Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


3. Whispers

            “Good evening My Lady.” The Duke of Everden greeted me.
            “Good evening. Thank you for coming.” I greeted. He walked away to talk to some other people.
            “5 out of 10.” Anna said. She was scoring each man who came up to talk to me.
            “Anna, seriously. Why are you doing this?” I whispered.
            “You need someone. Come on, is it bad that I want my sister to be happy?” Anna pouted.
            “I don’t need help with this, whatever this is. Anna, just let it be.” I said.
            “Fine! Go find love your own way.” My sister said as she shooed me away.
            “I’m the Queen, I should be shooing you away.” I joked.
            “But the younger sister gets to be annoying, especially to the older sister who happened to be the Queen.” Anna countered.
            “Excuse me, Am I interrupting?” A man’s voice asked from behind me.
            “Not at a-“ I was thrown off when I saw him. He had the bluest eye’s I’ve ever seen. He had longer brown hair, but it looked nice on him. Straight up, he was really handsome.  
            “Ten…” was all Anna could say.
            “Sorry?” he asked.
            “Hello.” I interjected. “Good evening, you are?”
            “Forgive me for the introduction. I am Julian, Duke of Elrondey. Thank you for having me here today My Lady.” He bowed.
            “Please, just call me Elsa.” I said with a smile. We both just stood there smiling at each other for some time.
            “I’ll just leave you two alone then.” Anna said as she began to walk away.
            “I’m sorry. Where are my manners? This is Princess Anna of Arendelle.” I introduced.
            “Could you excuse us please?” Anna cut in as she pulled me away. When we were far enough she started talking.
            “What are you doing?” she asked.
            “What am I doing? What are you doing? I was just being nice.” I said.
            “This is your chance. It’s not love… yet. But you can make it your love.” Anna cheered.
            “Anna! What-?”
            “Elsa. Please just try it.” Anna pleaded. “I want you to be happy.” She gave me her pleading eyes…
            “Fine!” I said walking away.
            “Good luck.” Anna whispered before she ran away. I walked back to Julian.
            “Sorry. Anna just wanted to know if I knew where her… lover was.” I lied.
            “Oh, well alright then.” Julian replied.
            “Would you like any refreshments of some sort?” I asked trying to keep my voice straight.
            “I wouldn’t mind some.” He said as he unexpectedly took my waist and guided me. We talked through the night. He told me stories about his greatest adventures. I on the other hand just told him stories of Anna and me.
            “Must be nice to have a younger sister here all the time.” He said after I told him about today.
            “Oh, are yours never home?” I asked.
            “I only had one older brother… but he passed away a few years ago in a fire.” He explained.
            “Well… my sister almost died from a frozen heart.” I said.
            “Yeah, we all know that story. Your kingdom is now the known as the most powerful kingdom.” He responded. “Because you made it the most powerful.” He took my hand and looked me in my eyes. I was dragged into a trance when I felt his warm finger tips against my cold ones. It felt nice, very comfortable. My trance was broken when I started to hear murmurs around us. I began to pay attention to what they were saying.
            “She’s a witch.”
            “She’ll destroy everything her father worked for.”
            “She doesn’t belong.”
            “She doesn’t deserve to be Queen.”
            “I’m sorry.” I said to Julian and I looked down and let go of his hand.
            “What’s wrong?”
            “Nothing. Just-, excuse me.” I said walking away before the tears could spill over my eyes. I quickly ran through the door and into the study hall. I let the tears spill over my face, and the snowflakes fall. Great, I made it snow in the study. I walked towards the window to take a look at the view it gave; A lake with a few trees in the area. Some days I would freeze it and skate on it alone. Then I started to rethink of the lords from other countries calling me a witch.
            “They’ll never understand.” I sighed as I sat down. I stretched my hand out on the desk and felt something bump into my fingertips. The book Anna found, a Jack Frost story. I opened the book, and I saw a picture of Jack standing on a hill, watching over a village he cast a winter on. He looked lonely… like me.
            “Only you’ll be able to understand what it feels like.” I said as I touched his face in the picture. “Why can’t you be real?” I sighed as pushed myself off the chair. I looked in the window’s reflection so I could wipe off any extra tears… then something appeared onto the window. In a panel of glass, frost started to spread all over the window, then down onto the grass. The ice travelled over the grass making a path towards the lake.
            The next thing I knew I was running out the back door and followed the trail. The ice spread from the window and onto the lake, freezing it’s surface.
            “How-? What-? This isn’t me.” I said as I took a step on the ice. It was solid like how I would make it to skate.
            “How?” Just as I asked, a snowflake glowed in the centre of the lake… and there was something being written on the ice by my feet.

Hey guys!! My procrastination at its best! I'm supposed to be studying for my math exam tomorrow, or my english exam on friday... but nah. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! I think you'll like what i have for you next :) Please tell me what you think in your comments (because i want to know)! If there a any spelling mistakes i am sooo sorryy. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Happy Reading ;)

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