Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


20. Reinforce

            I watched as Jack went onto the balcony and tossed the glass ball after whispering a few words into it. The globe bounced on the stone floor and formed into a portal when it came back up again. Not a second later, I witnessed four figures emerge from the hole in the air; a rather large bunny, a short and chubby golden man, a flying bird... Woman, and another big muscular guy. I didn't know what I was seeing to be exact, but I knew almost immediately that they were the other guardians.
            "Fill us in." The bunny ordered Jack.
            "Cue is fighting right now. There're horses in the air and wolves on the ground. And they're all here for Elsa." He quickly ran through. The big guy in red took charge.
            "Bunny and I will take the ground. Sandy and Tooth, go with Jack to the skies, and tell Cue to come back down to protect Elsa." He demanded. They didn't complain, they did as they were told. I was left in silence, the the sound of blades clashing into other substances and the whines is other creatures. Outside of my palace- no... Outside of my home was a war; a war that couldn't be seen. This isn't happening... I'm going crazy... I'm dreaming right? This can't be real; a huge battle was taking place right outside, and all because an enemy I've never met wants to kill me. I stayed in my state of confusion long enough to hear the flapping of wings come from the balcony.
            "Hey, are you okay?" Cue panted as she came into my room. I think I was in too bug of a shock I didn't respond to her right away.
            "Elsa?" She tried again. I shook my head and cleared my throat.
            "I'm okay, I'm okay." I lied.
            "What's wrong?" She asked as she shut the door. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed letting them hang. My cast felt heavy, and I felt my flesh throb against the ice of the cast.
            "I'm dreaming," I stated. "Aren't I?"
            "Elsa, now's not the time-"
            "This isn't real. You're not real, those things outside aren't real... Jack isn't real." I murmured. I started to panic and for no apparent reason. Every time something good happens, it always has to be ruined. How do I know that this wasn’t just some crazy nightmare and I wasn’t just in my bed right now? How do I know that Jack is real and that I’m not just going crazy? How do I know? How will I ever know? Cue quickly came to my side and held me by her shoulders.
            “Elsa, be strong.” She said as her lilac iris’ looked deep into my eyes. “You’re just having a panic attack.”
            “Cue… I’m just going crazy, and none of this is real… it’s like in those books my mother gave me when I was locked up. I’m just having hallucinations.” I tried again.
            “Sorry to break it to you Else, but you’re not. These things did happen. You did meet Jack Frost and you did fall in love with him, and yes he is protecting you right now with his life.” She said quickly to she could check back at the balcony doors.
            “He shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t have to! You aren’t safe here, none of you are!” I exclaimed forcing myself to my feet in order to face her. I ignored the screams that came from my leg as I slowly walked towards her.
            “Elsa, calm down! Everything’s going to be fine.” She tried calming be down one last time. Her soothing voice did allow me to relax a little bit, but I was still panicking… over nothing, yet everything. I knew I need to use my stress reliever… my powers.
            “I want to help.” I said. Cue stopped looking out the window and turned to me.
            “No.” she sneered.
            “I am the reason for all of this.” I started. “I am the reason you’re all risking your lives. The least I can do is help out a little bit.”
            “Elsa… no. It’s just-“
            “Please. Don’t make me feel like I could’ve done something.” I pleaded.
            “I wasn’t completely saying no. Jack would have my head if he knew. It’s just your leg.” Cue explained.
            “Don’t you have an elixir or something that could help me out?” I asked. She shook her head.
            “What I have left would most likely make you burst into flames.” She responded.
            “That’s fine.” I said as I began walking/ limping. “I can slowly walk.”
            “Then stay on the balcony.” she suggested. “I’ll be right by your side and we can take down as many of those things was we can.” I nodded in agreement. I quickly made my way to her as she opened the doors. I could hear puffs of air and whines of animals the closer I got to Cue.
            “Just aim and fire… or should I say ice. Take your time, I got you covered.” She said as she loaded her bow. Right away a horse came charging at us in the air. Cue took it out before it was ten feet away from me.
            “Okay, maybe try not to take that much time to attack.” She said as she easily shot down two more horses and a wolf. I looked straight ahead to see what was coming.
            “Horse at 1 o’clock.” Cue said as she shot on the opposite direction. The one she was referring to was far away. I quickly raised my hands and felt a cold sensation build up and release in my palms. A stream of ice hit the horse square in the nose. Right away the creature was demolished into a cloud of black sand eight feet away from me. The rush of adrenaline filled my veins as I released another wave of ice crystals into another black figure, then another, and then another.
            “Jeez Elsa, trying to show me up?” Cue teased as she shot at two wolves. That little bit made me wonder, did she think this was a joke, like some sort of game? I didn’t think so, the only reason I was here was to find Jack and make sure he was still alive.
            “Do you see anyone?” I asked blasting two horses in the face.
            “North and Bunny are down here… probably having a competition of their own. At 2 o’ clock you’ll see Sandy and Tooth. Jack could honestly be anywhere, he hates staying in one place.” She said as she just kept shooting her arrows. “Duck.” She ordered. I bent down and felt something, probably a wolf, pounce over me, then sand rain on me.
            “How long are we going to be doing this?” I asked as I brushed myself off.
            “Until they’re all gone I guess.” She responded. I shook my head in disbelief.
            “Cue, open your eyes. This battle has been going on for how long and we haven’t made a dent in this swarm. This won’t end until-“
            “Until I get what I want.” A deep and dark voice said from behind me and Cue. Immediately she took aim as did I. wolves and horses began to surround us as a tall, dark figure emerged from my dark room. His hand stroked the top of a wolf’s head. He was pale, greyer than Jack, and had spiky black hair. His black cloak flowed down and dragged on the floor like a shadow. I already knew who he was, and Cue hissed his name.

Hey guys!! Sorry this is late again, but i had some things to take care of. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, i know i had fun writing it. So yeah tell me what you think of this chapter cause i want to know. Honestly i don't know if i'll be able to post tomorrow, but to make up for that i'll make the next chapter longer for you guys. Thank you for staying with me up until now, and it's a good thing you did because things are about to get interesting :) I Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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