Protection Program

Richer Davenport, is the princess every mind controller has been waiting for. When her father passes out, she's sent to the 'Protection Program' which is an organisation in charge of protection and developing the power of mind controllers. When words run out that Davenport is inside the facility, everyone wants to find her, as she is the first Mind Controller and Future Seeking girl in the past 18 years.
It's up to her and her new friends to save herself.


11. Chapter Seven



"Come on Richer." Jared insisted. "Focus."

"I'm trying." I whined. "I'm trying."

"You're not trying hard enough!" Jared exclaimed.

"WELL I'M SORRY!" I shouted back. "I'm sorry that your dog died when you were ten and you can't forgive yourself for it's death!"


I stayed where I was, staring at Jared. I just read his mind. Oh my God, I read his mind. Jared stared at me with a face between shock and admiration. 


"How." Jared started. "How did you get to read the deepest of my secrets?"

"Beats me."  I replied. "I was focusing on your mind, but it was too messy, too many thoughts flying around, and then I saw this little door, and I opened it and there it was, your thoughts were calmer there."

"I need to speak with Mr. Stalin." Jared said. "Go to Keon or Ax or Nathaniel."

"Ok?" I said confused and got out of the room.


I walked out into the hallway and started walking towards Keon's bedroom. Mr. Stalin found a whole floor in a building that we could use, and let's just say that the building is super secure and no one will ever find us here, not at least for several months though...


"Keon?" I questioned as I knocked the door. "Keon are you in here?"

"Keon's out with Ax." Nath replied as he appeared in sight. "Why are you looking for him? I thought you were practising mind reading with Jared."

"Yeah, well." I sighed. "I might have read Jared's deepest secrets and his now having a conversation with Mr. Stalin, which leaves me with nothing to do, so I thought I was going to speak with Keon about my self-defence classes."

"Oh." Nath smiled. "What about we chill out watching a movie?"

"What movie?" I questioned as I followed him to his room. 

"I don't know." Nath shrugged. "Let's see what we have in store."




I was sleeping peacefully, when I heard some people outside the door.


"She read my deepest secrets." Jared said. "I really think she's just pretending to not know."

"Jared." Mr. Stalin replied. "She isn't." 

"How can you know?!" Jared cried.

"Because I do." Mr. Stalin replied. "You have to trust me in this."


I was about to stand up and walk up to them when a wave of dizziness came over me. 


"Run!" Nath shouted to me. "Save yourslef!"

"But what about you?" I cried.

"I'll be fine." Nath urge. "Please Richer run."

"I won't leave you." I cried grabbing his hand. "I love you Nath!"

"I love you too Richer-"


"Holy fuck!" I exclaimed.

"Miss Davenport." Mr. Stalin said. "I believe you had another vision."

"Oh. I uh- Yeah, sorta." I replied rubbing my forehead. "How long was I out?"

"Five minutes." Mr. Stalin replied. "What happened before you passed away?"

"You were speaking with Jared right outside." I replied. "I was going to go and speak with you when I felt dizzy and then I had a vision."

"What was the vision about?" Mr. Stalin questioned.

"I'm not sure." I replied. "There was some sort of danger and Nath was trying to get me to run away from there."

"Did you run?" 

"No." I replied shaking my head. "I woke up right after he said something."

"What did he say?" Mr. Stalin questioned.

"I- I- I really don't want to say." I sighed.

"Miss Davenport." Mr. Stalin said. "I need you tell me what happened."


I looked up at him and sigh. I am really glad that he can't read the mind as the rest of the boys. I started explaining everything that I had seen in the vision, but I still don't understand why it is important.


"Miss Davenport." Mr. Stalin said. "Do you feel anything other than friendship towards Mr. Shakur?"

I blinked several times and opened my mouth to replied. "I'm not sure." I whispered.

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