Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


6. Please

            That night I kept talking to Julian (with Jack in the room). I told Anna to be my proxy for the ball, which basically means she would just say hello to people who came in and talk to a few other people. Hopefully she was doing okay, so I got up to go and check on her.
            “Are you sure you’re alright?” Julian asked as I got off the bed.
            “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just need to check on Anna.” I assured him. He helped me up and wrapped an arm around my waist to give me support as I walked to the ball room.
            “Would you like my walking stick Madame?” Jack asked. “Or are you going to continue to use the log to hold you up?” I ignored that comment and walked into the ball room. I searched the crowd to see Anna talking to a Lord of Wellington.
            “Elsa!” she called when she saw me.
            “Hey. How are you holding up?” I asked her.
            “It’s okay. I was told a few minutes ago the trade was complete. People are free to go now.” She explained. “How are you doing? That’s the question.”
            “Oh I’m okay. I just thought I saw a ghost or something back there.” I lied, and Jack snorted.
            “Have any idea who the ghost was?” Julian asked.
            “Uh… I don’t know.” I lied again. “All I know is thaaat I saw a man’s ghost or something.”
            “Maybe he’ll go away soon.” Anna suggested.
            “Hopefully.” I agreed.
            “Not a chance.” Jack countered. I swept my foot back and kicked his shin with my heel.
            “Ow! What was that for?” he asked rubbing his shin. I tried my best to keep my attention on Anna and keep smiling.
            “Oh, right. I should check my crew’ see if everything’s okay. We have to head out to another island in the morning before we journey home.” Julian excused himself. “Will you be alright?” he asked me.
            “I’ll be fine. I didn’t break my bones, so don’t worry about me.” I assured him. He turned to Anna.
            “Find me if anything happens.” He pleaded.
            “Will do.” Anna agreed with a few giggles in her response. Before Julian departed, he took my hand.
            “You My Lady, I will never stop worrying about.” He said looking into my eyes and kissing the top of my hand. Anna tried to contain her joy, but I saw Jack in the corner of my eye making gagging faces. When Julian walked away, Anna let out her excitement.
            “Oh my god Elsa!” she squealed.
            “He likes you. Like really, really likes you!” she shrieked as she was freaking out.
            “You shoulda seen him when they were in her room. He liked her more than you’d like to see.” Jack teased as he walked around Anna.
            “Stop.” I sneered at him. He held up his hands and gave a face saying ‘Hey it’s true’. Anna on the other hand was still freaking out, so I put my hands on her shoulders.
            “Anna, calm down. You’re getting excited over nothing.” I said in a calm voice.
            “Why are you saying that finding love is ‘nothing’?”
            “Anna! I don’t love him!” I ensured.
            “Ouch. That’s gonna be heart breaking for him.” Jack said as he twirled his staff. Crap I forgot he was still here.
            “Why do you keep shutting people out?” Anna demanded an answer.
            “It’s none of your business. It’s just for the best.” I said simply.
            “You won’t know until you try.” Anna pointed out.
            “Anna…” I started to reason with her.
            “Please. Just try for me. I just want you to be happy.” Anna pleaded. She put her hands together and gave me her puppy dog face she would always use.
            “… fine.” I gave in.
            “Yay!” Anna exclaimed. Jack started laughing so hard he fell on the floor. I shot him a death glare when he got up.
            “Elsa? What do you have against the Thane of Nalgia?” Anna whispered to me.
            “You’re shooting him daggers.” She explained.
            “I wasn’t!” I defended.
            “Yes you were.” Jack whispered from behind me. I jumped forward.
            “I really need to put a bell on you.” I told him.
            “On who?” Anna asked. “Elsa are you sure you’re okay?”
            “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” I assured her again.
            “Worrying about you became my new job. You were just saying to nothing that you needed to put a bell on it.” Anna explained.
            “Actually. I think I need some fresh air.” I suggested.
            “You go. I’ll stay here and keep things in order.” Anna offered.
            “Thank you.” I said. I made my way to the balcony with Jack not too far behind me. When we were both alone on the balcony I shut the doors for some privacy.
            “Okay, what is up with you?” I snapped and Jack and stomped towards him.
            “Oh come on! What did I do?” he said chuckling.
            “You’re making me seem like I’m going crazy in front of all those people.” I sneered.
            “Actually, you’re making yourself look crazy. I’m just having fun.”
            “Making me look like I’ve gone insane.” I added.
            “Well I’m sorry if I find it funny that your sister has you wrapped around her finger.” He admitted.
            “I am not!”
            “Are too!” You gave in almost immediately. And you gave in to the puppy dog face.” He reasoned, but then started laughing. I tried my best to keep my angry face on, but the more I thought about how right he was, the more I wanted to laugh. I snorted, which made Jack laugh even harder. I couldn’t control my own laughter, so I fell on my knees and began laughing myself. I laughed so hard that my sides and cheeks began to hut.
            “Oh my god, why do I give in?!” I said as we started to calm down.
            “I don’t know. That’s just what happens.” He said as he leaned on the railing. We both sat on the balconey in silence for a moment. Oddly, it was comfortable.
            “Um, we should probably get back.” I suggested.
            “Yeah, we should.” He agreed.

HELLLLOOOOOOO!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, i had a lot of fun writing it. I may or may not post chapter 7 tonight, but we'll see. I have no clue how many times i've said this but, I Love You ALL!!!! LIKE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! i went to bed with a smile on my face because i read through some of the nice thing's you've been saying... like yeah i've never gotten this big of a response so early into the story. I guess that means you guys really do love it... and if you love it now, then you'll be surprised what i have coming up for you guys later ;) Please leave a comment telling me what you thought of this chapter or this story in general. I'm trying to improve my writing so it shallst become hella better.... and yeah. I Love You!!! Happy Reading ;)

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