him to thrust deeper. He grunts as his thrusts get harder and deeper hitting your G-spot everytime- you start to scream as you feel yourself reaching your climax. He moans loudly as he cums inside of you. Harry lowers himself onto you gently, holding his weight off you as he kisses your forehead and holds you close.

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