Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


29. Structure Part 1

          Hey guys!!!! i'm sorry that i'm posting so late, but i have a perfectly good explanation for it. and the reason is... the smut is ready.... At the end i'll give instructions on what to do if you want to read it. Enjoy ;)

            "Elsa, you've been at this for five hours straight already." Cue reasoned. "Plus you just got the hang if to four days ago. You need to take a break."
            "One more time, and then a break. I need to get good at this for tomorrow." I huffed as I massaged the tightness from my hands and shoulders.
            "Elsa..." Jack sighed.
            "It's only one more time." I promised. Cue sighed and looked at Jack. He gave a worried expression but created the targets for me. As they rose from the water from the water, I cracked my knuckles and waited for them to start moving. I felt s burst of energy surge through my veins as the icicles formed at my palms. I glanced at all the targets and saw one begin to move. I whipped the icicle from my right hand in its direction. I was able to hit to bullseye and take out two other targets around it. I didn't look at the shards of ice fall because I was already throwing another icicle the other direction. Each target moved in a different direction. Some came straight at me as if they were going to attack me, others just maneuvered around the platform of ice I was standing on. I couldn't sense when a target was coming, I had to use my judgement and listen for their movement. The cold sensation never left my palms as I had to keep producing my icicles. I threw one more with all my might directly at the target in front of me. It fully exploded like a small firework before the degree fell into the water. That was my last one of the batch. My heart and breath caught up with me, leaving me panting and sweaty on the platform.
            "Okay, you're done. Now rest." Jack ordered as he flew to my side. I leaned on his side and let my knees buckle. Jack scooped me up in his arms and flew me over to the land. Cue walked towards us as Jack lowered me down under the shade. Cue began to examine my arms.
            "You shouldn't strain yourself that much." She said as she observed my palms in her hands.
            "I need it though." I protested.
            "No you didn't." She snapped. She began to massage the muscles of my hands. It was painful, but a good kind of pain.
            "Elsa, you need to rest for tomorrow." Jack interrupted. "I know you just want to get good at this, but you already have."
            "But I feel like-"
            "No, you didn't see what we saw." Cue stopped me. "If you did, then you would stop working so hard." Cue hit a knot in my palm causing my whole body to twitch.
            "See?" She confronted as she rubbed deep into my muscles. I leaned my head into Jack's shoulder as I allowed my body to relax. Nobody spoke, either we were all tired or there was nothing to say. We just let the sound of the wind fill outer ears as the sun shined brighter in the spring sky.
            "It's too warm here." Jack pouted as he touched the bark of the tree he was leaning on. Frost branched out and created a small patch on the tree.
            "It's not so bad." I claimed. "But I like the cold a lot more."
            "And, I'm out to find my boyfriend." Cue said dropping my hand on my lap.
            "Isn't he out right now?" I asked.
            "Elsa.... It's well past noon. He left in the morning." She explained.
            "Wait, who is this guy?" Jack spoke up.
            "Cue's boyfriend." I teased. "How is everything between you two anyway?"
            “It’s great,” she blushed. “He’s really sweet, and kind. We just get each other you know?”
            “Whoa, wait. You’re telling me that you’ve had a guy with you the entire time? And you didn’t bother to tell me about it?” Jack verified.
            “Hey, you never asked. And it’s only been a few days. We haven’t made it official like you two yet.” She defended.
            “Who is he?” Jack demanded with a semi- excited expression.
            “He’s a guy” Cue teased as she got up from the ground. “A guy… you don’t feel strongly towards…”
            “Don’t feel strong towards?” Jack laughed. “Who the hell would I not f-?” he stopped himself mid-sentence as he put the pieces together. I squeezed his hand and gave a worried look to Cue. She began to bite her nails.
            “Julian?” Jack sneered.
            “Julian?” he repeated a little louder.
            “Jack, it’s okay.” I tried calming him down.
            “What came through your head to drive you to date that guy? I hate him!” Jack fumed.
            “Elsa…”Cue stated. Jack’s eyes widened as he faced me.
            “I set the two of them up.” I finished for her.
            “What?!” he screamed.
            “Jack, it’s not that bad.” Cue said.
            “Yes it is! Why on earth would you do that Elsa?” he whined the last part.
            “Has he told you what he can do yet?” I asked Cue.
            “Told me? He showed me when we-“she stopped herself. “Yeah he showed me.”
            “I thought it would be good to keep him here for a bit.” I explained to Jack.
            "And it’s a good idea too.” Cue added.
            “What did he do?” Jack asked with actual concern on his face. I turned to Cue to see if I should tell him.
            “Might as well.” She encouraged.
            “Okay. Uhh… Jack?” I started. “Julian has his own set of powers. He came here to figure out how to control them.”
            “What kind of powers?” he asked. 
            “Fire…” I whispered and waited for Jack’s reaction. His mouth came to a straight line and he shut his eye. His hand suddenly went so cold I could have gotten frostbite.
            “Jack?” Cue called out.
            “Just keep a close eye on him.” He sighed. Cue nodded.
            “Maybe you should go…. And find him.” I whispered to her. Cue walked away without another word.
            “I just hope they don’t do anything stupid.” He interrupted.
            “I highly doubt they will.” I giggled as I squeezed his hand. “Let her be happy Jack.”
            “I’m going to try. I don’t know if I can be okay with my best friend dating a douche.” He mumbled.
            “Julian isn’t… and total douche…” I trailed. Jack smirked at me.
            “Didn’t know you use that language.” He teased.
            “Well… maybe a bit of you rubbed off of me.” I guessed.
            “Maybe a bit of you rubbed off of me.” Jack agreed. “My sweet tooth got way bigger, especially with chocolate.”
            “And I’ve been more relaxed.” I concluded ad I kissed his cheek. He turned his head and snuck a quick peck on my lips. I giggled as he started to leave kisses all over my face.
            “What do you have planned for tonight?” he asked as he leaned his forehead on mine.
            “Nothing.” I said as I breathed in his scent. “Why?”
            “I was thinking, I’ve never actually taken you out on a real date.” He explained. “If you’re free tonight maybe I can.” I smiled as I left a lingering kiss on his face.
            “I would love you.” I said as we broke apart.
            “8 o’clock. Balcony. Wear whatever.” He instructed as he lifted me off the ground.
            “Sounds good. Where’re we going?” I asked.
            “You’ll have to wait.” He winked. Before he left, he leaned in and gave me one more kiss of assurance. “I love you.” He whispered in my ear.
            “I love you more.” I spoke up.
            “Not possible.” He ended off as he flew into the sky.

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