Protection Program

Richer Davenport, is the princess every mind controller has been waiting for. When her father passes out, she's sent to the 'Protection Program' which is an organisation in charge of protection and developing the power of mind controllers. When words run out that Davenport is inside the facility, everyone wants to find her, as she is the first Mind Controller and Future Seeking girl in the past 18 years.
It's up to her and her new friends to save herself.


8. Chapter Five


I woke up, somewhere around noon, and we still weren't in Australia. I rolled my eyes and stared out the window. I was beyond bored, and I really hoped we were going to Australia. 


"Richer." Mr. Stalin said making turn to face him. 

"Yeah?" I questioned. 

"We are planning our background story for when we reach Australia, so you might want to join us." Mr. Stalin replied. 


I nodded and stood up, walking towards the area, where everyone was. Nath shoot me a smile as I sat next to Keon. Keon smiled at me and placed an arm around my shoulder. 


"So..." I said. "The story?" I questioned. 

"Yes." Ax nodded. "We should I don't know, pretend we are family. Some of us could pull that off." 

"Not a bad idea." Jared added. "I mean, Ax, Richer, Keon and I could be brothers." 

"What about me?" Nath questioned. "I know I don't look like either of you." 

"You could be my son." Mr. Stalin spoke. "And I could be a teacher, for special kids."

"Special in what?" I questioned.

"Special when it comes to knowledge. Genius kids." Mr. Stalin replied. 

"Okay?" I said. "So where do we come from?"

"We moved to America, because you all got an scholarship and I got a new job." Mr. Stalin replied. 

"Hell that's weird." I rolled my eyes. "But if you say so."

"Yeah." Nath said. "Are we done now?"

"It would be nice to catch some sleep before we land." Jared added. 

"Wait." I said. "People are not going to believe it."

"What do you mean?" Keon questioned.

"People are not going to believe we are family." I said. "At least, they are not going to believe that I am family. We should go with the fact that we are some sort of adopted kids by Mr. Stalin, he being our mentor." 

"Why do you say that?" Mr. Stalin questioned eyeing me. 

"Because I just saw it." I replied tilting my head to the side. "Pretty weird if you ask me."

"Not weird." Mr. Stalin replied. "Your power is becoming stronger."

"Weird." I added nodded and stood up. "Can I crash for another hour?"

"Actually," Nath started. "We have four hours."


I rolled my eyes and walked back to my seat. Nath walked next to me, and positioned himself as a pillow for me. It was weird, but I liked it. I got comfortable with Nath and in a matter of seconds I fell asleep. 


"You're the new kid." A voice said to me. "Well, one of the new kids."

"Yes." I replied. "Who are you?"

"Marie." She replied. 


The conversation soon faded and I was staring at Mr. Stalin and Nathan talking. Mr. Stalin seemed really serious, and mad about something. Nathan seemed to explain something, waving his hands in the hair. He seemed pretty agitated as well. Mr. Stalin shouted and Nathan turned around walking to the door. He opened the door and half turned "It's not my fault that I love her." He said and walked away. 


"Richer." Ax said shaking me. "Richer."

"He what?" I said sitting up. I ran my hand trough my hair and gave a questionable look to Ax. "What?"

"Are you okay?" Ax questioned. 

"Was I saying something again on my dream?" I asked and he nodded. "What was I saying."

"Not true." Ax said raising an eyebrow. 

I sighed and grabbed the bottle of water he had in his hand. "I was dreaming. Two dreams mixed in one."

"Dreams?" Ax questioned. 

"More like visions." I replied. "Wait, wasn't Nath my pillow?"

"He left a couple of minutes ago to the bathroom." Ax replied. 

"Oh." I said blinking. "Weird."

"You keep saying that word." Ax chuckled. 

"Yes." I said. "My life got weird."

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