Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


31. Prepare

            My body was jolted awake. The first thing I felt was the heat on my bare back. After having my skin in the cold for so long, I felt like my back was burning. I shifted over expecting to find another body, but there was nobody there. I stretched my arm out to feel only empty sheets. I opened one eye and saw I was all alone in the ice room.
            “Jack?” I croaked. No answer. I sat up and immediately the exhaustion hit my body like a wave. I forced myself to look around to see if I could get dressed in anything other than the ice bed sheets. It was surprising to see all of my cloths neatly placed on the chair at my bedside. I practically fell out of bed ad rolled to the chair since my muscles were so tired. I grabbed me underwear and pulled them on my body. I forced myself to stand so I could create some cloths, since I was too lazy to slip my dress on. As I stood straight, I saw Jack’s white dress shirt from last night hanging over the headboard of the bed. I quickly grabbed it and used it to cover my partially naked body. It was nice, to wear his cloths. I loved the way they flowed down my skin nicely, the way his sweet scent always lingered on the material. It always felt like he was holding me in an embrace when I wore his clothing, that’s why I always prefer wear his things.
            I walked to the window to check if he was outside. There was only a fresh blanket on the snow, no sign of anyone walking. I went out of the room to check the rest of the house. The sun brightened up the house to the point where I thought I was walking in a castle in the sky. The walls matched the colour of the morning sky, and the floors were as white as snow. Not to mention I felt like I was in a house of diamond.
            “Jack?” I called out as I walked through the large hallways. I found my way to the kitchen. I never realized how huge it was until now.
            “Jack?” I called again. No answer. Maybe he went out to get something, or the highly unlikely scenario… he ditched me.
            “Elsa?” his voice called from the foyer. Forget the thought of him ditching me and go to him you fool. I almost tripped on my own feet as I spun around to go and see him. When I got to the entrance, his back was towards me. I was surprised to see he was in his blue hoodie and brown pants.
            “Good morning handsome.” I smirked as I leaned on the wall. He turned his back and a smile came on his face the second he saw me. He dropped his staff and pouch that were in his hands and came towards me.
            “Good morning beautiful.” He murmured as he took hold of my hips. My arms snaked around his neck and my forehead rested on his chest.
            “Where’d you go?” I asked.
            “I had to get some things.” Jack answered. “I’m sorry, were you awake for long?” I looked up to see his face.
            “No. I just got up.” I stated.
            “Good.” He smiled… then proceeded to throw me over his shoulder and start walking. Despite my protests, kicking and screaming, Jack didn’t put me down. He only put me down when we were in the bedroom and to put me down on the mattress. A squeal escaped my mouth as soon as my back hit the soft bed.
            “What are you doing?” I giggled as I propped myself up on my elbows. Jack climbed on top of me and connected his lips with mine. I couldn’t help but smile against him as I placed my hands on either side of his face. I squirmed a little when his arms snaked around my waist to hold me closer. He broke our lips apart to finally give me an answer.
            “Just making sure the Queen gets breakfast in bed.” He replied.
            “Yeah, that’s why I left.” He explained.
            “Where’d you get it?” I asked.
            “Arendelle. Cue helped out… and she was angry cause she owed Anna coins or something.” I pursed my lips and felt my cheeks heat up.
            “Anna you fortune teller.” I said to myself.
            “Don’t worry about it.” I giggled as he released his grip to get the bag from the floor. He set the small pouch down in front of us and opened it. A variety of fruit, breads and marmalades somehow fit into the small sack.
            “Juice?” he asked as I started cutting a baguette.
            “Orange?” I asked. He nodded as formed a glass in his hand for the juice. We had out small picnic on the bed as we talked about random things. Even-
            “How do you think I’d look in your ice dress?” Jack asked with a mix of sarcasm and seriousness.
            “Why would you even think that?” I asked as I almost choked on a grape.
            “Well you wear my cloths all the time… like right now. I’m just wondering what I would look like.” He explained himself.
            “Fine.” I smirked as I thought of my answer. “I don’t think you’d be able to pull it off.”
            “Why not?!”… Was he actually offended by this?
            “You don’t have the right figure. You would need an hourglass figure to rock that gown.” I explained. Jack actually crossed his arms and pouted.
            “You know, it’s not fair that women can wear men’s clothing and pull it off. Yes us men can’t do the same.” He pondered.
            “Maybe you should change that.” I joked.
            “Um… I think I’ll pass.” Jack responded. “But I think I know someone who might.”
            “And that would be?...”
            “Julian.” He began. This time a little juice came out my nose as I began to laugh.
            “What makes you think he would?” I questioned.
            “The way he is; If Cue asked him to, he most likely would!” he reasoned.
            “So you’re saying if I asked you, you wouldn’t?” I clarified.
            “Would totally depend on what would happen after… But I would, for you only.” He explained. I felt my mouth curve to a smile and my heart warm. It was sweet to know he would do repulsive things for me, not that I would make him do anything of course.
            “We should go.” Jack interrupted my trance.
            “Why? What time is it?”
            “Well past noon.” He answered. “You were asleep for a long while.”
            “I have to get ready… don’t I?” I asked. He knew I wasn’t talking about right now, but for the meeting I have in a few hours.
            “Yeah. You should just rest until it’s time.” He said getting off of the bed. I did the same and grabbed my dress from the chair.
            “Um… is there a place I can change?” I asked.
            “I- uh… you don’t have to do that anymore. I have seen you.” Jack pointed out. I felt heat rush to my cheeks and a smile come to my mouth.
            “Fine. I’ll turn around.” He gave in.
            “Thanks.” I said as he turned his back. I quickly let the white material drop to the floor and slid my dress down my body. When I turned around, Jack had everything else packed up.

            “I’m ready.” I said as I hung the dress shirt on the headboard.


            “I have to speak with North.” Jack said as we touched down on the balcony. “You need to rest and relax.”
            “I have four hours. I’ll try my best.” I nodded.
            “Then I’ll come back and get you, and you’ll do the thing.” He finished.
            “Okay.” I said as I took his hand in mine.
            “I’ll see you in a bit.” Jack clarified. Before he turned away to leave, I grabbed the fabric of his hoodie and pulled him to me. He meant to give me a quick kiss goodbye, but I held him closer. As he held me, I didn’t expect the tears start to build up in my eyes. He broke away from me, and I blinked the tears away before he could see them.
            “I’ll see you in a bit.” I lied. I watched as I let him go. He flew out and into the sky, and I walked inside my room and prepared everything before he could come back.

**** Flashback****

            “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” I said to Jack as we were dancing on the frozen lake.
            “Not as much as I love you, that’s for sure.” He replied as he leaned in to give me a kiss. As we were about to touch, he was suddenly ripped from my arms. The beautiful scenery of the plateau was beginning to rot and deteriorate into black space. I was surrounded by pitch black and silence. Cold shivers of fear crept up my spine as I searched for something other than loneliness. The only things I could hear were my breathing and my heartbeat in my ears. I backed away from where I was, just looking for something so I knew I wasn’t going crazy… then I felt his cold hand on my shoulder.
            “So that’s what it’s like to have someone fall in love with you.” His cold voice said in my ear. I pushed him off of me and turned to come in contact with his disgusting yellow eyes.
            “I thought our meeting wasn’t until tomorrow.” I hissed.
            “Oh, it’s still on. I just needed to clear something up before that.” Pitch cooed. “Then I’ll leave you be… for a little while.”
            “go on.” I said as I clenched my hands to prepare for a possible attack.
            “No need for that Snowflake. You’re in my world, that’s absolutely useless.” He said as he waved his finger around me; Nightmare sand wrapped around my wrists acting like handcuffs. I tried to freeze them so I could break them, but I felt all my energy be absorbed by the cuffs; I was powerless.
            “Just say what you need to say.” I gritted between my teeth.
            “Okay, okay.” Pitch smiled. “All I wanted to clarify was that you need to make sure you’re alone.”
            “Of course I’m coming alone.” I snapped.
            “And not have Jack hiding in the shadows for protection?” he guessed. I felt my throat close and go dry.
            “That’s what I thought.” Pitch chuckled. “I’m here just so that’s clear.”
            “And what will happen if I’m not alone? And how would you even know?” I challenged. Pitch looked down at the floor and the sand formed a sphere in the air. It opened up and showed a projection of Anna jumping around with Kristoff. Then, to Cue smiling and laughing at something, then finally a scene of Jack flashing his killer smile at the open air.
            “You have many friends, I see that; in fact everyone sees that.” Pitch started. “That’s many people you care about… which means many more options for me to get to you.” The scenes of happiness altered. Anna was now chained up and thrown in a dark room. Cue was chained to a tree while being scratched up and torn my Pitch’s wolves. And Jack… he was being beaten by many figures. He looked like he wanted to fight back, but couldn’t I didn’t want to watch anymore, so I turned away. I heard Pitch chuckle across from me.
            “If you don’t do as I say, then don’t be surprised if you see each and every one of your loved ones is taken by you one by one.” He hissed in my ear. His images faded from the air and the sand fell into the darkness. I felt the hot tears stream down my face. I felt Pitch’s presence hover over my shoulder.
            “Now… I’ll be at North Mountain from noon to dusk. If you’re not there, I’ll assume you bailed and what you saw will come true. If you come and there’s someone with you… you know what’ll happen.” He murmured in my ear. “Is that clear?” I forced myself to nod despite my fear and tears.
            “Good… I’ll see you then.” I heard. He pushed me forward and I fell into the darkness. When I landed I felt my body jolt, as I was wrapped in the sheets of Jack’s bed, with the sun burning my back.

****End of Flashback****

            I turned back to see Arendelle, maybe for my last time. The tears streamed down my face as the cool breeze blew against me. I started to question why I was doing this, but the faces of Anna, Cue and Jack came into my mind.
            “I’m doing this for you.” I said to them. And with that, I turned around and made my way to the place I used to go for my freedom…


Hey guys! Well here's the next chapter after so goddamn long.... I;m sorry. it's just that things have been really crappy for me, like i was going to post on the weekend, but then something happened and i just lost the motivation and switched to crying. So yeah, it's getting better so no need to worry about me. I'm already working on the next chapter, so it'll be out soon. I can see that most of you who read the secret chapter enjoyed it..... and yeah. Tell me what you think of this one plzz! Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)

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