Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


28. Train

            “Are you positive?” Jack frantically asked as we maneuvered our way through the castle.
            “Absolutely. He was here in the castle.” I huffed trying to keep up with him.
            “Your study right?” he demanded.
            “Yeah, he wrecked it and left a message for me.” I answered.
            “What did it say?”
            “Just see for yourself.” I pleaded as we turned the final corner. I shoved the doors open and Jack launched in. I stayed behind waiting for Jack’s call.
            “Umm... Elsa? There’s nothing here.” He called.
            “What?” I stormed in. the chairs and small tables were upright and in their original spots. All of my papers were neatly stacked and my books were arranged in alphabetical order. Not to mention the windows were crystal clear, not a black smudge in sight.
            “I-I don’t understand.” I stuttered. “It was a mess, and sand was all over the floor. And the ink was on the window…”
            “Okay, what happened after you saw the mess? Take me through it step by step.” He said as he looked me straight in the eye.
            “I walked in here and saw everything Pitch did. Then I ran to get you…. Tripping in the process.” I explained.
            “You tripped?” He addressed.
            “Yes… twice.” I pouted.
            “I didn’t need to know that.” He teased.
            “Well you said step by step, so that was step by step.” I recalled.
            “Fine, but there’s nothing here Elsa.” He said gesturing to the room.
            “There was something here. I swear!” I cried. “It was a mess, there was sand everywhere, there was a message on the window-“
            “Whoa, whoa. A message on the window?”
            “Yes. I told you that already.” I pointed out.
            “Sorry if my short term memory sucks in the midst of a loved one in danger.” He defended. “What did it say?”
            “To meet at the North Mountain in five days. Alone.” I remembered. Jack looked away from me and in the window.
            “I should’ve known;” he shook his head. “He would have done something like this soon.”
            “Has he done something like this before?” I asked. Jack shook his head.
            “No. That’s just the way he is. He wants us to play his little game.” He explained.
            “So what do we do?” I mumbled. Jack hesitated to answer my question, but his answer got my a tad shaky.
            “We play,” he started. “And we beat him.”
            “Are you sure this is a good time?” I asked as Jack basically dragged me out of the castle.
            “Honestly Elsa, now is the perfect time.” He admitted. “WE start training you until the day comes. That way you can take care of yourself if things get ugly.”
            “So you’re not coming with me when the day comes?” I clarified.
            “Of course I am! I’m not that idiotic, but this is for in case things get too ugly.” He explained. Jack literally dragged me out of the castle and to the pond where we first met. It was silent and unoccupied, perfect for whatever Jack had planned.
            “What are we doing exactly?” I asked when he let go of my arm.
            “What do you think we’re doing?” he started. “Training.” As soon as he said that, he froze the calm waters of the pond. Those poor fishes never knew what hit them. Jack stepped on the ice and held a hand out towards me.
            “Come on.” He encouraged looking into my eyes. I didn’t hesitate to take his hand. The only hesitation I had was how he would be training me. We walked to the centre of the pond.
            “Okay, I saw the way you were fighting last night.” Jack started.
            “Was it bad?”
            “No, no. Actually, it was way better than any of the guardians expected.” He clarified.
            “What’s that supposed to mean?” I pouted as I crossed my arms.
            “It means we didn’t expect you to know how to summon your attack at those speeds with the lite time you’ve had. You’ve only had 20 years while I had 300, yet you’re almost as good as me.” He explained.
            “Yeah, but I still can’t attack fast enough to handle those animals alone.” I pointed out. “I needed Cue by my side.”
            “And that’s where I come in.” he concluded. “Those spurts of ice are great and strong, but if you were alone you would have been taken down.”
            “So I need to find a way to use the same amount of power, but twice or three times faster?” I guessed.
            “Bingo.” Jack said as he snapped his fingers. The ice on the pond began to break apart. Pieces of ice began to levitate into the air. Soon Jack and I were on a platform of ice in the middle of the pond surrounded by several targets.
            “You have two options.” He started explaining as I observed the targets. “Either find a way to get those bursts of ice to come faster, or find an alternative.”
            “What do you mean by alternative?” I asked facing him.
            “Basically you can choose to attack like me or Cue.” He explained. “I use bursts of ice. I’ve just gotten used to shooting things with my staff.”
            “And Cue?”
            “She creates a weapon with her power; her arrows. She just needs to create them before the shoots them.” He explained.
            “That’s how she has so many arrows.” I realized but probably sounded like a ditz.
            “You really think she had that many arrows with her?”
            “Yes, she loaded them really fast.” I said.
            “And that’s what I’ll teach you… if you want to learn that way.” He offered. The more thought I put into it, the cooler it seemed to learn Cue’s tactic. Then again it would be easier to just fight like I am now.
            “Can I do both?” I asked,
            “If you’d like to.” he said. “We can start with Cue’s method.” He put his staff down on the ice. Jack cracked his knuckled and began to stretch.
            “Sorry, I haven’t done this in awhile.” He apologized.
            “It’s fine, I’ve never done this before.” I pointed out. Once Jack was done stretching he began our lesson.
            “Okay, the first thing is to figure out what your weapon is going to be. Cue has her arrows, Bunny had egg bombs-“
            “And you?” I asked. Jack held his hand out and formed a sphere of ice in his palm.
            “Snowballs?” I started having a little fit of giggles. Jack looked at me with an annoyed expression.
            “Is there a problem?” he snapped.
            “Nope, not at all.” I calmed down. “Go on.”
            “I know it seems odd, but trust me when I say it’s more powerful than it looks.” He said tossing it in the air.
            “I do trust you. It’s just ridiculous to think those animals are going to find a snowball intimidating.” I explained.
            “Who said you had to make a snowball?” he asked. “It’s your weapon. Make it something you’re comfortable with.” I looked down at my hands. What was something that would be easy to get a grip on, yet be easy to throw? Something that was light and intimidating. The more I thought, I felt more energy surge to my palm. Then-
            “An icicle… that’s pretty scary.” Jack said as he observed the ice in my palm. I held it up and let it roll around my hand. I was only 5 inches long, but the tip looked jagged and pointy.
            “Okay, now what?” I asked as I looked up.
            “Now we practise.” He stated. Jack turned to the closest target.
            “Do I just throw it at the targets? Or what’s gonna happen?” I asked.
            “If your icicle is strong enough, then I should break the target.” He explained. Jack looked at the target and sent a curveball straight to the bull’s-eye. The target shattered into several pieces before they fell into the water. No more making fun of Jack’s snowballs. He turned to me.
            “Your move.” He said. I stepped towards the edge of the platform. I learned from watching me soldiers train, how to handle the sharp ice in my hand. I grabbed the tip of the ice and brought it behind my ear. I used my hips to gain momentum in the throw. My target was right in front of me, closer than the one Jack took out. I threw the icicle with all my might. To my surprise, it didn’t spin out of control like I thought it would. It stayed straight, but hit the most outer ring of the target. It didn’t even stick a landing; it bounced off and fell into the water.
            “Well that’s embarrassing.” I blushed as I stood up straight.
            “Actually, you nailed the first part. The ending just needs a little work.” Jack observed. “Your aim needs a little wor-“
            “Aim I can work on. It’s the power that needs more work.” I interrupted. “I didn’t even make a dent in the target. The target broke my ice.”
            “Hmm… Try focusing more energy into the icicle. I think that’s what Cue does.” Jack suggested. i turned my palm towards the sky. The cold sensation filled my veins and came through my fingertips. More. More energy. More power. There was a deep clench in the muscles of my palm, and then a weight shift. I glimpsed down at the new icicle; it was roughly the same size as my last one, but this one was actually glowing the light blue of my dress.
            “This one looks more promising.” I said as I showed Jack the icicle.
            “Well, go on.” He encouraged with an astonished expression still plastered on his face. “Wait.” He stopped me before I through the jagged ice. He came up to me facing my back and put his cold strong hands on my hips.
            “If you move your body from your hips, you’ll gain more momentum for your arm.” He explained.
            “Okay, so I twist my whole body for the throw?” I asked. Jack was so close to me, I felt him nod.
            “And don’t let go of the ice. Let it fly from your fingertips.” He finished. I nodded and prepared my arm for the throw. Jack backed away when I moved so I could use my full power. The icicle flew straight again, but at a much faster speed. It came in contact with the second right from the bulls-eye… and blew a hole right through it. Who knew something with such a small tip would create a hole that was almost as big as the actual target. Obviously the remainder of the target fell into the water.
            “Well… that was one powerful icicle.” Jack gasped.
            “It only took one target.” I laughed facing Jack. He cleared his throat.
            “Look again.” He said pointing to the direction to look. I didn’t just take out one target, I took the other seven that were behind it. As they slowly fell into the water I realized I cleared a good amount of targets with one shot.
            “If you can do that at a faster pace, you’ll be unstoppable.” Jack concluded. I could tell he was impressed and in a slight state of shock. I on the other hand, was suddenly hit with a wave of fear. That power came out of me… yes I can control it, but god forbid Pitch took over me. I would be a danger to not just the people of Arendelle, but everyone else in this world.
            “Jack?” I started. “Pitch is trying to corrupt me right?”
            “Yeah, why?”
            “Did he ever try to corrupt you?” I asked. He didn’t answer right away. His arm wrapped around my waist as his other hand held my wrist.
            “Yes. And he failed to do so.” He exhaled as he rested his cheek on my bare shoulder. “He offered me a choice for the world to be full of darkness and frost. That’s not what I wanted, so I refused.”
            “Do you think he’ll do the same with me?” I asked as I put my hand on his arm around my waist. I felt him nod and give a little kiss on my neck and shoulder.
            “No.” I could already tell that was only part of the truth.
            “He’ll try something worse? Won’t he?” I guessed. I felt his grip on me tighten as he breathed. I brought the hand that was up into his hair. His fingers entwined with mine as they got tangled in his platinum locks.
            “He’s not going to win.” Jack murmured against my skin.
            “I know. I won’t let him.” I sneered as I squeezed his hand. It doesn’t matter what Pitch had coming for us. I’ll find a way to beat him at his own game.

Hey guys!!!! I'm sooo sorry that i haven't posted in a long while. Things have just been insane and i haven't had time to type it out. So i hope you enjoyed this chapter. i promise i won't let you guys wait that long again for the next chapter, cause i'm actually going working on it right now :) Tell me how i did and what you think about this chapter plzz! it always makes me smile when i see your opinions when i have a crappy day. i Luv You allll!!!! SOOOO MUCHH!!! HAppy REading ;)

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