Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


22. Mortal

            “What the hell?” Jack gasped as he started to check for injuries on Cue’s body. I lifted the fabric from Cue’s belly to see the damage that had been done. Claw marks… deep claw marks covered her belly. They weren’t even clean cuts; they were jagged making her flesh rip to shreds.
            “Please tell me this is it.” I begged as I began to tend to the wound.
            “We won’t know until we get her inside.” Jack spoke. “Help me lift her.” I took her by the arms and shoulders while he got her legs. We carried her into my room and put her on my bed. My white sheet quickly became red underneath her body. The redder my sheets got, the paler Cue became.
            “It’s not just her stomach. Her shoulder too.” Jack said as he showed me bite marks on her left shoulder while I was beginning to wrap up Cue.
            “The wolves might have gotten to her while we were fighting off Pitch.” I guessed. I pressed my hands harder into Cue and felt her blood squish between my fingers. “The bleeding isn’t stopping Jack.”
            “That’s where I come in.” a deep voice with a thick accent said from the balcony. The other guardians came into the room. The bunny and the gold one on my side, and the red guy and birdy on Jack’s side.
            “Oh my god! How long has she been like this?” Birdy panicked as she started grabbing more cloth and gauze.
            “Not for long.” Jack and I said at the same time.
            “What did Pitch do?” Bunny sneered as he looked in his belt for something. “How did he learn how to do this?”
            “He was attacking the children to get to us last time. Now he found a way to attack us directly this time.” Red explained as he took a vial from Bunny. There was a vibrant green fluid sloshing around inside. The second the first drop hit her flesh she arched her back and a blood curling scream escaped her lips.
            “Hold her down.” Red ordered. I pushed her by the shoulder while Bunny and Gold got her legs and hips. I saw hot tears start to stream down her pale face. I bet she thought we were torturing her instead of fixing her.
            “Cue, it’s okay.” I attempted to soothe her. “You’re okay, this is a good pain. You’re going to get better after this.” I started stroking her hair from her forehead and she started to calm down a little bit. Even though I have ice powers, I can still have a warm human touch.  I think that’s what she needed, to know that someone was there for her now. Jack saw what I was doing and followed my lead by grabbing her hand.
            “Squeeze my hand as much as you need Cue. Whenever it hurts just- Argh!!!” he started but I’m pretty sure regretted it. Her knuckled even turned white because of her tight grip.
            “Hold on, hold on.” Red repeated as he moved on to her shoulder injury. I glanced down at her belly and instead of seeing shredded skin, it looked like she had really bad burns on her torso.
            “It’s all better Cue. You’re doing great.” I encouraged. “Just a little more.” That little bit most likely was only five minutes, but with all of her screaming and torture it felt like hours. Once Red put the final drop in her open wound, Cue went limp and was left panting from exhaustion. All of us released out grip on her.
            “We should move her.” Bird Girl suggested.
            “Not after we wrap her up.” Red said. “We’ll get started… Elsa. I think you should change before anyone sees you.”
            “Why…? Um…” I trailed off.
            “Santa. Just call me North.” He helped.
            “Okay. Why do I need to change?” I asked.
            “I think you should check yourself.” He said. “Jack, incase-“
            “I’ll go with her. Don’t worry.” Jack interrupted. Before I could look down to see what they were talking about Jack grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.
            “Jack what is it?” I asked as he led me to the washroom.
            “I just need to talk to you.” He murmured as he locked the door behind him. “Oh god please tell me none of that is yours.”
            “What?” I wondered. I looked in the mirror to see what was going on. I was once wearing my ice dress without its cape… Now I was wearing a torn cloth that was covered in dries blood stains. He torso was ripped so you could see my lower rib. A section of my skirt was ripped off so you could now see my other leg’s knee. Not to mention that there was blood covering my left shoulder, chest and right hip.
            “I think it’s from Cue. The tears… maybe when I was running.” I guessed. “Why didn’t you tell me I looked like this?” I whined as I ran my fingers through my messy and bloody hair. I heard Jack chuckle.
            “Well I was more worried about saving your life, not really about how… appealing you looked. Not that you don’t look appealing. I mean-“ I cut his panicking off with a kiss.
            “I get it.” I assured him. “Thank you Jack.” I touched Jack’s face to look him in the eye. I saw hurt and sorrows, not the Jack Frost I met and fell in love with. My hand fell from his face and trailed on his sweater. They got caught into a small tear that was a little wet. I glanced down to see a blue stain on my fingertips.
            “Jack…” I started. “Take it off.”
            “Elsa… wait what?” he was taken aback.
            “Take it off.” I repeated bringing my hands down to the bottom of his hoodie. “Please. Let me help you.” He didn’t refuse. Jack lifted his arms up and winced as I helped him take off his blue hoodie. I tried not to show too much of his real reaction. I shouldn’t be shocked, but his beautiful athletic body took me by surprise. However, along his shoulders and abs were various cuts that had not yet healed. I took a towel from the counter and soaked it in warm water.
            “What’re you doing?” he asked as I rung out the towel.
            “Helping my guardian.” I responded. “Hold still.” I proceeded to wipe off the blue from Jack’s pale skin. As I cleaned him, I uncovered many purpling bruises. I could feel him wince underneath my touch.
            “Elsa, I’m fine. I promise.”  He grimaced.
            “I don’t believe you.” I bluntly replied as I finished up clearing his toned body.
            “It’s you I should be doing this to. injuries are more serious for you.” He said as he took me by my hips.
            “Jack-“ I gasped as I was lifted from the ground and was placed on the counter. Jack maneuvered himself so he was between my legs, almost up against me. He took a fresh cloth and soaked it with the same warm water. I knew what he was doing.
            “Um… do you need me to take off-?”
            “Yeah. That might be helpful.” He responded clearing his throat. I nodded and began to shimmy the top part of my gown down my body. I was lucky to wear my bandeau today, otherwise he would have seen me bare chested. Jack began to wipe away the maroon stains that were plastered on my body. He started at my neck… then made his way down. He skipped my chest and just moved to my stomach. There was a thin yet long scratch stretched from the top of my belly button to my right side. I winced as a slight sting came when he wiped it clean.
            “I’m sorry.” He apologized.
            “It’s okay. Keep going.” I assured him. I watched as he continued cleansing me. He was focused on me and only me… like he needed a distraction; then I understood. Jack was wiping his best friend’s blood off of the person he loves, and he’s finding injuries on me that show he couldn’t protect me like how he wanted to. I can’t imagine how he feels right now. The only thing I know I should do right now is show him I’m here for him and that everything will be okay.
            “Jack.” I stopped him and touched his face. He held me, but didn’t look me in the eye. I took his chin and turned his face to meet his gaze. He looked so defeated, like he failed and wanted to break down.
            “It’s okay now.” I assured him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt goose bumps form as my sensitive skin came in contact with his cold body. His chest was pressed up against me as he held me in an embrace.
            “It’s not okay Elsa. I could’ve lost you.” He murmured in my ear as he held me tight. “Pitch is much stronger now than we’ve ever seen him before. You saw what he did to Cue.”
            “We defeated him.” I reminded him as I broke the embrace. “we can do it again… I just need to ask Cue before we try again.”
            “Okay.” He nodded, expression still in sadness.
            “It’ll be okay. I promise.” I said as I pecked his lips. As I pulled away Jack leaned in. What was meant to be sweet and innocent turned into something more. His arms wrapped around me as his hands moved up and down sending shivers down my spine. My hands found their way into his hair and I felt him give a little moan. I wanted to wrap my legs around him to be a little more comfortable, but my stupid skirt was in the way. I used one hand to try and slide the rest of my dress off, but I couldn’t do it myself. Jack must’ve read my thoughts because he helped me remove the useless material. He threw the torn gown behind us and wrapped his arms around me again, leaving me in my bandeau and shorts. (Yes I wear shorts under my dress. What if the wind blew my skirt over?) I broke apart out lips but I went to his neck. I felt Jack tense up under my touch, but I just wanted him to feel okay again. I heard his breaths speed up every time I left a kiss on his neck. There was a time when I gave a small nibble before I went back to his lips. That didn’t last long because soon he did the same to me. The instant I felt his ice lips on my neck I felt myself hold him tighter. I felt my heart race and my breaths come as Jack kissed and sucked at my neck. I’ve never experienced anything like this, but I was glad that Jack was my first. His hands slide down my back, but I froze as he gripped the back of my thighs. It all hit me how fast this was happening, if it was happening. What I realized was that I wasn’t ready for that yet, but I wanted Jack to be my first. He noticed that I stopped because he pulled away.
            “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
            “It’s not that.” I interjected. “I’m just not ready for … you know… that, yet.” Jack sighed in relief and smiled.
            “Good… I’m not ready either.” He admitted. He gave me a quick kiss as he stepped away from the counter so I could get down.
            “I’m almost done. You can do if you want.” I offered as I undid my hair.
            “No, I can wait.” He said as he leaned on the wall… still shirtless. I quickly rinsed as much blood as I could off my hair. It was quick since it was mainly on the ends. I dried it with a towel and ran my finger through it to get out the tangles.
            “Okay. Ready.” I said as I faced Jack.
            “Erm… not quite.” He said gesturing to my dress on my floor… I was almost naked in front of Jack.
            “You think I could run into my room unnoticed?” I tried.
            “Not a chance.” He said as he walked forward. “Arms up… Please.” I did as I was told and a cold material was slid onto my shoulders, his hoodie. He already cleaned it and mended it with ice.
            “Looks good on you. You really are Ica.” He smirked.
            “Jack, it’s huge on me.” I pointed out. It was halfway down my bum an the sleeves were too long, not to mention extremely baggy.
            “So? You look cute.” He chuckled as he took me by my waist. My hands were on his chest and I looked up at him.
            “But you look cuter than me.” I pouted. He flashed me a crocked smile I always loved on him.
            “Come on, you need to get dressed before I introduce you to everybody.” He said. “They’re gonna think-“
            “I know.” I agreed. “Let’s go.” I grabbed his hand in mine and we made our way out of the washroom. It might be cheesy of me… but I just loved the way his hand felt in mine. Our fingers entwined as a mix of warm and cold… of human and immortal. When we were together like this, we weren’t just two people; we were one in another. Jack Frost was mine, and in turn I was his…

Hey guys!!! I apologize for not posting in a few days. I was busy on the weekend, and i just needed another day to get adjusted to school again. So yeah... Anywho i hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. it's a little taste of a future chapter i'll secretly post for you guys (the smut). And thank you for staying with me this long, i know it's a drag to wait... but i need to let my creativity flow sometimes so i can do this for you guys. Feedback is always appreciate so tell me how i did PLZZ!!!!!! Yeah that's really all i wanted to say. Luv you guys!!! Happy Reading ;)

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