Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


42. Reflection

Before you read this chapter i just wanted to say that it may be a tad confusing. The dialogue in italics is said in the mind, maybe that will help you understand what's happening a bit more. Enjoy :)

*After Jack locked Elsa in her room*

            How much time has passed? Maybe minutes? Half an hour? Then how come it felt like hours since Jack left?
            I sighed and just sat on the bed. Not moving, and trying not to think about anything. I looked out the window, the sun was already touching the horizon… soon, it all begins.
            ‘More like right now.’ Her vial words echoed in my head. At that moment, a sharp pain came onto my skin. It started at the left side of my face and spread towards my right side. I looked in the mirror and witnessed my skin being taken over by the grey matter. My hair began to turn jet black as well as my lips. Within mere minutes, my body was no longer mine. The only things that stayed their original form were my right eye and Jack’s frozen heart around my neck.
            ‘Now, let’s finish.’ She murmured. There was this pulling sensation from my spine; like I was being pulled back by an emergency wire. It tugged me so hard it felt like I was being pulled from my body.
            “W-what are y-you doing?” I forced through my teeth.
            ‘Just making sure you don’t interfere.’ She whispered as there was one more tug. There was a strange feeling after that’ I still saw, felt and heard everything, but I had difficulty controlling any part of my body.
            “Damn you Elsa.” Her voice came from my lips. “I guess we’ll just have to wait until nightfall.” She sighed and clenched her/my fists. I felt her energy build up in each hand, then it circulated all over her body. The ice that kept my/her arms bound started to turn grey from the inside out. Not long after, the ice was black as well as the beginnings of each chain. She jerked my body and shattered the chain of ice… my body was loose. Dark Elsa swung her legs over the bed and stretched a little bit.
            “Cross-legged position? Gets uncomfortable after a while doesn’t it?” she muttered out loud.
            ‘Not at all Dark Elsa.’ I replied in her head.
            “Dark Elsa? Try Lisa.” She chuckled as she formed onyx icicles in her palms.
            ‘What are you doing?’ I worried.
            “Oh, you’ll see what we’ve got planned.” She smirked as she made her way to the door. She peered into the hall; the guards stood still but started scrambling for an attack once they realized what was happening. Lisa however took one of her icicles and jabbed it into the closest golden figure. The ice caused the sand to transition into nightmare sand at the puncture wound; within seconds the gold figure had fallen into a pile of black sand. As the other guards pursued her/me, Lisa drew out more icicles.
            “Come and get it.” She taunted. They didn’t hesitate. Out of nowhere, a golden spear formed in the hand of one figure and was jabbed forward. The end whipped by my head and Lisa threw her icicle straight into the head of the gold figure. She didn’t wait for it to turn into a pile of sand; she just continued fighting. I didn’t see them attack, all I saw was Lisa pushing each of their weapons away as they came at her, and jabbing an icicle into their body. It only took what I think was 48 seconds for Lisa to take down the guards; she was fast and powerful.
            She began walking through the hallways, clearly looking for a certain person.
            “My Lady?” someone behind me gasped. We turned around slowly to see my server Jahill.
            “Good evening.” Lisa said politely. “Have you seen Cassandra?”
            “I believe she went into the top balcony. Maybe searching for something up there… what happened to you My Lady?” he asked as he took a step closer.
            “Do not worry about me. Think of this as a change for the better.” Lisa replied as she suddenly created an icicle in her palm. Before Jahill could react, Lisa grabbed him by the wrist and stuck the icicle into his abdomen. When his body went limp, she lay him against the wall.
            “My Qu-“ he gurgled.
            “Still alive?” Lisa smirked. She took the icicle out of him and stabbed it straight to his heart, finishing him off. I felt my heart ache as Lisa stood up; she must’ve felt it too because her bloody hands went to her chest.
            “How could you-?” I forced through her teeth.
            “He had no use anymore.” She simply said as she winced. “Damn your weak human heart. It hurts.”
            ‘He. Was. Innocent.’ I spat. ‘He took care of me since I was twelve!’ Lisa just shrugged it off and kept walking.
            “I never really understood humans and their bonds with other things. You all die in the end, so what’s the point.”  She murmured as she turned a corner. Before I could say anything else, I met with the eyes of three other servants; Kiki and the twins Helen and Ursula. Their eyes widened when the spotted me.
            “My Lady-“ Kiki started.
            “Run.” I ordered as Lisa had icicles form at my palms. The hesitated out of shock and fear, but snapped out of it when Lisa pushed Kiki against the wall and jabbed in icicle inside of her. The twins ran off screaming while somebody tackled my body to the floor, knocking down glass vases. They rolled us so I was underneath and pinned down.
            “Elsa?” Julian’s voice gasped. I had no control. Lisa pushed him off and sent a stream of black ice in his direction as soon as she got to her feet. He deflected it with his own stream of fire.
            “Clever boy.” Lisa cooed as Julian got to his feet. She threw an icicle towards him. He dodged it and sent a fireball back. It flew by y head and Lisa pursued him with hand to hand combat. Her fist collided with his jaw, sending him back a few paces before she kicked him in the gut. She went for one more punch, but Julian caught it with one hand and used his other to send a strike into my/Lisa’s solar plexus, causing me to stop breathing for a few seconds.
            “Sorry.” He apologized. He looked so helpless; he didn’t want to hurt me, but if he didn’t he would die.
            “Julian r-run.” I wheezed.
            “Elsa-“ he started, but stopped when an icicle kicked his cheek.
            “I am no longer your friend Elsa.” Lisa hissed. She raised her arms preparing for another attack. “Let’s finish this.” Julian prepared himself.
            “Elsa, don’t so this. I know you’re in there.” He tried. I attempted to gain control of my body, but I felt like I was being tugged and held back. Lisa stopped him from continuing as she sent streams of black ice in his direction. He dodged them and sent his own streams of fire in my direction. Both streams collided, cancelling each other out. However I felt Lisa’s stream become extraordinarily stronger, pushing Julian’s away and towards him. Julian struggled to stay on his feet and fight off Lisa’s attack. Not long after, he flew back into the mirror from the sudden rush of power. His body collapsed into the broken glass and screams filled the hallway. Lisa walked towards him as he rolled onto his back and groaned.
            “Still not dead yet?” she whined as she kissed her teeth. An icicle crept out her palm and she straddled his body. “This should finish you.” She gripped the thick black ice with both hands and brought it down. Julian was quick enough to catch her hands before he was impaled. The point of the icicle was only inches from his body, and slowly coming closer and Lisa pushed in. I did what I could; with all the strength I had left I attempted to retract her arms causing her arms to shake, but she was too strong.
            I felt tears come to my eyes as I gained control of my body in this moment. They spilled over and fell onto Julian’s face when I felt myself lose control of my body again.
            “You don’t have to do this.” He grunted as Lisa pushed the icicle closer to his skin. I lost control of my arms and felt them start to push even harder.
            “I’m sorry.” I cried before I felt all of my muscles tense at once and slowly push the icicle deep into Julian’s chest. The slower the ice went in, the more blood came from the wound and spread onto his clothing. His muscles contracted, knowing that he had lost the fight. Once it was almost all the way in, Lisa raised it high above her head and drove the ice deep into his abdomen… I felt his breathing turn into wheezing and his body begin to get weaker under mine. Lisa didn’t do anything after that, didn’t finish him completely neither take the icicle out; just left him there to suffer and die. She got to her feet and turned to the doorway; to be greeted by a horrified expression from Jack.
            “Elsa.” He gasped as his staff was raised to me.
            “Jack.” I forced through my lips before I lost control. The icicles emerged from my palms and Lisa prepared for a throw. “Run!” Lisa launched an icicle at Jack. He hit it away with his staff and sent a stream of ice in my direction. Before Lisa could deflect it I stopped her muscles from moving, causing me to get hit by his stream. I didn’t care; I’d rather be hit than do the hitting in this situation. I fell onto broken glass, cutting my back and arms into the process. At this point, Lisa took all control of my body. She sent streams of ice straight at Jack. He got hit and slammed into the wall. As soon as Lisa was upright, she threw icicles at Jack, he was able to deflect some of them, but others skimmed his arms and cheeks before sticking into the wall.
            “There’s really no point in fighting.” Lisa hissed. “I am stronger and faster than you. And you can’t kill me because if you do, you’ll kill Elsa.” Jack held his staff up, but I could see in his eyes that he was contemplating what to do. I didn’t even feel Lisa’s icicles form. The next thing I knew, she had thrown them towards Jack when he was deep in thought. One stuck in his shoulder while another got his thigh. Before he could defend himself, black streams of ice took him to the floor. Lisa slowly walked to him and used her fingers to tilt his head up to look at us. I wanted to cry; he looked so weak and helpless.
            “Just don’t get in the way.” She smirked before walking away. Not a single attack came after that; Jack lay unconscious against the wall. We (Lisa and I) made our way up to the highest tower of the castle. There was only a single room up there, with nothing but a full length mirror and a balcony. In the shadows were two figures; they stepped forward in the moonlight to reveal their identities. Cassandra and Pitch. Cassandra stepped forward. She looked different; her skin was extremely pale, her lips were almost ash and charcoal, her usual brown hair had strands of black and white, and her normal brown eyes were now a mix of honey and ember.
            “Everything is set My Lady.” She announced.
            “Thank you.” Lisa nodded as she made her way to the balcony along with Pitch.
            “How much control do you have right now?” Pitch asked as he took her hand.
            “Enough.” Lisa answered as she stepped onto the balcony. “Let’s get this done before anything else.” Pitch nodded as he released his grip. Lisa pointed her palms high into the sky, Pitch grabbed her wrists; maybe to give her more energy. She took a breath in as the energy began to build up. She sent two onyx shots into the sky. They exploded and expanded, spreading all over the sky, making their way down to create a dome shaped barrier. The best way I could compare it to was a snow globe shield.
            “There.” Lisa sighed as she dropped her hands and made her way back into the room.
            “Just one more thing and the process is complete.” Pitch said as he followed her to the front of the mirror.
            “How does this work exactly?” she asked.
            “Hand on the mirror, then let the rest happen” he instructed. When Lisa looked into the mirror, that’s when I realized there was no reflection… it was a panel of glass in a mirror’s frame. She raised her hand, and spread her fingertips across the glass. When she pressed down, I felt tugging on my spine again. It pulled me back and my vision was becoming faded. When I was finally emerged in darkness, my back hit a wet and damp surface. As my vision started to come back to me, I only just then realized what they had done. Lisa’s sick amber eyes were burning into mine. I saw her as if I was in a dark room and she was in a painting in front of me. Only, I wasn’t in a dark room and she wasn’t in the painting; Lisa was in the room of the tower and I was in the glass panel.
            “That was marvelous.” Pitch said as his arm snaked around her shoulders. “However it’s not quite finished like I expected it to be. Your eye hasn’t quite completed the change.”
            “That will come in time.” She smiled. “When her eyes close in the looking glass, my change will be complete.”
            “Right- What’s this?” Pitch questioned as his fingers fiddled with the heart pendant that still rested on her chest.
            “I wouldn’t worry about it.” She said gesturing to the chain that fastened the blue heart around her neck. “Even the chain is changing.”
            “Very well.” Pitch nodded. “Let’s take over these lands… shall we?”
            That was the last thing I heard before feeling every part of me go weak, my vision go blind and myself start to drift into complete silence… 

Hey guys! what did you think of this chapter? i didn;t think it turned out as well as it was supposed to, but if you enjoyed it that's great. If there are spelling mistakes, i'm sorry. i'll update it when its all finished. i have a few things to tell you. First off is, i'm literally 1.5 weeks away from my first exam. i have 4 exams, so adding that together will roughly be two weeks. Some of you have been hounding me to update, which is fine, but it is NOT fine when people start to send private messages that sound like threats to get me to update! why am i telling you this? I may not update for two weeks, so please do not end me hate messages about slow updates. When those days pass, then yeah i will update faster. but right now i need time, that is all i ask of you. I'm not trying to sound rude or mean, if that;s how this is coming out, but please just give me this and i will finish. Second, after this fic is done i decided to write the sequel that will include the Big Five (Six if you want to include Anna). Luckily for me, HTTYD2 comes out soon, so i'll have more to work with :) Yeah that's pretty much all i have to say.   I hope none of you hate me or anything. Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)

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