Protection Program

Richer Davenport, is the princess every mind controller has been waiting for. When her father passes out, she's sent to the 'Protection Program' which is an organisation in charge of protection and developing the power of mind controllers. When words run out that Davenport is inside the facility, everyone wants to find her, as she is the first Mind Controller and Future Seeking girl in the past 18 years.
It's up to her and her new friends to save herself.


28. Chapter Nineteen


I stood outside of the school ground with Nath and Ax to my side, the rest of the kids were already inside, and I didn't know if I should make a run for the forest or actually stay and start a new school. 


"Let's go Richer." Ax said. "Nothing wrong is going to happen here."

"Are you sure?" I raised an eyebrow. "There is a fight right behind the dumpster." 

"Stop trying to see that bad things here." Nath chuckled. "Nothing is going to happen to you."

"We three have the same classes all day long." Ax said. "You won't have to make friends." 

"Yay for that." I sighed and gave a step inside the school.


That seemed to be enough for the guys as Nath grabbed my hand and basically dragged me inside the building. 


It was Wednesday, and we were the new kids. 




I sat at the courtyard laughing with Ax and Keon, as we waited for the rest to join us. The first day had been so far uneventful, meaning that maybe, just maybe, we were far from danger.


"How's the day so far?" Carter questioned as he sat down right in front of me. 

"Boring." I stated. "Nothing out of common."

"Same with Nath and I." Ax said. "We all share the same classes."

"What about you?" I question. "You share classes with any?"

"Keon and I." Jared explained. "We all share classes."

"There wasn't anything unusual in our class." Keon replied. "Though there is this girls who likes Jared."


I giggled and got a stern look from Jared, which led me to laugh out loud. 


"Why is that funny?" Jared whined. 

"Because you look all scary." Aaron winked over at me. 

"Yeah." I agreed. 

"Whatever with that." Mike said. "Mr. Stalin isn't working here this time."

"What?" We all said at the same time. 

"But I swear that I saw him giving Physics class." I said. 

"Vision?" Jared questioned as he took out the notebook were he wrote down all my visions. 

"I believe so." I said. 

"When did you see that?" Nath asked. 

"When I was peeing." I replied. 

"Keep it PG." Keon joked and I rolled my eyes. 


We started talking about in whether or not Mr. Stalin was going to give classes at the school, cause if he was it was going to be easier to hide and such, rather than he didn't we were going to have a hard time missing classes and such. 


When the school day finished, we all gathered our things and made our way to the house. We didn't like to take the bus for two reasons, one we didn't want anyone to know where we lived, and two, it didn't go to our place. 


We all walked in a formation. Mike and Aaron in front of me. Nath and Ax one to each side of mine, and Jared, Carter and Keon behind me. It was really funny, because I was surrounded by seven hot guys, from which one, had claimed my lips. 


We had to walk around five block to get to our house, but when we passed a really nice looking place, something off went on my radar, I didn't get any visions, nor did I read something not nice, but I knew, that something was wrong. 


We entered the house and I immediately went over to search for Mr. Stalin, only to find out that he wasn't home. 


"Oi!" I shouted. "Has anyone seen Mr. Stalin?"

"Isn't he in his office?" Jared questioned and I shook my head. 

"Just came out of it." I replied. 

"He's not in his room." Aaron replied. 

"There's no message." Nath added. 

"Guys." I said. "There was something off the pretty house a block away from here."

"What do you mean?" Carter questioned. 

"It gave me a bad vibe." I replied. "I couldn't get any thoughts because I wasn't paying attention to it, nor any visions, but something about that house isn't right." 

"Ax, Mike and I stay here with Richer." Nath said. "Jared, Carter, Keon and Aaron go and check that house out. Figure out who lives there and anything that we might need."

"On it." Jared replied and he sprinted out the door with the rest. 

"What do we do?" I questioned. 

"We wait you get a vision." Nath replied. 


Hell, we are back with the weird.

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