Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


2. Sisters

   “Are you ready?” Anna asked as she burst into my room when I was putting my hair in a braid.
            “Yes I am. And you should really learn how to know. Maybe I should get Olaf to teach you.” I teased as we walked out of my room.
            “So the big trade is happening today huh?” Anna said as she skipped around the hall.
            “Yes it is. We have the cloth and ice ready, as well as the preparations for the ball.” I explained.
            “So what are we supposed to do now? You said it was important.” Anna asked.
            “What? I can’t spend time with my sister before we get dragged away from each other tonight? We may end up talking to quite a few people so we may not see each other.” I explained. Anna started to laugh.
            “You’re not going to make me dance with old Dukes again are you?” she joked.
            “Maybe… maybe not. You’ll have to wait until tonight.” I teased. We walked to the stables and got our horses.
            “Where are we going exactly?” Anna asked.
            “Oh you’ll see.” I replied as we rode off into Arendelle. We passed the town and went straight into the valley.
            “Stop here, this is good.” I said getting off my horse. Anna did the same.
            “Why does this place look familiar?” she asked as she looked around.
            “Olaf told me this was where you first met him.” I explained.
            “Oh yeah! Only this time it’s summer.” Anna said as she observed the trees.
            “Not for long.” I felt my energy surge in my palms as I created snowfall in the area.
            “Elsa, what are we doing?” Anna asked as she caught a few snowflakes in her hands.
            “Oh nothing.” I said as I bunched up snow in my hands. Anna turned away and I took my chance to fire my snowball. It hit Anna right in the back and I waited for her reaction. Anna crouched down and started groaning in pain.
            “Oh my god! Anna!” I screamed as I ran to her. I reached out to her, but then felt something come in contact with my chest… Anna threw her snowball and now she was running away and laughing.
            “Don’t do that!” I exclaimed as I made another ball. I looked up and she was already hidden.
            “Anna…?” I called as I backed up slowly. Crunching noises came from behind me, so I ducked. I felt her snowball fly over my head. I spun around to meet Anna’s own ambush of snowballs. I used my power to form a wall of ice to shield myself.
            “Hey! No fair!” Anna yelled. I threw my snowballs at her and she jumped behind a tree.
            “Fine, I’ll make it fair.” I raised my arms and walls of thick ice rose up. Behind each wall was a small pile of snowballs.
            “This is awesome!” Anna yelled when she dove behind a wall of ice. The next few moments were filled with snowballs being thrown around and laughter between us two. When we were both on our final snowballs, we were also both anting for air. The ice walls fell, leaving the both of us defenseless.
            “It’s over.” Anna said. “Down to the last one.”
            “It isn’t over until it’s over.” I said. There was a big gap in between us, and both of us didn’t move.
            “How about we say tie?” Anna suggested after none of us moved. I thought about it and nodded.
            “Alright.” I walked towards her and she did the same. When we met in the middle I stuck my hand out.
            “Good game.” I said as we shock hands. We both did the same thing, took the snowball above our heads and crushed it so the ice would fall in our hair.
            “Wow, that was fun.” Anna muttered as she fell into the snow. “We should do this more often.”
            “I know.” I agreed. I looked up at the sky and realized it was time for us to get ready.
            “Time to go Anna.” I said as we got up. The snow began to thaw as we got on our horses. The ride home was silent, but a comfortable silence… then Anna decided to break it.
            “Elsa? Are you alright?” she asked me.
            “Yes. Why?” I wondered.
            “I can tell when something’s one the Queen’s mind. What’s bothering you?” Wow, she really does know me.
            “Nothing important.” I stated.
            “Fine. Die alone.” Anna replied.
            “Wait. What?”
            “I see your face when you see couples together. It’s not hard to tell you feel lonely.” Anna explained.
            “I, uh…” What do I say to that?
            “Don’t worry. You’ll find someone out there. He’ll make you happy, care for you, protect you, and who knows? He may have powers of his own.” She suggested. I laughed.
            “Powers? What makes you think he’ll have powers?” I asked.
            “Well you were born with yours so why not?” Anna countered.
            “Fine. He’ll have powers. Maybe control fire, or the earth.” I joked around.
            “Hey you’ll never know. Like mom said. ‘Anything is possible’.” Anna stopped talking after.
            “Anna, it’s okay to talk about them you know?”
            “I know. I just miss them so much.” She said as she wiped her eyes.
            “Hey, it’s okay. We still have each other.” I pointed out.
            “And mom’s story books.” Anna added. I smiled remembering all the wonderful fairy tales our mom would read to us before bed.
            “Those were the days.” I remembered.
            “You know I found an old one yesterday. I remember it being both of our favourites.”
            “Which one?” I asked.
            “Jack Frost.” Anna replied. “it reminds me of you.”
            “Just because I have powers. I’m not half as courageous as he was.” I said.
            “No, but your heart is twice as big.” I smiled at her comment.
            “Can you put the book on my desk or something? I want to look at it later.” I asked.
            “Yeah, sure. I was reading it to Olaf yesterday, so I’m done with it anyway.”
            “Thank you.”

Heyy you guys!!! I may not post until Friday cause exams are now. My first one is actually tomorrow. I just wanted to say thank you if you're reading this right now. On the first day, i ended up getting 50 READSSS!!!!!! That has never happened to me before!!!! (i mean getting 50 reads on the first day)(Also cause i'm posting this on like 4 sites so yeah...) This really means a whole lot; i'm really excited to post up the next chapter. Please tell me how i'm doing in the comments because yes i really do care :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Happy Reading ;)

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