Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


46. Remember

Jack’s P.O.V

          It would’ve been so easy for me to just give up; accept that Pitch had won, and accept that Elsa was gone. But there was something in me, it held me together and allowed me to keep on going. My mind went back to several days ago, trying to remember what Elsa’s first lesson was.
            “Why are we doing this again?” I asked as she dragged me through the forest.
            “Because you’ve been teaching me how to use my powers to make icicles, I thought I’d teach you how to defend yourself without your hands or staff.” Elsa explained as she pushed branches away. When she let them go, some would hit me right in the face.
            “Hey!” I whined causing her to giggle.
            “Sorry Frost.” She mumbled as she pushed away one last set of branches. Once we emerged from the trees, I had to squint my eyes from the brilliant sun. Elsa had led me to a small meadow deep into the forest. It was nice and secluded; you would’ve had to know the forest to find such a lovely hiding spot.
            “How many areas do you know of?” I questioned her as I looked around with amazement.
            “Not as many as you think; I only know the ones the trolls showed me.” She admitted.
            “Showed you? They trained you?”
            “No, but we’ve had meetings and discussions and such. They always pick the destination since they can’t come into the castle.” She pulled me to the centre of the meadow.
            “Okay, so how exactly would this work? Because I think our powers are different.” I began to protest.
            “Well so far they’ve been pretty similar.” She pointed out. “But we should at least try to do this just for back up.”
            “But I need my hands and staff to use my powers.” I countered.
            “Do you really?” she challenged. “Think about it. When you shoot an enemy with your frost, where does the energy come from?”
            “From my staff.”
            “So you’re telling me that without your staff, you’re completely useless?”      
            “Well, no. but-“
            “Then the frost comes from you. Now when you say, pour your magic into a snowball, how exactly does that work?”
            “I would focus my energy into my hand, then into the snowball.” I explained.
            “What do you mean exactly?!” I exclaimed.
            “You just said that you focus your energy. That’s just what we need to do.” She explained. Based on the expression I was making, I was sure she realized how perplexed I was.
            “Okay, clearly you’re not getting any of this.” She sighed.
            “Obviously.” I agreed. “Just show me.”
            “Fine.” Elsa took a few steps away from me. “Just keep in mind that the last time I did this I almost killed my sister.”
            I closed my eyes and her instructions echoed in my mind.
            ‘You already know how to build up your energy. Build up as much as you can, and feel it surge throughout your body.’ The sensation on the raw frost accelerated within my veins; up my spine, to my fingertips, even my forehead.
            ‘Now gather it all up in one area. I do mine in my chest.’ Focusing your energy to move to a specific area was the easy part. It was the last part that I’ve always had trouble with.
            ‘Then you’re going to release it all at once. Try to make it fast and sharp, I know it sounds odd but when you do it perfectly the power should come out like a strong web.’ Before I even released all my energy, Lisa stood up cautiously; she knew that something was coming. As my energy moved up my limbs to pool into my chest, it seeped into my chains and shattered the ice. The power leaving my limbs also left them weak, despite how painful this was, I only had one chance.
            “Stop him!” Pitch exclaimed as all my power was at my core. Lisa formed two icicles in her hands, and at that moment it was like everything was in slow motion. As Lisa jabbed her weapons towards my neck I felt every last ounce of energy at my core. In that exact moment, it was like a bubble popped and the content spread to all directions of the room. Before the jagged ice had found its way into my throat, my power shattered it and pushed Lisa far away from me; she fell onto her back and skidded all the way to the wall. Her head collided with the hard surface of the wall with a surprising amount of force. I groaned as I allowed what energy I had left to return to the rest of my body, but I was still left panting and extremely exhausted.
            “Impressive Jack Frost.” Lisa stuttered as she struggled to sit up against the wall. I used whatever strength I had left to pull myself onto my feet. I grabbed my staff from the floor and used it for support. At this moment, I looked around to see the damage I had done. The balcony doors were shattered, frost covered almost every inch of the walls, some servants were even held to the wall with ice. However what really got to me was Cue and Julian.
            They were both struggling to stay on their feet, but kept their hands up to hand to hand combat. Cue had a split lip and a gash over her right eyebrow, I was sure her right eye was closing up too. I know Cue, and by the state of Julian I knew she wasn’t going to kill him; he had a broken nose and a bruised cheek. He also had a knife embedded deep into his left thigh, giving him a limp. Watching only a few seconds of their fight, I realized… Julian was becoming hesitant on hitting Cue’s vital areas. Could he be-?
            “You should’ve waited until the end to use that trick Jack.” Pitch said getting up from his throne. Lisa slowly got to her feet. She looked like she got a good hitting with her busted lip, bruised cheek and wounded expression. However there was something in me that agreed with Pitch. My whole body felt weak, and I’m not sure how much more of a fight I had in me…

Lisa’s P.O.V

            Pitch walked to my side and wrapped his arm around my waist. He gave my hip a little squeeze while I tried my best to not collapse against his body. Jack got me really good, but I tried my best to hide it. Jack pointed his staff toward Pitch and I, only causing Pitch to chuckle.
            “You can stop that now Jack, it is over.” He smirked. However, Frost did not stand down. He’s got guts, I’ll give him that.
            “Actually it’s not, because you’re still here.” He hissed at us. Pitch took a step forward at an attempt to pursue him, but something in me snapped. Frost had the nerve to mock us in his condition, what’s up with him?
            “Stop, I’ve got this.” I smirked as I stepped in front of Pitch and ignored the screaming of my muscles. Pitch didn’t interfere; he knows I like to finish what I started. I stepped forward until I was 15 feet away from him. With a smirk on my face, I formed another ice staff in my hands. Jack had his staff at the ready.
            “Elsa, you and I both know that we don’t have to do this.” He tried. I rolled my eyes.
            “How many times do I have to tell you until it sticks?” I sighed. “My names is Lisa!” I swung my staff towards his head, and he blocked it with his staff. He looked me dead in the eye before speaking.
            “Elsa, I know you’re in there. You just have to remember who you are.” He spoke before pushing me away.
            “Oh please, that’s not gonna work on me.” I called sending frost in his face. He dodged it and pivoted on his foot to kick me in the face. I stumbled back and fell, once my back hit the ground I swiped my leg across and knocked him to the ground as well. I quickly pinned Jack down before he could get up. An icicle formed in my palm, and I smiled at the thought of ending it here like hoe I ended it with Julian. I raised the jagged ice above my head and brought it down with all the strength I had. He caught it in his hands before the point could come in contact with his body. Even with the battle of our strengths, he was able to look deep into my eyes.
            “This isn’t you Elsa.” You can get out of this; you just have to remember who you are.” He said pouring his emotions into me. I snickered while pushing my limbs down, that’s when my muscles twitched. It was only a split second, but that was all Jack needed to push me off of him and get on his feet. Frost whipped by my face as I stoop to my feet. I could tell he was trying to regain his senses; otherwise he would’ve hit me. I on the other hand had fully recovered. I channeled ice through my fingers and to my surprise it hit him square in the chest, knocking him into the wall. Before he could regain his senses, I snapped my fingers and ordered my puppets to grab a hold of him. Two jumped from the ground and held him by his arms. I formed an icicle in my palm as I walked towards him. One of my servants grabbed Jack by his hair and forced him to look up at me.
            He had a pained expression on his face, but somehow I saw determination in his eyes. I traced his jaw with the tip of my icicle and stopped it at a particular spot on his neck.
            “Remember who you are Elsa.” His soothing words echoed in my ear. I snickered at the thought of him winning the battle. I went for the kill, focusing all my strength to embed the ice into his neck… but my arm didn’t move. That’s when I felt it, a pound on my chest and my heart contract. With every contraction, the pain spread through my body. I was surprised that I was able to stay on my feet, because it was so painful. I clutched my chest at an attempt to stop it, that’s when I realized the stupid pendant was glowing. What the hell is this thing?
             I shut my eyes once it reached to my forehead, and an image of Jack smiling flashed in my eyes. I have to get it off. I tried to rip off the chain, but it wouldn’t break. Actually every time I tried, the pain got worse and memories flashed into my eyes; not my memories, Elsa’s memories. When she first met him on the frozen lake, when they were up in the plateau, dancing on the ice, falling and almost having their first kiss, the ice house Jack made, everything… then, a tug at my spine. No, this is impossible… then I heard glass shatter behind me and I was dragged down into darkness.

Elsa’s P.O.V

            It was dark… and quiet.
            I was floating in nothing.
            My body was heavy.
            Mu limbs weren’t working.
            Sleep hovered over my eyes, but something was telling me to fight the drowsiness.
            I heard it.
            His voice.
            “Remember who you are Elsa…”
            In the complete nothingness, a small light appeared in front of me. My limbs slowly got feeling back, and I floated to the light.
            It felt like I was climbing to my freedom.
            Then, it all turned white.

Jack’s P.O.V

            I was held by her servants as Lisa took a step back. Something was wrong; I thought she was going to finish me, but something stopped her. My heart around her neck started to glow, and the mirror by the throne shattered. The glow faded and Lisa stood upright, icicle in hand… but didn’t come after me.
            “Well, go on Lisa. Finish it.” Pitch ordered. She remained silent, but in the blink of an eye she flicked her wrist and sent the icicle flying to Pitch’s head. He ducked, and a shocked expression overcame both of us when he stood back up. In that moment, I heard her say the four words I’ve been waiting to hear tonight.
            “My name is Elsa…”

Hey Guys!!!!! I told you that you wouldn;t have to wait two weeks. However you do have to wait another week because... i'm going on a trip this week. i'm actually leaving in an hour as of writing this message. But yeah, i hope you enjoyed this chapter because i pulled an all nighter to get it out to you guys. If there are any spelling mistakes, i apologize for that, i didn;t have time to edit. Soo yeah, tell me how i did :) And i should let you guys know now that the fic is coming to an end soooo yeah... lol i'm gonna be so sad when this fic is over.
 And i enjoy talking to you guys on KIK. My username is reyzel813 if you guys wanna chat, but idk is i'll be able to talk this week. lol we'll see what happens. See you all in a week! Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)


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