Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


37. Mirror

          Hey guys, before you read this chapter i just wanted to let you know i wrote another..... dirty deed... Yeah, it's on the same site as the last one. so just do what you did for chapter 29.5 if you want to read this one... and yeah here's the next chapter. enjoy :)

               “Cue is gonna be maaad.” Jack chuckled as I traced random patterns on his bare chest.
            “Then let’s not tell her.” I suggested. I rolled on top of him and lay my chin on his chest his hands found their way into my hair as he moved loose strands of hair from my face.
            “Well… based on the noises we made, I wouldn’t be surprised if we woke up the whole castle.” Jack teased as he squeezed my hips. I shushed him by kissing him. When we broke apart I left a trail of kisses from his jaw down to his neck.
            “Every time.” He sighed.
            “What?” I asked as I stopped kissing him.
            “Every time you kiss me there it drives me insane.” He admitted. I nodded before going back to kissing the same area.
            “Elsa.” He whined.
            “Pay back.” I answered.
            “What did I ever do to you?”
            “For all the times you drove me insane.”
            “Every day.” I answered. Jack smirked.
            “Then I should be doing this to you.” He said as he swiftly rolled us over. One of his hands pinned both of mine above my head, and he used his knees to support some of his weight. He started giving me kisses on my neck, down my chest. He gave me a little nibble occasionally, causing me to giggle and squirm.
            “Ticklish are we?” he smirked looking up at me.
            “A little… and I just thought of something really funny.” I smiled as I started to sit up.
            “Do tell.” He encouraged.
            “That saying ‘Jack Frost nipping at you nose.’ Well for me it’s ‘Jack Frost leaving hickeys all over my body.’” I explained.
            “Well, hopefully you’re the only one to say that.” He chuckled as he pecked my lips. He rolled onto his back and I propped myself up on my good elbow. I observed him as he was lost in a train of thought; just staring up at the ceiling. Even when he wasn’t doing anything he could take my breath away. The moonlight didn’t help at all; from my view he looked like a god.
            “What?” he interrupted my thoughts.
            “Nothing. Just day dreaming.” I murmured.
            “Well, don’t do it for too long. You need to rest, regain your strength for what Pitch has planned.” He pointed out. I had almost forgotten about Pitch. I sat up and looked at my hands. Even in the moonlight you could see the different skin colours. The feeling was the same in each limb, but the colours were different.
            “What did it feel like?” Jack asked as he propped himself up on his elbow.
            “What did what feel like?”
            “I don’t know if you realized, but you actually died for a few minutes.” Jack revealed. “I was just wondering… how it felt.” I closed my eyes and let the memories of tonight’s events reply in my head.
            “At first, the pain was so excruciating I felt like I wanted to cut off whatever hurt.” I recalled. “Then you came into my sight, and the pain started to fade. After that… it felt like I was floating away in the dark; almost like I was going to sleep, but I was actually able to move my arms and legs. You know what I mean?”
            “Not really. Was it like you were floating on water?” Jack guessed.
            “Yeah! Just no wet feeling.” I agreed. “At one point, I just saw a bright light in the midst of the darkness. I was so tempted to follow, but…” The memory remained in my head.
            “What happened?” he urged me to continue. I smiled wondering how he would react to my answer.
            “I heard you voice.” I sighed. “Like you were calling me to come back to you. And my initial reaction… was to run to you.” Jack was now smiling like an idiot as I took his hand.
            “Well, I’m glad you decided to come back.” He murmured as he pulled me down to go on top of him. He pulled me in for one more kiss, but I pushed him away.
            “I don’t know about you, but I have to shower. I have sand and sweat all over me.” I said against his lips.
            “Can I join you?” he asked excited as I got off the bed. I grabbed the first item of clothing form the floor; Jack’s sweater, and threw it on my bare body.
            “You need to sleep Frost.” I said as I looked for a specific item of clothing.
            “Why? I don’t need as much sleep as you do.” He pouted.
            “I know, but I just have to check something on my own.” I explained. “I’ll come back as soon as I’m done” I spotted what I was looking for hanging on the edge of the bed.
            “Here. Put these on incase someone walks in.” I ordered as I tossed him his boxers. He gladly took them as I searched for my own underwear.
            “Um… right here.” He said as he pinched them off of the lamp on the bedside table. “Who knew you were a lace person?”
            “Give me those!” I blushed as I snagged them from his hands. He then took my wrist and dragged me to him. His lips crashed down on mine, causing me to smile and kiss back.
            “I’ll be back in a bit.” I said once I pulled away. “Try to get some rest.”
            “I’ll try.” He responded once I started to walk away. He pulled the covers over his body and rolled over on the bed to try and get some sleep. I quietly shut the door and walked through the dark hallway; the only thing that gave off light was the moonlight. I trusted my feelings to try not to let the fear take over. I raised my hand to get some of my powers to light the hall. It wasn’t like a torch, but it would do until I found the bag North gave me for emergencies. I swear I saw an electric torch or lantern, maybe that would help. I made my way to the closest bathroom where I kept it. I was lucky it sat on the counter. I opened it up and started digging through it. Vials? No. Gauze? No. Hammer? Oh god no. the electric lantern was pretty big. Once I turned it on, I had to shield my eyes because it was able to light up the whole room. I would have switched on the bathroom light, but the switch also turned on a few lights and I didn’t want to risk waking anybody up.
            Once I locked the door, I looked in the mirror. I cringed at the sight of my refection, not because of my shoulder, but because I looked like a complete mess. My hair was tangled and coming out of the braid, my eye make- up was smudged, and there were still a few stains on my eyes from the tears. I sighed as I undid my braid and ran my fingers through the tangles. I soaked a towel to wipe my face. I bent down to scrub my face and when I looked up a pair of hands covered my mouth and eyes. Something else wrapped around my arms, removing what ability I had to defend myself.
            “Shh…” his disgusting voice whispered in my ear. “If you scream, or make a sound, I’ll break your little neck.” I tensed up, but nodded in agreement. He released his grip from my eyes and mouth. His sand restricted my powers from being summoned… I wasn’t awake, but having a nightmare.
            “When did you put me to sleep?” I sneered.
            “The same way I did when I told you to meet me up in the mountain; Knocked you out at the perfect moment so when you wake you wouldn’t see anything odd.” He explained. “That doesn’t matter. I’m just here to finish what I started.” He was surprisingly close to me, almost pressed up against me.
            “Which would be?” I tried keeping my voice straight as his chin hovered over my shoulder. He dimmed the bright light on the counter.
            “I think it’s fairly obvious.” He started. “Just to complete the process, which I see is already taking affect.” His fingertips grazed the grey matter on my neck. His fingers hooked over the neck of Jack’s shoulder and dragged it down enough so he could see the wolf bite. “Take a small guess as to what I’m going to do.” I gulped before I answered.
            “Spread the rest of the grey matter and make me your puppet.” I choked.
            “Very good I guess… but not quite.” He murmured in my ear. The blood in my veins ran cold; that was really the only theory I had.
            “Then what-?”
            “Oh you gut most of it; you’re just missing a few details.” Pitch clarified. He took a strand of my hair and rolled it around in his fingertips. “You see, I don’t just plan on making you my puppet. I plan to kill you first, and then merely replace your soul with another.”
            “Then that’s how you’ll begin your ruling.” I finished.
            “Actually… I pan to destroy everything you have, just so I can start on a new ground.” He admitted as he started to walk around. “I’ll start with Cue, then Anna… then your entire kingdom.” A part of me was relieved when Pitch didn’t mention his name, but of course my prayers remained unanswered.
            “As for Jack… I have a little more planned for him.” I stepped forward to lunge at him, but something pulled me back. The sand that trapped me became chains, and I was being dragged back against the wall. The sane wrapped around my ankles and my neck, pinning me to the hard surface.
            “I think it’s time for you to meet my new friend.” Pitch smirked. “Come out my dear.” Behind Pitch was a patch of shadows. In the dead silence, I heard footstep come from the corner. The figure slowly emerged from the shadows. She was tall, thin and had grey skin like a corpse. She wore a black dress and hung her black hair over her shoulder in a braid. Her sick yellow iris’ bore into my skull as I realized… she was me…
            “Hello Elsa.” She said as she gave a coy smile and stepped beside Pitch. His arm snaked around her waist.
            “Remarkable, isn’t she?” he purred as he looked at her with eyes of desire. I tensed at the fear of what he intended to do. Dark me kissed Pitch’s cheek, essentially making me gag.
            “My god I’m good. Took me years to perfect this creation.” He explained. “Now all I need is a body.”
            “I think it’s time she woke up.” Dark Elsa pouted.
            “By all means.” Pitch said as he released his grip on her. She walked towards me at a pace to create suspense. She raised her hand, and her fingertips obtained a dark aura. I tried my best to try and form some type of attack on her, but my energy was absorbed from my veins into the dark sand; reminding me I that I was totally powerless in this dimension. She stopped when she was right in front of me.
            “There’s no need to be worried Elsa.” She whispered as she tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. “I promise I’ll take good care of your body… and Jack.” I threw my body towards her with all the strength I had, but I was pulled back onto the wall. Dark Elsa just laughed.
            “I’ll see you on the other side.” She smiled. She touched her fingertips to my forehead. I felt her energy enter my head, followed by a blinding pain that came behind my eyes. The chains released me and allowed my now limp body to fall to the floor.
            “Elsa. Are you okay in there?” someone asked as they knocked on the door. I opened my eyes and a pounding pain hit my head. I groaned as I rolled over and crawled to the door. I turned the handle and was now looking up at Jack. He immediately came in the room and came down to my level.
            “What happened?” he asked with a worried expression. Despite the pounding headache; I tried to get out some words.
            “I think I passed out while washing my face.” I guessed when Pitch knocked me out. “How long have you been waiting?”
            “Just an hour. I thought I should at least check up on you.” He explained. “Are you done in here?”
            “Yeah, I’ll catch up with you though.”
            “I-“ Have to check my bite. “have to pee.” I lied. He chuckled and kissed my cheek.
            “Don’t be too long.” He murmured as he stole a peck from my lips.
            “I’ll try.” I smiled as I watched him get up and leave the room. I slowly got to my feet and looked in the mirror. My face was clean and I didn’t look sick anymore, which was good. I checked my shoulder. My skin was still grey, but the scar started to form I checked how far the grey matter had spread next. It engulfed my whole arm and it came up my neck. I shifted my hair so I could see the side of my face, and that’s when I felt my heart stop. My left ear and part of the side of my face and already turned grey… and I made the mistake of looking closer in the mirror. Some roots of my hair had turned black… and the outline of my left eye was now yellow instead of blue. My breath hitched in my throat as her dark voice hissed in my head.
            “Let’s begin…”

Hey guys!! I hope you liked this chapter.... yeah from now on the chapters are gonna be fairly heavy... i think. idk we'll see what happens. Tell me what you think of this chapter or what you think will happen next :) I hope to post again really soon, but all this crap has been happening lately in my school and personal life, and idk if i can post fast enough. yeah. It looks like the majority of you want a sequel, and yeah thats gonna happen. But i might post it after how to train your dragon 2 comes out, that way i have all the info i need for the big five (big six if you include anna). And yeah, i forgot to mention that i will include the big five in the au, but i think you guys figured that out already. Thank you all who are going to stay with me until the end. Sorry if there were any mistakes, i'll edit at the end. Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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