Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


30. Structure Part 2

            “You look fine.” Anna said as I undid my hair for the fifth time.
            “Anna, it’s my first date. I want to make sure o look okay.” I panicked as I tied up the end of my hair.
            “Elsa, it’s Jack.” Cue bluntly said. “Knowing him he’ll think you look beautiful no matter what.” I almost didn’t hear her because I was too busy making sure my ice dress was okay.
            “I know… but what if I screw something up?” I panicked as I faced them.
            “You won’t.” Anna encouraged. “Jack fell for you. Why not just be the girl he fell for?”
            “Basically, just be yourself?” I asked. “That’s all the advice you got for me?” the two girls looked at each other.
            “Yeah.” They said in unison.
            “Helpful.” I said sarcastically as I slumped down to the floor. Okay, I just needed to calm down. This would be okay, but what if-?
            “Hmm… you better not be here in the morning.” Anna teased.
            “Nah. I bet she’ll be back.” Cue challenged.
            “Ten silver coins she won’t?” Anna offered her hand out.
            “You’re on.” Cue gladly took her hand and shook it.
            “Guys!” I exclaimed as I blushed.
            “Have you two… you know?” Anna teased.
            “No!” I defended.
            “But you’ve had an experience like it?” Cue guessed. “Like a hot make out session?”
            “I-“ I felt myself turn red. The two girls squealed.
            “Okay, you can’t come home tonight!” Anna cried.
            “Anna!! Just.” I squeaked. “Leave it alone.”
            “Yeah. It is 7:58.” Cue said. I shot up.
            “Crap… you guys have to go.” I announced as I began to push them out of the room.
            “Fine.” Anna whined. “Good luck!”
            “Make good choices!” Cue called out as I shut the door.
            “That was pretty mean.” His velvet voice said from behind me. I turned and I was stunned at the sight of him. He actually dressed up for this. He wore black dress pants and a white dress shirt. A dark blue tie hung from his neck as he held a black blazer over his shoulder.
            “Actually it was necessary.” I tried keeping my voice straight.
            “Was it?” he smiled as he walked towards me.
            “Well, have you seen you?” I asked as I took his tie in my hand to pull him to me. “Where’d you get the suit?”
            “I… don’t worry about it.” He chuckled.
            “Okay, why a suit?” I asked. “It would be okay if you wore your hoodie.”
            “Well, since this is the first date I’ve ever been on. I just wanted for it to be perfect.” He reasoned as he kissed my forehead.
            “Yet you told me to wear everything.” I pointed out.
            “Even if you wore a garbage bag, you’ll still be perfect to me.” Jack hummed before leaning in to kiss me. I met him halfway and went on my toes to get closer to him.
            “Ready to go?” he asked against me lips. I broke us apart to give him a nod. He took my hand and led me to the balcony.
            “Are you still not going to tell me where we’re going?” I pouted as I shut the door.
            “Not even a hint?” I pleaded.
            “Fine.” He gave in. “Places.”
            “Way to be articulate.” I smirked.
            “Just trust me on this.” He whispered in my ear. My back was facing him as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Without even jumping, I felt the both of us rise from the ground. The view of Arendelle became a bird’s eye view as we ascended into the sky. He has taken me flying like this before, but never has he taken me out as night when the lights of the city were on. It looked like I was in space, half of the stars were white and the other half were yellow. It was so beautiful I wanted to try of happiness.
            “It’s so beautiful.” I gasped.
            “Not as beautiful as you.” He murmured as he left kisses on my neck. I let my arms out like they were my wings. Jack flew me into the starry night. We flew over the town and over the ocean waters. The moonlight gave our reflection in the water, I couldn’t help but smile looking at our beautiful silhouette. The sight was literally breath taking, and tears of joy began to flow down my cheeks.
            “Thank you Jack.” I cried. He chuckled against my neck.
            “I’m just getting started.” He murmured. I looked up to see where we were. We were coming up close to the mountain where Jack first took me. We slowed down and our touched the snow.
            “This looks familiar.” I smiled. He took me on the plateau where we had our snowball fight, where we had our first dance, where we had our almost first kiss.
            “Nice to know you remember.” He said as he led me farther into the plateau. The lake came into view and that’s when I saw where Jack was taking me. Beside the lake was a rather large house made of ice.
            “Did you… make that?” I gasped.
            “Do you like it?” he asked.
            “How did you even build it?” I giggled. “I never got to teach you.” Jack walked me to the doors of the house.
            “A wonderful man named North.” He explained. Jack opened the doors and we walked into his creation. I gasped as I observed the amount of detail he had put into this masterpiece. Every door and wall had a snowflake- like design. I could tell he had put a lot of effort into the architecture and design of the house, and honestly it paid off.
            “This is amazing Jack.” I smiled as I admired even the borders on the ceiling.
            “This is just the entrance, let me give you a tour.” He said. He led me through the entire house, showing me three bedrooms, kitchen and living room.
            “I made it for tonight yes, but the guardians might use it after tonight.” He explained.
            “As a rest house?” I guessed.
            “Pretty much.”
            “How long did this take you?” I asked as I touched one of the pillars.
            “A full day to create, then half a day to get all the detailing.” He answered. “I’m not as fast as you, but it’s the best I can do.”
            “And it’s truly breathtaking.” I smiled as I stole a peck from his lips.
            “Come one.” He chuckled. “We didn’t come here just to look at it.” He opened a door he never showed me. Inside was a table set for two… and romantic candle light.
            “A little candle light dinner.” Jack tried. “Too cheesy?”
            “Actually, very romantic.” I admitted. “Never thought you could be such a romantic guy.”
            “I’m just like this with you.” He admitted. Jack pulled the seat out and I gladly took it. He took the one out in front of me.
            “What’s on tonight’s menu?” I asked.
            “Honestly, I already know you ate.” Jack smirked. “I told Cue to feed you before so we could have dessert… or you could have. I don’t need to eat.”
            “Clever boy.” I smiled. “So what do you have?”
            “Knowing you have a sweet tooth, I laid out a few things for you.” He said as he pulled a trolley beside us. Triple chocolate cake, neapolitan ice cream, white chocolate moor and a few other things. I felt my mouth water looking at everything in front of me.
            “Wow.” I drooled. “I want to try everything.”
            “We have all night.” Jack shrugged. He started to serve the both of us a little bit of everything. Not going to lie, I normally don’t prefer romancy things, but I did enjoy our moments. The moments where we would feed each other pieces of cake or make fun of each other when we had food on our faces.
            “I think you’ll like this.” Jack suggested as he held up a spoonful of what I think was white chocolate mousse.
            “Looks yummy from here.” I admitted. He brought it to my lips and I gladly accepted it. It was chocolate mousse, but it was like an explosion of a good sensation in my mouth. I don’t know why, but I ended up moaning really loud as I let the sweet flavor spread on my tongue.
            “Sorry.” I said as I started to turn red. “I didn’t expect that noise to come out of my mouth.”
            “Don’t worry about it. We all have our own quirks, that’s just who you are.” Jack understood. I felt my heart start to warm.
            “Why are you so good to me?” I smiled.
            “Because… I love you.” He answered as he flashed a smile at me. I reached over and took his hand in mine.
            “I love you too.” I said looking us in the eyes. Jack took my hand in both of his and closed it. I felt something start to form in my palm the longer he had his hands together. Then, he removed his hands to reveal an ice rose now sitting in my palm.
            “How’d you do that?” I asked as I brought it closer to look at it.
            “Lots of practice, but eventually I got the hang of it.” He admitted. I opened my mouth to say something else but a yawn escaped my lips instead.
            “I’d say someone’s tired.” He chuckled.
            “Maybe a little…” I admitted.
            “Come on.” He encouraged as he got up from his seat. I took his hand and he was already leading me to a bedroom. Normally, I would feel fine with it; nothing special about sleeping in the same bed. However, tonight was different. This feeling grew the closer Jack and I got to the room. He touched the doorknob and I stopped, realizing what this feeling was.
            “Hey, are you okay?” he asked me as he squeezed my hand.
            “Yeah, it’s just…” I murmured.
            “What’s wrong?”
            “I think I want something.” I answered.
            “Well, what it is? I can go and get it for you while you lay down-“ he offered.
            “I want…” How do I say it? Jack looked me in the eyes and waited for my response. Instead, I quickly took hold of the back of his neck and smashed our lips together. He gladly kissed me back and moved his hands to my hips. During the kiss, I nibbled at his bottom lip to see if he knew what I wanted yet, and sure enough the answer popped into his head. We pulled apart to catch our breath.
            “Elsa…” he started.
            “I want you Jack.” I stated. “I want to be with you.”
            “Are you sure?” he asked with concern.
            “Yes.” I whispered as I nodded my head. Jack stayed quiet, probably thinking about what he should say. Eventually he had his answer.
            “Okay.” He nodded. I practically jumped on him and kissed him with as much intensity as I could. Jack had one hand on my lower back and the other opened the door. Without breaking apart, we stepped into the room to fulfill what we both truly desired…

Hey guysss!!!! So yeah you know where this lead up to... And if you want to read it. Just go the website:, Then search Reyzel616 (my username) and you'll find it.... yeah. So tell me what you think of both chapters.... or whatever. lol I hope to post faster. Technically i posted two chapters, so that;s why i took so long to post. I'll try to post again soon! Luv ya! Happy Reading ;) 

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