Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


43. Weakness *Jack's P.O.V*

            My head was pounding, my body was aching. What happened to me?
            My eyes fluttered open, but I blinked a few times to get a more clear view of where I was. I sat on the hard wood floors of the hallway. I was right in front of the guest room Cue stayed in… that’s when everything came back to me.
            I glanced at my left shoulder, then at my right leg. There were black icicles sticking in them; Elsa did that. I looked in the hallway to see a dead body, she did that too.
            No she didn’t Jack. Elsa would never do anything like that. It was Pitch’s puppet who did all the dirty work.
            “Oh my god!” a familiar voice exclaimed as it came closer to me. When their hands touched me, I looked up to see who it was. The first thing I saw was their violet eyes.
            “Hey Cue.” I groaned.
            “What happened?” she gasped as she started to examine my injuries. Another set of hands were suddenly on me. I turned my head and saw a whole set of colours that weren’t from the castle walls, Tooth.
            “Jack, who did this to you?” she asked as Cue started uncapping vials.
            “Elsa. Pitch has control of her, but I know she’s still in there.” I groaned as I tried to get up. Both of them pushed me back down.
            “Jack, she’ll kill you.” Cue tried to reason with me.
            “Not if I get to her before her change is complete.” I countered. Tooth took out the icicle in my thigh without any warning. The pain was sharp, but really thick. Cue immediately poured whatever was in the vial on my leg.
            “Jack, maybe she’s already gone.” Tooth sighed.
            “She’s not.” I refused.
            “If she was gone, then I would look far worse than this, or maybe even dead.” I pointed out. “She’s still alive.” Again out of nowhere Tooth took the ice out of my shoulder. There wasn’t that much pain, more of a shock.
            “Okay you’re done here. Can you stand up?” Cue asked. I didn’t think twice, I used what strength I had left and got to my feet. The girls helped keep me steady.
            “What’s happening now?” I asked as I started to stretch my limbs.
            “Pitch sealed the palace. The nightmares are fighting now.” Tooth explained. “They keep coming. I don’t know how long we can hold.”
            “We need to do what we can.” Cue said. “You and Jack take on Pitch. I’ll get Julian to help secure the castle. Nothing’s getting in here.” I felt everything stop at that moment and a lump form in my throat.
            “You don’t know.” It wasn’t a question.
            “What are you talking about Jack?” Tooth asked. I couldn’t speak at all; all I could do was point at the guest room entrance. I’m sure Cue put the pieces together because she bolted to the room without a second thought. Tooth helped me enter the room, but abandoned me to help Cue.
            “He’s still alive.” Cue trembled
            “But barely.” Tooth remarked. I looked down to see Cue pressing her hand against the wound in Julian’s chest. The icicle that used to be in his stomach had melted and froze, creating a patch of black ice on his abdomen. He was severely pale and struggling to breath, but he opened his eyes.
            “Cue.” He wheezed. He tried to reach for her cheek and with one of her free hands, she met him halfway.
            “I’m here Jul. It’s going to be okay.” She lied to herself as tears flowed down her cheeks.
            “Cue, you need to run.” He breathed. “Get away from here. Elsa will kill you.”
            “I’m not gonna let her.” She denied “We will defeat Pitch and we’ll get her back. We can live on after.” I could already see in Julian’s eyes that he had already accepted that he was going to die. It was even more heartbreaking to see Cue breaking down; this was the first time she’s done so.
            “No! You’re going to be fine.” She cried. I knelt down beside her and rubbed her back. I looked down at Julian and he smiled at me.
            “Sorry for that first impression.” Julian chuckled. I felt the corner of my mouth tug into a smile.
            “Same here.” I nodded.
            “Take care of her.” He whispered to me. “And let my family know I love them.” I nodded as Cue wiped her tears away.
            “I’m not hurting anymore… That’s a bad thing right?” he let out.
            “Yeah. That’s bad.” Tooth nodded as she took his other limp hand. I tried my hardest to push whatever tears that threatened to build up away from my eyes; I succeeded.
            “I knew it.” He sighed. “But at least I get to see my brother.”
            “Tell him I say ‘hi’ okay?” Cue smiled as she gripped his hand tighter. “Tell him about all of your adventures.”
            “Oh I will. I’ll tell him about what I’ve done, and how I met the most beautiful woman and how we fell in love, and how we had our unexpected journey.” He smiled and turned to Cue. “I love you.” More tears soaked Cue’s cheeks and fell onto her lap.
            “I love you too.” She sobbed. She bent down and softly pressed her lips to his one last time. I could tell he used what strength he had left to kiss her back. When they broke apart, Julian took one more breath in and exhaled his final breath. Cue broke down, sobbing on his chest. Tooth took this moment and shut his eyes. There was nothing I could do except let her cry; I know I would if this happened to me. I think it hurt Tooth more than it hurt me. She’s never seen someone so strong break down in front of her eyes. I could see in Tooth’s expression that she had no clue what to do.
            “Just give her a minute.” I mouthed as I continued to pat Cue’s back. Tooth nodded and looked out the window. Cue rose from Julian’s chest, but I could tell she wasn’t done crying yet. I leaned her head into my shoulder and she didn’t protest. She gladly took my shoulder to cry on. I stroked her hair and looked out the window. I didn’t see anything, but I could hear everything; the whines of the animals/ sand creatures, weapons clanging together, the grunting of North and Bunny as they tried to fend off attacks.
            “Tooth. Take care of Cue, I have to stop this.” I ordered.
            “Jack, we need you-“ she started.
            “Take care of Cue until she can fight. Defend the castle together.” I interrupted.
            “Then what are you going to do?” she asked.
            “Take care of Pitch.” I answered.
            “No.” Cue snapped. I never realized that she had stopped crying.
            “No Jack. Here’s what’s going to happen. Tooth, get some of Sandy’s creatures and fend off the palace. Nothing gets in here.” Cue ordered. “Jack and I will go after Pitch. If you think I’m just going to sit here after what he did, you reallu don’t know me after 300 years.” I was about to protest, but Tooth gave me a pleading look.
            “I’m on it.” She said before anybody could say anything. I got to my feet as soon as Tooth left the room.
            “Cue-“ I started, but was cut off when she immediately got to her feet and made her way to the hallway. I caught up to her and grabbed her shoulder.
            “Where are they?” she hissed.
            “Jack, where are they?!” she repeated with a little more anger in her voice.
            “My guess is to follow the black ice trail.” I pointed out on the floor. Cue didn’t react, she just followed the trail while loading an arrow into her bow.
            “Cue stop!” I exclaimed as I grabbed her shoulder and forced her to turn around. When her eyes looked into mine, I felt terror enter my veins; I’ve never seen her like this. Her eyes were usually peaceful and full of happiness; now they were filled with anger and vengeance.
            “What?” she growled at me.
            “You need to calm down before you get yourself killed.” I stated.
            “Calm down at a time like this?! People are dying! Sandy’s dreams, Elsa’s servants, even Julian died! I’m not just going to sit around and watch as more people die.” She spat.
            “That’s not what I’m saying.” I countered. “What I want to say is that if you keep going like this, you’re not going to do much good up there. You will get killed.” Cue’s expression started to soften, but barely.
            “I can’t relax at a moment like this.” She tried to calm down.
            “You have to. Vengeance will lead to irrational decisions.” I stated. “I’ve seen it.” Her grip on her bow relaxed a little bit and her jaw relaxed.
            “You’re right; no more people need to die.” I said. “But you count as people too.”
            “Damn you Jack Frost!” she screamed in frustration… That’s when a theory popped into my head.
            “You knew you would die if I didn’t stop you… didn’t you?” I asked. She stayed absolutely still, and her silence was all the answer I needed.
            “God damn it Cue! What’s going through your head?!” I exclaimed as I threw my hands up.
            “What reason do I have to keep going?” she snapped. “My immortality was taken away from me, my wings deteriorated, my powers are basically gone and I just witnessed my first real love die! What else do I have to live for?! I’m gonna die eventually, so why not get it over with?!”       
            “So I, your best friend, don’t matter to you? The other guardians who care for you don’t matter to you? The friend’s you’ve made here don’t matter to you?!” I listed. “Think about what this could do to all of us! Anna’s going to lose her best friend, Elsa’s going to lose her best person; her words not mine, and me-“ I couldn’t finish cause I was so frustrated. “What the hell Cue?! I can’t lose two women who are important to me.”
            At this point Cue was struggling to get her tears under control. Like I said, vengeance and grief give poor influences. She collapsed into my chest and just cried. I didn’t give her a pull it together speech like how she expected me to; I just let the strong girl have another moment of weakness. As she sobbed, I thought about what I would do if this happened to me. Would I react like Cue and just give up? Or would I be able to continue on without Elsa by my side?
            “I’m sorry.” She managed to choke out and thankfully interrupted my thoughts before I got too deep into them. I stroked her back to calm her down.
            “It’s okay.” I whispered. “Just promise that you’ll never think of doing anything like that again.” She nodded her head in response and pulled away to wipe her face.
            “Same goes for you.” She added. I nodded as she blinked away the rest of her tears. The old Cue started to come back into her eyes as she readied her bow.
            “I’m okay now.” She promised. “Let’s make sure you don’t lose another girl tonight.” I smiled in agreement and we followed the trail of black ice to take back Arendelle.

Hey guys! Not the best chapter i know, but i wanted to get it out so you guys wouldn't be tearing your eyes out or something. I didn't have an exam today so i posted. but i do have one tomorrow, it's french so im sorta iffy about it. My last exam is on monday, so yeah thats most likely when i'll post again. Tell me what you guys think; i know not alot happened here, but i can promise that shit will go down soon (next chapter). just wanted to prepare you guys, so to speak. Oh, and since i'm basically on my break i'll have quite a bit of free time. if you want to idk kinda see what i do on my spare time, follow me on Twitter: Raysay813 ,Tumblr: kickassrey , and kik: reyzel813 , . I'll try to chat with you if you'd  like, but it depends on what the hell i'm doing that day. I'll edit this after exams :) Good luck to people who have exams right now or are still in school! Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)

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