Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


34. Pain Part 1 *Jack's P.O.V*

PLEASE READDD!!!!!!! Hey guys! i know i haven't been posting in awhile, but here it is. I tried to make it up to you by making it longer. i just want you warn you guys... i cried too many times writing this chapter, and i want you guys to get the same effect i did. in order to do that, i want you guys to listen to any male cover of the song 'A Thousand Years by Christina Perri' for a certain part. trust me, i think you guys can figure out when to play it... and if you don't know any good ones, i really recommend Tanner Patrick's cover and you can search it on youtube since i can't post links. Yeah, that messed me up so much during french class when i wrote this. So yeah, i hope you guys get to do that, i'll see you at the end :)

*Coming back to Arendelle*

            I felt sick; Sick to my stomach to be exact. Now I had to take Elsa up the mountain for her meeting with Pitch. She’ll be fine for sure, I know she can take care of herself; but I just felt odd. Something was wrong, something didn’t feel right.
            My feet touched down on Elsa’s balcony, and that sick feeling got worse. I took a breath and entered her room.
            “Elsa?” I called out. She was nowhere in her room. Her bed was still perfectly made, meaning she didn’t rest like I told her to do so. No, she wouldn’t… right?”
            “Elsa!” I exclaimed as I ran down the hallways. I left a trail of ice wherever I ran, but I didn’t care; I’d fix it later. I ran to her study, hoping she was just working there instead of doing what I thought she did. I busted through the doors of the study; everything remained untouched.
            “Where is she?” I huffed.
            “Jack?” a voice asked from behind me. I turned and saw Anna staring at me with a confused expression.
            “Anna, have you seen Elsa?” I panted.
            “Why are you asking me? Isn’t she supposed to be with you?” she recalled.
            “No, she’s supposed to be resting.”
            “No, she told me you two were going to train for a bit before you meet with Pitch.” Anna explained.
            “When did she tell you that?” I asked as fear built up inside me for her answer.
            “Maybe an hour, or two hours ago.” She guessed. “I haven’t seen her since.” I felt my stomach drop and my heart stop, but I tried my best to keep my face straight so Anna wouldn’t panic.
            “She ran off for a break.” I lied. “I’m just trying to find her.”
            “Oh, well I’ll come to you if I find her.” She cheered. Anna walked/skipped away and I stayed in my position until she was gone. Once she was no longer in the same hall, I sprinted to the closest balcony to go and find her. Why didn’t she wait for me? Why didn’t she tell anybody? Oh god, I just hope she’s okay. Maybe I could catch up to her and stop her. I busted the doors of the balcony open. The moment I stepped onto the balcony I heard someone scream the words:
            “Open the gates!!” As soon as the gates opened, Julian rode in on a horse… with a dangerously pale Elsa with him. I didn’t even think of my next move. I just flew down to them before Julian could get off his horse. Once I stepped on the stone, I sprinted towards them.
            “Jack! Thank god. I thought nobody would get here in time.” Julian breathed. He lowered Elsa into my arms. Her shoulder was covered in blood and she was becoming paler than her normal self. She groaned and opened her eyes to look up at me.
            “Hey Jack.” She croaked as her body relaxed in my arms. I spun on my heel and began running to the castle.
            “What happened!?” I sneered as we started running in the hallways.
            “I don’t know! I saw her go down and I ran to her. Some of these weird creature things were after her. Are you going to tell me what’s going on?!” Julian rushed.
            “Later, get Cue and meet me in Elsa’s room.” I ordered as I quickened my pace. I could already feel Elsa’s body turn as cold as ice and her breaths get slower.
            “Don’t worry about me guys. I just need to rest for a bit.” She slurred.
            “No! No resting!” I begged as I kicked her door open. I gently lay her down on the bed and rushed to her nightstand.
            “Stay with me Elsa! I’ll fix you! I’ll protect you!” I exclaimed as I began gathering what I might need; Bandages, towels, cleansers, morphine maybe.
            “Jack…” I heard her force through her lips. I dropped everything on the stand and went to her side without the injury. That’s when I got a good look at her. Her blood spread all over her left arm and half her torso. Beads of sweat collected on her forehead and chest. Strands of hair stuck to the pale skin of her neck with her blood and sweat… she was dying.
            “You should have waited for me. You should have waited for me so I could’ve been there to protect you.” I tried keeping my voice straight.
            “No… I c-couldn’t have let you come. He would’ve hurt you too. And Cue… and Anna.” She breathed. “It had to be me, just me.” That’s when I realized why she went alone… Pitch had threatened her. I took her hand in mine and got closer to her. I was surprised to feel how cold she had become. I looked at her fingers; her hands were snow white and her fingertips started to turn blue.
            “I hope you can forgive me.” She huffed. “And understand why I did what I did.”
            “I already have.” I smiled. “But I’ll never forgive you if you leave me, especially like this.”
            “Then it’s a good thing I’m not.” She giggled, but then started gasping for air. I could hear her chest was stuffy and she couldn’t get enough air in her lungs.
            “You’re gonna be fine. I promise!” I cried as I was about to get up and fix her. Cue burst into the room before I could let go of her hand.
            “I heard.” She started as she walked into the room. “Oh my god! Why aren’t you doing anything?!” She raced to the nightstand and began ripping up bandages.
            “Because I don’t want him to.” Elsa wheezed. “I already know that I’m done.” I fought back the tears that were threatening to spill over my eyes.
            “No you’re not!” Cue screamed as she started to apply pressure to the injury. I got up, but stopped once my eyes met Elsa’s. Her eyes said everything she needed to say; to stay with her even if these are her last few moments. There was no way I was ready for that; I refuse to believe it would happen.
            “Drink this.” Cue commanded. I didn’t even realize she was done binding Elsa’s shoulder. She held up a vial of the last of her dove’s milk. That stuff was the best, especially for emergency healing remedies. Already, the colour was coming back to Elsa’s body, and it became easier for her to breath.
            “What was that?” Elsa asked as Cue started to wipe down her arm.
            “Don’t worry about it.” Cue smiled. “Your shoulder wasn’t that bad… but there was something…”
            “What?” I asked as a slight wave of panic came over me.
            “How did you get that injury?” Cue asked.
            “Wolf bite.” Elsa responded nonchalantly. “Why?” I felt myself get colder and the temperature in the room drop as I squeezed her hand. I could have prevented that… then she wouldn’t be in this position.
            “Nothing… just rest. You’ll need it.” Cue sighed.
            “But… I don’t want to. I don’t want to dream.” Elsa cried.
            “You won’t. It’s in the potion you took.” I explained. I know that for sure, that’s how I got Pitch to stay out of my dreams.
            “Jack, can I talk to you outside?” Cue asked as she started to walk to the door. I didn’t move. I just wanted to stay with her.
            “Go. I’ll be okay.” She encouraged as she squeezed my hand. She gave me a pleading look in her eye, which did make me give in.
            “I won’t be long.” I sighed before placing a kiss on her forehead. I squeezed her hand once more before I walked out of the room. Cue shut the door closed, and that’s when I broke down. All the emotions I managed to push away in the room came at me all at once. I actually fell on my knees out of sheer emotion. I let the tears fall… but none came out. Instead I had to try to breath slowly so I wouldn’t hyperventilate.
            “Jack-“ Cue put a hand on my shoulder.
            “Just give me a minute.” I snapped. I expected Cue to just leave me be, but she kneeled down, wrapped her arms around me and put my head on her shoulder.
            “Breath.” She comforted. “It’s okay. Let it out Jack.” She rubbed at my arm and back, repeating encouraging things, even then, no tears came out.
            “She’s gonna be fine.” I sighed as I felt myself start to relax.
            “Yeah. For now at least.” Cue admitted. I nodded in agreement as my heart broke from accepting the truth.
            “You saw what he did to her didn’t you?” I asked not looking at her.
            “Of course, I was the one binding her arm.” She pointed out. “Do you know how serious it is though?” I shook my head,
            “I have no clue how his sand works. Maybe if we get Sandy here, he’ll be able to cancel it out.” I suggested.
            “Maybe. I’ll get him, but I should get Julian first. He’s still pretty traumatized himself.” She stated.
            “Could you tell him thank you? For his suit… and Elsa.” I asked.
            “Of course.” Cue replied bringing both of us to our feet. “I have loads of explaining to do don’t I?”
            “Yeah, you want me to go with you?” I offered.
            “Jack, I know how you feel. It sucks, I get that. But you can’t use this as a distraction. As much as it hurts to see Elsa like that, you need to be with her right now.” She sighed. “I won’t be long. I’ll get Sandy, then come here.” I nodded as I felt myself get uneasy again. Cue took my hand and squeezed it.
            “You’ll be fine. Go in when you’re ready.” She said as she let go and went to find Sandy. I took a breath and put my hand on the door handle. I was so uneasy, frost started to blossom all over the handle. I shut my eyes trying to calm down, but the image of Elsa’s sick body flashed in my head.
            “Jack.” Someone said to me as they put their hand on my shoulder. “You’re gonna freeze the whole palace. Relax.” Julian’s voice said to me. I took my hand off the door handle.
            “Sorry.” I murmured.
            “Hey, you’re gonna have to go in there. I can join if you don’t want to be alone.” He offered.
            “No, it has to be me.” I explained. “Thank you for bringing her back. She wouldn’t have made it if you didn’t.”
            “I just wanted to help her. I owed her for bringing me to Grand Pabbi.”
            “How’s your training going by the way?”
            “Good. I can’t make structures though, like you and Elsa.” He pouted.
            “I hope you can’t. A fire house?” I pointed out.
            “Yeah. Nevermind.” Julian laughed. I almost laughed too, but the blood in my veins ran cold when I heard a scream on the other side of the door. Without any hesitation I burst through the door. Elsa looked as if she was being tortured; her limbs were twitching, and her lip between her teeth holding back another scream. I ran to her to see if there was anything I could do to stop the pain. She wasn’t bleeding from her shoulder, or anywhere else. However, the skin on her arm and neck started to turn grey… like a corpse. There was nothing I could do the help her, except stay by her side as hope the pain would stop. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, only to stop when her eyes were fixed on me. I took her hand and pressed her palm to my cheek.
            “Jack…” she wheezed.
            “You’re gonna be alright!” I promised. Tears started to stream down her face at an alarming speed and she squeezed my hand.
            “I l-love-“ she choked as she lost the battle with her eyelids and her grip went completely limp.

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