Protection Program

Richer Davenport, is the princess every mind controller has been waiting for. When her father passes out, she's sent to the 'Protection Program' which is an organisation in charge of protection and developing the power of mind controllers. When words run out that Davenport is inside the facility, everyone wants to find her, as she is the first Mind Controller and Future Seeking girl in the past 18 years.
It's up to her and her new friends to save herself.


6. Chapter Four



"What do you mean with they found me?" I questioned Nath as he pushed me through my closet. 

"The people we are trying to find you, will come for you sooner." Nath replied. 

"I don't understand." I complained. "Will you care to explain?"

"Once I have you out of here." Nath replied. 


Nath managed to open a secret compartment from my closet that lead to a secret hallway and some sort of a maze if you asked me. 


We walked for like thirty minutes till we appeared in a bunk, which was like super secure. It was decorated like a house, meaning that it had a small kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms and two rooms. In one of the far corners of the living room there were two desks with computers and papers thrown all over the place. 


Nath walked to the computer and started typing on it, checking his phone now and then. I walked over to the couch and sat there, starring at nothing in specific. 


I couldn't understand what the hell was going on. Mr. Stalin must haven seen that they were behind me, meaning that they had not found me yet, but will find me sooner or later. I let out a sigh and tried to seek for the future. 


I concentrated, and realised that Nath and Mr. Stalin were right, they were going to search the room where we lived for me and even Mr. Stalin's, but when they arrived the room was completely empty, all my stuff was moved and there was no one left there. Where on earth is everyone?


"Richer?" Nath asked snapping me out of my trance. 

"Yes?" I asked standing up. 

"Are you alright?" Nath asked confused. 

"Why wouldn't I be?" I questioned.

"You're pale, and were shaking, as you repeated Barnabas over and over." Nath replied. 

"Barnabas?" I questioned. 

"Yes, who is he?" Nath questioned.

"The owner of the Protection Program." Mr. Stalin replied. 

"He's the one looking for Richer?" Keon asked. 

"He's the head." Mr. Stalin replied. "There are a lot of people looking for her, but the worst is him."

"How do we protect her?" Ax questioned.

"We are moving." Mr. Stalin replied. 

"Uh-uh." I said shaking my head. "I'm not moving to Alabama."

"Alabama?" Jared questioned. "I ran out of there for a reason. People who are special are hunt to death."

"We're not going to Alabama." Mr. Stalin sighed. "We are moving to Australia."

"All the way to Australia?" Nath questioned. "Don't you think that it is a bit drastic?"

"Do you want for them to find her?" Mr. Stalin questioned. 

"No." They all replied. 

"Then get ready, we are leaving tomorrow." Mr. Stalin said and left to one of the rooms. 




Keon made dinner this time, and we all sat down to eat some burgers. No one dare to spoke in the room, and they were communicating by reading minds. I understood that Nath and Jared could not only read minds, but control them as well, so they gave their thoughts to the others when they wanted to communicate without words. 


I really didn't understand what on earth happened, or why Mr. Stalin was so mad, because I could see it in his face, maybe the others didn't see it or ignored it, but he was beyond pissed.


"Nathaniel and Ax are sleeping with Richer in the bunk room." Mr. Stalin said. "Jared and Keon, you are in charge of fixing the trip to the airport, and I'll fix the plane and everything else."

"Yes, sir." Everyone replied. 

"Mr. Stalin." I said making him stop.

"What?" He asked crossing his arms.

"You should use the second private jet." I said. 

"Why?" Mr. Stalin questioned. 

"It doesn't have a bomb." I replied.

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