Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


39. Treatment

            “So let me get this straight.” Kristoff exhaled. “Weeks ago, you met Jack Frost. Then you fell in love with him, only leading you to find out that you’re in danger because the boogeyman wants to take over the world.”
            “Using me as his puppet.” I added. “And he also wanted to kill Anna if I refused to meet with him.” Kristoff pursed his lips and nodded his head with his eyes closed.
            “You okay?” Anna asked him as she rubbed his back.
            “Yeah, I’m fine.” He cleared his throat. “It’s just… a lot to take in.”
            “Well you don’t need to take it all at once. We can stop there it you want.” I offered.
            “There’s more?” he worried.
            “Just the part I have to tell Anna.” I explained. Anna was suddenly intrigued.
            “Okay, go on.” She encouraged. And that’s when told her everything that she missed; specifically yesterday’s event. Everything from lying to her, to almost dying… twice, to the grey matter-
            “Take off your gloves.” She ordered.
            “Just take them off.” She pleaded as she held on to Kristoff’s hand. I just nodded and removed the material from my skin. I held out my palms as if giving an offering. Anna took my hands and observed them.
            “Hoe far did it spread?” she asked without looking at me. I shifted the hair away from my left side of my neck and side of my face. My little sister looked like she was about to cry.
            “Elsa.” She whimpered.
            “I’m okay, don’t worry about me.” I assured her. “I’m only telling you about this because I’m worried about you guys.”
            “Elsa, you’re worrying about the wrong people.” Kristoff argued. “Pitch could literally strike at any given moment; he could even take over your body. Yet here you are worrying about us; the people who are well protected. You’re acting as if you’re not important in this situation.”
            “Kristoff, do you honestly think that hasn’t crossed my mind? Like I haven’t thought about anything?” I began. My heart began to ache as I started to tell them the gut wrenching plan I’ve held in for so long. “I am telling you this because I know what might happen to me. I know exactly what Pitch plans on doing to me…”
            “Elsa, you’re scaring me.” Anna murmured as tears started to form in her eyes.
            “Anna… I know I could get sick, lose my memory, maybe even die.” I explained. “If that happens… I want you to take over for me as queen.”
            “You know Arendelle. You love your people and in turn they love you. They are not afraid of you unlike how they are to me.  And you are the next in line.” I stopped. I took my sister’s hand as she had tears stream down her cheeks. Kristoff was trying not to cry, and attempted to comfort her.
            “This should never have happened!” she cried.
            “I know.” I squeezed her hand. Kristoff suddenly got up and left the room without any warning.
            “Ob god, oh god.” Anna cried a little harder.
            “I’ll check up on him.” I offered. She nodded as if I had answered her prayers. I got up and quickly left the room as Anna tried to muffle her cries with her pillow. As soon as I shut the door, I encountered Kristoff facing the wall, trying to hold in his tears. I put my hand on his shoulder.
            “Kris-“ he flinched under my touch.
            “Sorry, sorry.” He sniffled.
            “It’s okay. I’m the one who’s sorry.” I tried to smile as he turned to face me.
            “No, it’s just when she cries,  I cry. And when I cry in front of her, she cries even more, and at that point we both look like complete messes.”
            “It’s fine.” I assured him. “I’m like that too.” He sighed and rubbed at his red, puffy eyes.
            “I’m sorry if I ruined her day.” I sighed.
            “Oh it’s fine. I was just hoping today would be a happy day.” He admitted. He shoved his hands in his pockets.
            “Why? What were you planning?” I asked,
            “I just… need to ask you something.” He said looking me in the eye. A part of me already knew what he was talking about, but most of me refused.
            “Come on.” I said as I lead him to an empty room. Fortunate for us, it was an unused guested room and not a broom closet. I shut the door behind us and face his figure. Kristoff ran his fingers through his blond hair.
            “Okay, how do I start this?” he breathed.
            “From the beginning.” I helped.
            “Haha very funny.” He smirked. “Okay, I’ve been with your sister for how long now?”
            “Since I ran off. So maybe a year, year and a half.” I guessed.
            “Actually a year.” He corrected. “As of two days ago.”
            “Congratulations. I didn’t know-“
            “Don’t worry about it.” He waved it off. “We didn’t tell anyone… okay anyways. I didn’t realize I love your sister until we were at three months… but two nights ago I realized just how much I love her.” H smiled and his cheeks turned red. At this point my heart began to race.
            “Kristoff…. Are you asking for my-?” I couldn’t even finish what I was saying. Kristoff just reached into his pocket and pulled a ring out. He put it in my hand so I could take a look.
            “Blessing.” He finished my sentence for me as he shoved his hands back into his pockets. The beautiful diamond sparkled in my hand. White gold band, 1 karat princess cut between two smaller diamonds; hands down it was a beautiful ring.
            “She’s going to love this.” I smiled as I handed it back to him.
            “Wait, are you saying-?” I nodded my head before he finished his sentence.
            “Of course. Kristoff, you’re funny, loyal and handsome. You’ve made my sister so happy, the happiest I’ve seen her. Of course I say yes.” As soon as I finished what I was saying, Kristoff picked me up and engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug.
            “Thank you! Thank you Elsa! Thank you!” he exclaimed.
            “C- can’t br-eath…” I tried gasping. He set me down immediately.
            “Sorry.” He huffed.
            “Don’t worry about it.” I wheezed as I tried to recover from his grip. “You should be happy.”
            “You too.” He smiled at me.
            “So when are you gonna do it?” I asked before there was a silence.
            “’I don’t know…. Maybe in a few weeks-“
            “On her birthday.” I smiled. “Clever.”
            “Thanks.” Before our conversation could continue, I felt a really ahrd pound on the left side of my head. It hurt so much that I ended up pressing my hand to my left temple in attempt to stop the pain.
            “Elsa!” Kristoff panicked.
            “I’m okay.” I tried to let out, but somehow the pain stretched to my throat too. I looked into the closest mirror to see if anything was changing. The skin of my temple had become grey, my hair had some strands turn black like how Anna had her white strand of hair, and my lips lost their natural pink colour and transitioned into and ashy hue.
            “It’s happening.” I croaked just before knives stabbed the back of my throat.
            “What do I do?” Kristoff cried as another pound slammed my head.
            “Get-“ I was going to say get Jack or any of the other guardians, but Kristoff most likely didn’t believe in any of them. “Bring me to the guest room by my room.” I forced through my teeth. Kristoff scooped me up in his arms just as my knew gave in.
            “Why? Who’s in there?” he questioned as he started jogging through the hallways.
            “A friend.” I tried to distract myself from the pain. “I think you met her actually. Tall, long brown hair, pretty gorgeous.”
            “Oh yeah, I’ve seen her around.” He said as he turned the final corner.
            “Right here. You can put me down now.” I exhaled. When my feet touched the floor, the pounding in my head and knives in my throat just faded away.
            “Um… do you need me to go in there?” he asked.
            “No. But I do need you to take care fo my sister.” I pleaded. “I’ll talk to you guys again later.” Without another word, he nodded and made his way back to my sister…
            “And Kristoff.” I stopped him. He turned and looked at me with worried eyes.
            “Don’t tell Anna.” I ordered. “I just don’t want her to worry and-“
            “I know. She’ll have a panic attack if I told her.” He nodded.
            “Thanks.” I smiled as I watched him walk away. I softly knocked on her door.
            “Who is it?” she huffed.
            “It’s me.” I answered. “I need… help.” On the other side of the door I heard muttering, scrambling, maybe someone fall onto the floor. The door slightly opened and Cue’s hand popped out; hair messy, sweaty and I was 80% sure she was topless. All she had to do was take one glimpse of me, and her smile came off of her face.
            “Go to your room, change into something baggy, like a nightgown and get into bed. I’ll be there in five minutes.” She ordered.
            “Was I interrupting-?”
            “Elsa. Just go.” She said as she shut the door. As I was going to walking away, I heard a deep voice on the other end of the door, followed by giggling that was most likely from Cue. It didn’t take me long to realize what was happening in there; and yeah, I wanted to get away as soon as I could. I walked into my room as fast as I could as immediately did as Cue asked. Not even five minutes went by and Cue was already letting herself into the room… as I was sliding my night gown on.
            “You could knock you know?” I smirked.
            “Sorry. I just need to get this done now.” She panted as she straightened out her black skirt and sweater. “Sandy told me what to do.” She held up a large syringe with gold fluid inside.
            “What do you plan on doing with that?” I panicked as I jumped away from her.
            “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt… that much.” She said as she got closer to me.
            “Oh how would you know.” I gulped as I sat on my bed. Cue pushed her sleeve up her arm to show me her bare skin. There were many small dots lined with irritation marks covered her skin. It looked like she had chicken pox…. Or really bad acne.
            “North and Sandy made this a few weeks ago. I would’ve told you about it, but you were training and doing other things.” She explained as she rolled the sleeves up my arms.
            “Does Jack know about this?” I asked.
            “He doesn’t know about the serum if that’s what you’re talking about.” She responded. “Lay back, I have to do this in different areas.”
            “Please tell me it’ll stop everything.” I pleaded as I lay my head in the pillows.
            “No. It’s originally for reversing whatever Pitch did so I could get my immortality back. Sandy just told me to use this if anything happened to you when he was gone.” She explained. “Keep talking. It hurts less when you don’t see it coming.”
            “Did it work?” I asked as I tried to ignore the pinch in my left arm. There was a stinging sensation that ran up and down my arm, but I tried not to think about it. Almost as soon as the pinch came, the needle was out of me.
            “Not you… I’m slowly getting stronger, and I can actually fire my bow properly again.” She said as she stuck me again on the same arm, but farther up.
            “Well, hopefully you’ll get it back fully.” I forced through my teeth as the stinging sensation lasted a little longer. As she took the needle out, she looked away with sad eyes.
            “Yeah…” she sighed. She shook out all her emotion and moved hair away from my neck.
            “What? You don’t want your immortality back?” I asked as I tried to relax and prepare myself for the next injection.
            “Well… I don’t know.” She admitted. “Like, yeah I loved my job as a Cupid. I loved being up in the air, and being able to fight without the fear of dying. But it’s different now…I have someone.” I was going to say something to help her realize she was insane… but then I really thought about it. When this is all over, if I make it out alive as well as Jack, what happens then? Certainly I couldn’t travel with him. And he can’t stay with me forever; he’s a spirit and a guardian… what happens then?
            “Done.” Cue said as she took the needle out of my neck.
            “Wow, I didn’t even feel that one.” I said as I stayed still.
            “I told you that you wouldn’t feel it if you don’t see it coming.” She explained as she helped me sit up and prop my pillows up. “Wow, you look better already.”
            “What?”  I looked at my left side. My arm had a few irritation marks. They looked like mosquito bites that weren’t swollen. Already, my grey skin was starting to alter to my normal skin colour.
            “Why didn’t Sandy use this before?” I questioned as I examined my arm.
            “He said to use it for emergencies only.” She explained as she set the needle down on the night stand. “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him later.”
            “Okay… now go see Julian.” I smiled as I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. Cue turned red and looked away from me.
            “Is it that obvious?” she asked. I looked at her up and down.
            “Considering your messy hair, sweaty state, half straightened out sweater and the collection of hickeys on your neck.” I smirked.
            “Sorry.” She blushed as she tried to cover her neck and straighten herself out, but then she looked at me. “Is that a hickey under your ear?”
            “Go see Julian!” I ordered before we could start another conversation. Cue started walking to the door and muttered something under her breath.
            “Damn it Anna!” she muttered. As she shut the door, I got up and looked in the mirror. I saw what she meant when she said that I was looking better, but other than my change in skin tone there was no drastic difference.
            “Yeah, you can’t get rid of me.” Her voice came into my head again. “The hickeys look good on you by the way.”
            “Damn it!” I exclaimed. “Why can’t you leave me alone?”
            “Because I am a part of your mind.” She teased.
            “Fine.” She sneered. “When do you start talking to me when I’m not alone?”
            “Oh you’ll see.” She giggled. I didn’t hear anything else from her after that. I sighed and decided to get dressed. I still needed to talk to Anna. I slipped my night gown off my body so I could create a new dress. I braided my hair again before I started on the gown.
            My raid now had ribbons of black hair in each strand of the braid. That wasn’t the worst part though. Even though my skin was changing back, my left eye was now completely yellow. I sighed and summoned my powers to start on the gown. Whenever I waved my right hand, my normal blue ice was summoned… the same couldn’t be said about my left hand. Spurts of black frost came from that one side in particular. When I was done my down, most of it was blue, but some spots on the left side were black. I tried of fix it with my right hand, but whatever frost came out, the black frost too over again. I needed to find a way to fix this before anyone saw me.
            “Elsa?” Jack’s voice said from behind me… Ah crap.

Hey guyssss!! So yeah how was this chapter? If you didn;t feel it, i feel you cause i get the feeling it wasn;t as great as it could've been. But yeah tell me what you thought anyway. Thank you all for your kind comments! They get me really happy during my crappy days and encourage me to write more for you guys. And just to let you know, i probably won't do a drastic POV switch like how i did last chapter, i get the feeling you guys didn;t really like it. if you have any questions, just leave a comment, i'll answer it. Sorry for any spelling mistakes! Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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