Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


32. Mountain

            I let my feet take me up the mountain because if I let my mind take me, I would turn away. I shut all my emotions down to keep me moving forward. If you were to see me, it would have looked like I was sleep walking up the North Mountain. I just kept looking for things to distract me from my thoughts.
            Snow… the colour of Jack’s hair when he leans down to kiss me- No! Okay um… the sky…okay it’s clear and blue, the colour of Jack’s eyes whenever he smiles at me. God damn it! Okay uh… the trees… okay that’s good. The trees are tall, green… and Jack likes to hang from the tree branches.
            I threw my hands up in frustration. Why can’t I get him out of my head? Is he okay? Did he realize I’m not there anymore?... No that’s impossible. It hasn’t been that long since I left. Crap, I should have left something. A note or whatever, just so they know where I am… but they would come after me.
            I stopped panicking when I looked up. I was almost as the top of the mountain… which means I would encounter him soon. Let’s just get this over with.
            “I think here’s a good spot.” He said from behind me. I spun around to see his dark figure.
            “Why is that?” I asked trying to keep my voice straight.
            “Not quite the top, yet we’re high enough so we can’t be bothered.” He explained. “Also plenty of space.”
            “And that is for?”
            “You and I both know that one of us won’t be making it back down this mountain.” He gave his smug answer. I felt my anger build up and fear subside.
            “Then let’s talk and get this over with.” I gritted through my teeth.
            “So pushy. I can see a bit of Jack rubbed off on you.” Pitch growled. “Very well Queen Elsa; let’s begin.” There was at least a five metre distance between the two of us. He began walking around me and my eyes followed his movements.
            “I came here to offer you a deal.” He started. “I’m sure that the guardians have told you my plan by now.”
            “That you plan to use me and my army to rule the world.” I sneered.
            “Exactly. Now I know it may sound evil at first-“
            “Because it is.”
            “But hear me out Elsa. You and I, we’re not as different as you think.” He reasoned. I felt my heart slow… did he really think that we were the same?
            “We are nothing alike.” I hissed
            “So I’m wrong to say you were alone for all those years, just longing for someone to say you aren’t a monster? And even now when you are at peace, you’re still ridiculed by the people you are supposed to care for.” My mind flashed to the most recent ball weeks ago… the people calling me a witch and the fear they had in their eyes once they looked at me.
            “I know what it’s like to be feared. I am the boogeyman, it’s what I am. And it hurts to have people always be afraid of you.” He said in a sympathetic voice.
            “And your point being?” I tried to get my voice straight.
            “You love the authority.” He stated. “You care for your people, you actually do more for them than any leader is expected to do. And you get nothing in return. Why is that?”
            “They are my people, it is my duty to care for them.”
            “I agree. And why not become more powerful to take care of them?” he asked. “Why not unlock yourself to see your true potential? Find out how powerful you truly are.”
            “I already know how powerful I can be.” I sneered.
            “No my dear Elsa. You’ve just barely scratched the surface.” He revealed. Out of nowhere, he threw spurts of nightmare sand at me. I instantaneously cancelled them out with my icicles.
            “See, you’re just learning your true potential.” Pitch stated. “With me Elsa you can become the most powerful queen, stronger than all the guardians combined. With that power, you will be able to protect your people… and they will no longer fear their queen.” As much as I tried, I couldn’t stop his stupid voice from entering my head. The words were processed in my head as I put together what he was saying with Jack’s warnings.
            ‘He tried to persuade me to join him. He’ll do the same with you.’ I know. He’s doing it right now.
            “Why should I believe anything you say?” I challenged taking a step back. Pitch’s face softened and he let out a sigh.
            “Has it ever crossed your mind that I don’t want people to be afraid of me anymore? I actually want to help people.” Pitch murmured.
            ‘He’s going to try to connect with you, then-‘
            “I’ve always wondered about my existence. I always wondered why I was the one who had to create the chaos, why everyone fears and ridicules me for being me.” He continued.
            ‘He’s going to try to get you to feel sorry for him.’  I felt myself starting to develop some type of new feeling towards Pitch… as he kept going, I realized it was sympathy.
            “I don’t expect you to understand. I mean, here you are with everything, even people who love you. You don’t get what it feels like to be alone and have everyone, even the people you don’t know fear and hate you.” He finished.
            ‘You have to resist everything he tells you, no matter what filth comes from his mouth.’ But… What do I say to that?
            “Then you seriously don’t know me at all.” I began. “That’s all I’ve been feeling-”
            “Until you met Jack.” He interrupted.
            “… Wrong. Until I learned how to control my power.” I corrected him. “And you know what? I also learned something else in that time.”
            “And that would be?”
            “My sister fell in love and got engaged to a man she just met. Then later we found out he just wanted the throne.” I explained.
            “And the point is?...” Pitch asked still confused.
            “I know when people say empty words just so they can get what they want.” I sneered. Pitch’s ‘innocent’ expression hardened as he realized I wasn’t falling for his trap.
            “I see… well then. If you’re not going to play like that, you’ll have to play the other way.” Pitch grinned. I knew this would come, so I stepped back and opened my palms as I waited for his first move. He threw several bursts of nightmares into the air, I equalled them with my shots of ice. When his final burst of sand fell onto the snow, Pitch sent a straight stream of it straight at me. I sent a beam of ice and snow back at him to even it out. I felt my power flow faster and harder from my palms, and start to overcome Pitch. More energy came through me; soon it felt like my body would fly back if I kept going. Pitch didn’t hold out long enough, he was sent back, causing my stream to cancel.
            “Very good Elsa.” He said as he got to his feet. He turned to me and gave me a smug smile. “But not good enough.” He snapped his fingers and the attack I was waiting for rushed at me.
            Hundreds, maybe even thousands of his sand creatures came down form the peak of the mountain. There were so many of them, the mountain looked as if the snow was turning black. There was no way I could handle them all by myself. I formed icicles in my hands as I already saw two wolves come my way. Without any hesitation, I threw the directly in their heads. As they went down, a few more tripped on their bodies. When the icicles started forming in my hands again, I began to run down the mountain. I looked back to get a glimpse of how far they were. The closest one was only five feet away, but I quickly put an icicle through its skull. I still had several metres to run down before I even set foot on the grass again. I threw my last icicle blindly at the swarm, praying that I hit something.
            My legs felt like they were going to fly off of my body. My lungs were starting to burn from breathing in the cold air at a fast rate. I only had a few more feet down the mountain, when I felt the teeth of one wolf sink into the flesh of my left shoulder. Not only was the force of the bit painful, but I felt something foreign enter the veins in my shoulder. It stung as it flowed into me, as if there were millions of tiny needles in my veins continuously stabbing me from the inside. I felt an icicle form in my palm, and drilled it through the wolf’s skull, causing it to release its grip on me. I didn’t dare look at my arm. The throbbing pain, the fluid dripping down my arm and the feeling of my entire limb going numb was enough.
            With my right arm, I blindly shot streams of ice behind me the second I touched the grass. My main goal was to get to the trees, then maybe I’d have a chance. The closer I got to the forest, the more nauseous and dizzy I became. I turned around, only to see the swarm coming at me. With as much strength as I could. I raised both arms and created a tidal wave of ice; it wasn’t nearly as big as the one Cue helped with, but it was big enough for me to take out little more than half the swarm and knock me off my feet. I landed on my back and slammed my head into the grass. My ears began to ring and my vision became cloudy. Somehow gravity worked overtime and pulled every inch of my body into the ground. The exhaustion felt like my body was being pushed into the grass, which made the throbbing in my shoulder become more rapid and sharp. With all the strength I had in me, I lifted my head to see what was coming. One wolf was charging at me with its teeth bared. The closer it came, the easier it was to accept my fate. I lay my head down and looked at the sky… blue, like Jack’s eye. An image of him smiling at me from across the table flashed in my head, bringing tears to my eyes.
            “I love you Jack.” I said one last time. “I’m sorry…” I trailed off as I felt my eyes start to close; then a sharp burst of heat nearby…

Hey guysss!!!! I hope you liked this chapter! i know it's shorter than most of them, but i wanted to posting sooner rather than later. Any who, thanks so much for reading this fic! It means more to me than you probably think. Sorry for spelling mistakes, i was typing this when i was watching a basketball game, so i was a teeny bit distracted. Let me know what you think of this chapter, or what you think is happening... because i'm sorry to say, but this story is more than half way, maybe even three quarters of the way through. Yeah, i don't want it to end either :( I hope i'll post faster for you guys. Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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