The Secret Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Elise was pregnant with Harry's child when he cheated on her. She left their shared house, virtually disappearing. What happens when Harry and Elise meet again two years later?


1. Prologue

"Harry stop," I giggle as his hands raced across my stomach, tickling me. "Harry!" I say again and do the only thing I could think of, kissed him.

Immediately I got a reaction from him. His hands traveled to my shirt but I stopped him. "Mm no, not right now Haz," I say softly. I was pregnant but I haven't had the guts to tell him quite yet.

Of course, this made him frustrated. "I'm going out Elise, I'll be back later," He said and stormed out, the house shaking from how he had slammed the door. I curled up into a ball on the couch and had a good cry. The hormones didn't make anything better.

~3 hours later~

It was already twelve o'clock and Harry wasn't back yet. I flipped on the TV and E! News came on. The next words to come out of the reporter's mouth brought on another wave of tears. "One Direction's Harry Styles spotted cheating on his long time girlfriend Elise Bennett with a mystery girl?"

I ran up the stairs and packed all of my belongings up. I ran into my car and drove, ending up at a hotel. And that, was the last time I saw Harry Styles.


Hey guys! Thanks a million for reading! Please leave comments giving me feedback on what I should add or shouldn't put in! Thanks again guys! 5 comments for next chapter??


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