Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


23. Plans

            “Who changed my bed? I could’ve done that.” I asked as I brushed my hair.
            “Probably North.” Jack guessed as he pulled his hoodie over his head. “He most likely got the same guys who make the toys to come here.”
            “You mean the elves.” I giggled as I finished up the sleeves on my dress.
            “Lies. All lies. It’s actually these sasquatch looking things.” He explained. “Much more productive.”
            “I’d like to see them one day.” I replied as I fixed up the skirt.
            “Maybe a few are here. They tend to stay awhile.” He answered. “Ready to go?” I nodded.
            “Let’s go.” I grabbed his hand and we walked down the halls. “Where are they?”
            “Let’s check outside.” Jack suggested. This time he led me through the halls. He must’ve been here many times, he knew where to go to get down to the foyer. We walked through the doors of the palace. It was still pitch black at night, and the village was silent. The only light tonight was the moonlight.
            “Jack! Elsa” a voice called out to us once we circled around the palace. It was North waving us over to the little lake where I first met Jack.
            “We won’t get there fast enough walking.” Jack pointed out. He had his arms open and I got what he meant.
            “Fine.” I groaned. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, but Jack insisted I go into his arms and we fly to the pond. We were there in less than two seconds. The other guardians were gathered under a tree by the dark and calm waters.
            “Finally.” Bunny whined. “Where have you two been?”
            “Just getting ready.” Jack answered as I felt the heat rise to my ears. Jack griped my hand for support.
            “Took you long enough.” Bunny smirked.
            “Well could you blame her? Look at Elsa’s dress; she obviously created a new one, which is beautiful by the way.” Birdy defended me.
            “Tooth. I’m the toothfairy.” She clarified.
            “Oh, well thank you Tooth.” I responded “This is Bunn, the Easter Bunny. Next to him is the Sandman, also known as Sandy, and you already know Tooth and North.”
            “Yeah I do.” I nodded. “It’s nice to meet you all.”
            “The pleasure is ours Queen Elsa.” North said as he bowed his head.
            “Um… drop the Queen, and please don’t bow to me.” I said. “If anything I should be bowing to you tonight.”
            “Aw, don’t worry about it Elsa. It’s our job by the way.” Bunny waved it off.
            “And that’s what we’re here to talk about today.” North added. I nodded in understanding.
            “Is here okay? Or would you prefer a more suitable place?” I asked.
            “I think a little more privacy would be better.” North suggested. “We wouldn’t want to risk anyone hearing what we may be talking about.” I nodded.
            “I have an idea where to go.” I said. Jack already read my mind.
            “Ice palace?” he guessed.
            “Naturally.” I replied. “I can create one up in the mountain again just for our purposes."
            “Again? What happened to the previous one?” Tooth asked.
            “Nothing. Just wouldn’t want to risk going there if Pitch knows about it.” I explained.
            “Already thinks like a guardian. Good job Jack.” Bunny teased as he jabbed Jack in the arm.
            “So how do you suggest we get there exactly?” Tooth asked.
            “Like this.” North pulled out a snow globe. “Tell me where Elsa.”
            “The North Mountain.” I smiled. North then tossed the globe towards the closest tree. It bounced and formed into a portal in the tree, just like the portal created to get the guardians here. I walked towards it, then hesitated.
            “Is this okay for me? Like I won’t burst into flames at the other end?” I asked. Jack took my hand.
            “You’ll be fine.” North assured me. “A little girl walked through awhile ago and ended up in Bunny’s headquarters.”
            “Oh yeah, Sophie. I wonder how she’s doing.” Bunny recalled.
            “I’m taking Elsa. Everyone follow after.” Jack said. We walked through the portal whilst my heart was racing. I didn’t feel anything, but one second I was at the pond, the next I was on top of the North Mountain. The sudden temperature drop surprised me, but wasn’t too horrible. I couldn’t say the same for the other guardians though.
            “Gah! Of course it’s cold.” Bunny groaned.
            Don’t worry, I can fix that for us soon.” I smirked. “Step back.”
            Ice formed at the bottom of my foot and created my snowflake in the snow. I walked onto it as it rose from the ground. The first thing I did was create the pillars needed to make the walls. I created all the doors and ceilings after. Then I finally finished the table right after making the floor. I had to make sure there were enough seat so everyone could all sit if the wanted to. once I was finished with my work, I opened the doors to let them all in.
            “It’s all done know.” I called.
            “You mind making a staircase?” Bunny reminded me.
            “Oh, right.” I placed my hands on two pillars by the doors and formed a grand connecting staircase that stretched down to their feet. I waited at the top as they walked up with expressions of fascination plastered on their faces.
            “Jack, she’s showing you up.” North teased as he entered.
            “Ice, this is… wow.” Jack gasped as we walked in together.
            “It’s not much. It’s the same size as my first ice castle, but there’s actually furniture in this one.” I explained. “And anyway, you’re a stronger attacker. What could I do? Throw ice houses at Pitch?”
            “How about, you teach me how to make a structure like this, and I’ll teach you how to fight?” He offered.
            “Deal.” I agreed as we made our way to the little conference area. It was a round table so we all could see each other.
            “Okay, damage control.” North started.
            “Wait, what?” I whispered to Jack.
            “Our next move.” He explained.
            We saw tonight that Pitch is back and he has gotten more vicious and stronger.” North continued.
            “We need to reinforce the area since he’s here and all.” Bunny suggested.
            “With what though?” I asked. “Is there some type of army I don’t know about?” I saw Sandy’s hand shoot up in the air.
            “Idea Sandy?” North invited. He nodded and started to form a bunch of symbols above his head at a speed where I couldn’t read them.
            “That’s actually not a bad idea.” Bunny said.
            “Wait, sorry I missed that.” I admitted.
            “Sand suggested that you, him and Jack create and army.” North explained.
            “Like sand and ice soldiers.” Tooth added. “He makes the guys, you two make the armour.”
            “Would that work?” I asked. “Have you done this before?” The guardians hesitated and looked at each other.
            “Well, no. This is new to us.” North admitted.
            “But you have a good idea on how this could work?” I asked Sandy. He nodded with a big smile.
            “Okay. You guys should get to work on that as soon as you can.” North said. “Tomorrow night preferred.”
            “Sounds good.” Jack and I said in unison.
            “Now… Cue.” North started the next subject. I felt Jack tense up beside me and my heart sink. In fact all the guardians were pained at the mention of her name.
            “How is she?” I broke the silence.
            “She’s fine… for now. If we didn’t get to her when we did, then she would’ve…” North trailed off.
            “But that’s not really the point.” Bunny snapped. “The point is that Pitch can get to us now. And we don’t know how to defend ourselves anymore, especially since none of us saw how it was done.”
            “Actually,” Jack spoke up. “Elsa and I saw.”
            “And it was pretty horrific.” I added.
            “Could you tell us what you remember? Maybe we can think of a counter position.” North asked. The image of Cue in the cloud flashed in my eyes, and her screams of pain filled my ears. I felt a hand start to rub my back.
            “I can tell them Elsa. It’s okay.” Jack offered. I just nodded and let him speak. I could tell he tried not to describe too much because not only would it affect me, it would also trigger him.
            “The ice went right through the cloud, so our attacks were useless. And Cue started choking on the gas and eventually…” Jack trailed off.
            “White beams of light were extracted from her eyes and mouth.” I finished for him. “When she got out of there, she looked sick and weak to the point where she couldn’t stand up.” The guardians sat in silence, but I could feel the intensity of each of their thoughts.
            “Are you sure that’s what happened?” North asked. Jack and I nodded.
            “Okay. This is what’s going to happen.” North started. “Jack and Elsa, go back to the palace. Check up on Cue and make sure she’s still alive. Bunny, do you think you can guard the perimeter on the ground?”
            “You got it.” He responded.
            “Okay. If you need help, call someone else to help you. Candy and Tooth, cover the palace from the air.” North ordered.
            “You got it, but where are you going?” Tooth asked.
            “There’s someone I need to see. Elsa I think you met them when you were younger.” North explained. “They helped you and Anna. Magic trolls who removed the ice from your sister’s head.”
            “Oh yes, I remember. Do you already know where they are? Or do you need the map?” I offered.
            “I know where they are. It’s just been a long time since I last saw them.” He said. The guardians all rose from their seats.
            “We will meet back here tomorrow, same time so we can figure this out.” North clarified.
            “Alright.” Bunny said. “But what are you going to ask them North?”
            “They can do many things. They took the ice from Anna’s head.” North started. “Maybe they can put things back in.”
            “Are you suggesting that they could-?” Tooth asked.
            “Yes. Maybe they could give back Cue’s immortality. And maybe give us something to prevent it from happening again.”

Heyyyy guys!! I;m sorry for not posting faster. And i'm especially sorry since nothing really happened in this chapter... but don;t worry. i'll make it better next time (more fluff i mean). Feedback is always appreciated, so don't hesitate to leave a comment, even if it is to say i suck. And don't hesitate to let me know what you would like to see happen, sometimes my creativity runs dry so i need your help sometimes :) Anywho I Luv You All!!! Happy Reading ;)

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